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Apun bola tu meri Laila

Posted on: August 20, 2013

This article is written by Peevesie’s mom, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

So now we are into the festival season in India. Post 15th August, the month of Sharavan in the Hindu calendar, we get one festival after the other. This year Raksha Bandhan is the first. In Maharashtra the Kolis celebrate it as Nariyal Poornima. They normally set out for fishing after this festival and offer Pooja to the Sea gods. There is normally no fishing during the rainy season along the coast of Maharashtra.

Now Raksha Bandhan is all about brother sister love. Pooja, aarti tying Rakhi getting one’s brother to drill a hole in his pocket etc. But we should not forget that there is more to this particular relationship in one’s life. A brother or sister is generally a person’s first friend. There are a lot of things siblings share with each other which they might not share with their parents also. I am telling all this out of experience of having two kids in their 20s. These two are forever talking in each others ears. Also I also see that they also keep teasing each other very often. But one new thing I observed was when my son went off to take up his job his sister (my daughter) missed him terribly (though she refuses to admit it.) Probably because there was no one to argue with or whatever. (And when the little little TU TU MAIN MAINs happen they remind me of TOM & JERRY.) And now that he has come for a few days break so also to include the Rakhi festival I find that she is super excited. And she tells me that I am the one who missed him and that I will be talking like the filmy moms about- “Beta tum Kitne duble ho gaye ho!” 😉

I know even our films show a lot of songs where in the various shades of brother sister or sister- sister relations are shown. We see a bhaiya giving Kandha to his sister’s doli. Or a sister teasing her brother or sister about their upcoming marriage etc. so I thought lets have a song from one of the recent movies where in the sister is giving lessons to her brother on how to hook the girl he likes!!! Wah! kya baat hai?

One thing that I love about our movies is the range of relationships that the main actors get to portray viz-a viz another actor. We have had Rakhee playing bhabhi, girl friend, and even mother to Amithabh Bachchan in the past. Similar was the case with Aishwarya Rai (she was not a Bachchan then) and Shahrukh Khan.

In the following song SRK & Aish play siblings and are twins at that. Priya Gill plays SRK’s love interest and Aish is surrounded by all their friends who support her. We can see Vivek Vaswani also somewhere during the song. He was instrumental in getting SRK his first movie. (have read it some where).the song is in chaste Bambaiya Hindi (I really don’t know if goans speak in that tongue.) The song was written by Nitin Raikwar. Music was by Anu Malik. And the singer —hold your breath— Shahrukh Khan with Hema Sardesai.
So here is the song.



Song-Apun bola tu meri Laila (Josh)(2000) Singers-Shahrukh Khan, Hema Sardesai, Lyrics-Nitin Raikwar, MD-Anu Malik


apun bola tu meri laila
woh boli phenkta hai saala
apun jab bhi sachchee bolta hai
ai usko jhooth kaiko lagta hai re

yeh uska style hoinga
honthon pe na dil mein han hoinga

yeh uska style hoinga
honthon pe na dil mein han hoinga

aaj nahee toh kal bolegee
ai tu tension kai ko leta hai re

apun bola tu meree laila
woh bolee phenkata hai sala
apun jab bhee sachchee bolta hai
ai usko jhooth kaiko lagta hai re

ek kaam kar usko bula
hotel mein khaana khila
samundar kinare le jaake re
bol de khullam khulla

arre maine usay bulaaya
kokam kadhi khilaya
phir dekh ke mauka maara chauka
sab kuchh usse bataaya re
kya bataya re

apun bola tu meri laila
woh bolee phekata hai sala
apun jab bhee sachchee bolta hai
ai usko jhooth kaiko lagta hai re
yeh uska style hoinga
hontho pe na dil me han hoinga

yeh uska style hoinga
honthon pe na dil me han hoinga

aaj naheen toh kal bolegee
ai tu tension kai ko leta hai re

apun bola tu meree laila
woh bolee phenkata hai sala
apun jab bhee sachchee bolta hai
ai usko jhoothich lagta hai yaar

sau lafde dekhe maine
teraa lafda hatke hai
sab kuchh clear hoke bhi
tu kisme atke hai

apun bola
tu meree lai
ghar se bhagaake leja
samjhegee teree baat ko

arre ghar se bhagaane ko gaya
usko aadhi rat ko
aye setting huyee kya
apun bola
tu meree laila
woh bolee phenkata hai sala
apun jab bhee sachchee bolta hai
ai usko hamesha hi jhooth lagta hai yaar

6 Responses to "Apun bola tu meri Laila"

What a lovely song you have chosen. 🙂


Peevesie’s mom ji

Thank you for the nice post and the lyrics of the song. It never came to my mind that this song could be used for the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.
Great choice.
Enjoyed reading the post very very much.

I miss the director of this movie Mansoor Khan very much. Jo jeetaa wohi sikandar, Akele hum akele tum, then onwards he disappeared altogether, Hope he makes a comeback, with more of such sensitive movies.



we need to correct the name of the lyricist. it is Nitin Raikwar. even Gajendraji has pointed it in his recent post


Peevesie’s Mom,

Both the lyricist, Nitin Raikar and the playback singer, Hema Sardesai are Goans. While words like ‘apun’ ‘kai ko’ are Bambaiya, the word ‘hoinga’ is definitely Gaon Hindi word for ‘hoga’. I have heard this word many times from my Goan friends. In the song, Hema Sardesai has pronounced the word ‘hoinga’ in the typical Goan HIndi style.


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