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Zameen bhi chup aasmaan bhi chup…maasoom dil ki haan pe

Posted on: August 31, 2013

“Maashooqa” (1953) was a Chitrakar Production movie. It was directed by Shanti Kumar. The movie had Suraiyya, Mukesh, Agha, Kuldip Kaur, Durga Khote, Amirbai Karnataki etc in it.

Mukesh was an actor-singer in this movie. His attempts to make his mark as an actor singer continued for a few more years. All his movies as an actor-Singer failed at the box office. To make matters worse, offeres as playback singers dried up for him and as a result his career as a playback singer too seemed to be in peril. Fortunately he saw the writing on the wall as gave up his aspirations of being an actor-Singer before it was too late. His career as a playback singer limped back to normal in late 1950s and then reached its peak once again, much to the relief of Mukesh as well as music lovers.

Five songs from “Maashooqa” (1953) have been discussed in the past. Here is the sixth song from the movie. This song is sung by Mukesh. Only the audio of this song is available but it is clear that the song was picturised on Mukesh himself. Shailendra is the lyricist. Music is composed by Roshan.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Nitin Shah.

Song-Zameen bhi chup aasmaan bhi chup hai…maasoom dil ki haan pe naa keh diya kisi ne (Maashooqa)(1953) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-Roshan

zameen bhi chup
aasmaan bhi chup hai
kisi ki duniya ujad rahi hai
bata ai malik ye kaisi qismat
jo bante-bante bigad rahi hai

maasoom dil ki haan pe
naa keh diya kisi ne
aur bas isi bahaane
gham de diya kisi ne
baad-e-sabaa jo aayi
aur phool muskuraaye
phool muskuraaye
baad-e-sabaa jo aayi
aur phool muskuraaye
phool muskuraaye
sehla ke zakhm mere
behla diya kisi ne
aur bas isi bahaane
gham de diya kisi ne

maaloom kya thha hamko
hai ranj-o-gham ki duniya aa aa
ranj-o-gham ki duniya
maaloom kya thha hamko
hai ranj-o-gham ki duniya aa aa
ranj-o-gham ki duniya
sau-sau sitam uthaaye
do din ki zindagi mein
aur bas isi bahaane
gham de diya kisi ne
maasoom dil ki haan pe
naa keh diya kisi ne

5 Responses to "Zameen bhi chup aasmaan bhi chup…maasoom dil ki haan pe"

Atul ji, Sudhir ji, Nitin ji
The second para in the write up states that “Mukesh made his debut as an actor-singer in this movie”… “Maashooqa”.
Well, in Nirdosh 1951 and other couple of films , Mukesh did play the role of actor-singer.
In 1945 he started singing as a playback singer and this movie was released after he started his playback.
I feel, technically, its wrong to state that Maashooqa was his debut as an actor-singer.
I hope Sudhirji will clear the air in this regard.


Yes, you are right.


Mahesh ji,

Yes, you are right for pointing out this correction. Let me add some more details here.

When Mukesh came to Bomaby with Motilal, no doubt that his singing voice was enchanting, but also that he was as smart a young man as his cousin Motilal. His first crusade of course was to be a singing star. The debut film is ‘Nirdosh’ in 1941. In this film, he is the lead actor opposite to another young and upcoming actress, Nalini Jaywant.

His second film as one of the lead actors is ‘Dukh Sukh’ (1942), playing opposite to Sitara Devi. The next film in which one finds his songs, as per records, is ‘Us Paar’ (1944). But he now did not play a role in this film. After this, he became the background voice for Motilal. My intuition says that Mukesh was not making an impression so far in the industry, and not finding his feet. And Motilal, who thus far was singing his own songs, maybe made the decision for the benefit of Mukesh, by asking his producers to use Mukesh’s voice for him on screen. ‘Moorti’ and ‘Pehli Nazar’ in 1945 both had songs by Mukesh for Motilal on screen. And then, the phenomena that ‘Dil Jaltaa Hai’ became, after that Mukesh did not need any other support.

But then his acting days are done with. He is only singing. One does find his name in chhut-put roles in the films ‘Noor-e-Arab’ (1946), ‘Jhalak’ (1947) and ‘Roomaal’ (1949). As per the star cast of these films, his role is decidedly not the lead role. Or else, is there another actor by the name Mukesh, who appeared in these three films.

Then we see his name appear in the star cast of film ‘Aah’ (1953), as the coachman of the tonga, singing the famous “Chhoti Si Ye Zindgani Re”. But 1951-52 was also the time when the dreams of Mukesh to be a singing star were re-awakened. First, he produced the film ‘Malhaar’ in 1951. The film was a reasonable success and its music and songs became popular. Encouraged with this, Mukesh marched ahead, this time also acting in the films he produced.

He produced ‘Maashooquaa’ in 1953, with Suraiyaa in the lead actress role, and ‘Anuraag’ in 1956, with Usha Kiran in the lead actress role. In ‘Anuraag’ he is also the music director. But of course, destiny had other designs, and so, musically rich that these films were, they were not box offices successes. And Mukesh, once and for all, turned back to playback singing, where destiny did do very well for him.

So that is the complete picture that we know so far, about Mukesh as an actor.



Opps….Nirdosh was released a decade earlier….1941. Typo error.


Sudhir Ji,

Belated Thanks for the clarification.
Though you have written so many times about Mukesh, every time you write, there is something new, intriguing and interesting about him.

I have a couple of requests.

1. Its almost certain that Mukesh has sung on-screen in a dozen odd songs. I have not explored the blog much, but it seems only Mukesh in video is present only in the form of “Aah” song. Having more video songs of Mukesh will be very attractive though they are very rare to find.
2. Mukesh’s NFS are very popular too. He has about 80 odd of them and only 5-6 are posted. You are the most eligible person to start a series on NFS too as only you can infer the songs to their true meaning and importance.



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