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Tu hamko dekh aur hamaari nazar se dekh

Posted on: October 29, 2013

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

It is said that Prabaht Films’ ‘Amrit Manthan’ (1934) has the distinction of having songs in ghazal format for the first time. I found that there were 3 songs in this film in ghazal format written by Veer Mohammed Puri. I had never heard of the name of this lyricist (or poet). So the curiosity led me to make a search for his name in websites. Unfortunately, I could not get much information about the lyricist except a hint that he was a poet which I guessed from a ghazal ‘kamsini mein dil pe gham ka bhaar kyon’ from the same film that he had used ‘Veer’ as his takhallus (alias) in the maqta (last she’r) of the ghazal.

It has been my experience that such searches on websites often result in something new. So the positive side of my futile searches on Veer Mohammed Puri was that I came across a beautiful song which I remember to have heard on the radio in the 60s. So, it was a ‘memory recall’ for me. The song under reference is ‘tu hamko dekh aur hamaari nazar se dekh’ from the film ZINDAGI AUR HAM (1962) sung by Lata Mangeshkar under the baton of Roshan. The film was produced under the banner of Pervez Pictures and directed by Pt. Anand Kumar. The star cast included Nalini Jaywant, Chand Usmani, Dinesh, Naina, David, Mukri, Leela Mishra, S Nazir etc. The film had 7 songs of which 2 songs have already been covered in the blog. All the songs were written by Shiv Kumar Saroj except the one under discussion which was written by none other than Veer Mohammedpuri. The song is picturised on Chand Usmani.

A search on the websites and also on which covers songs for film from 1941 onwards would indicate that Veer Mohammedpuri wrote lyrics for the first time for ‘Amrit Manthan’ (1934). Thereafter, he seems to have vanished from the Hindi film industry to surface again after a gap of 28 years to write lyrics for a single song in ‘Zindagi Aur Ham’ (1962). After this, he seems to have no contact with the Hindi film industry. It is quite likely that being a poet, the producer/director may have used his published poem.

I was so mesmerised with this softly rendered song by Lata Mangeshkar with minimal orchestration that I felt that I should share this song with other readers of the blog at once.



Song-Tu hamko dekh aur hamaari nazar se dekh (Zindagi Aur Ham)(1962) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Veer Mohammadpuri, MD-Roshan


tu humko dekh aur hamaari nazar se dekh
meethi adaa se pyaar se
pyaari nazar se dekh
tu humko dekh

rangat gulon se chaand se ujli si chaandni
bulbul se taraane liye
koyal se raagini
rangat gulon se chaand se ujli si chaandni
sab husn-e-dil fareb kiye moorti bani
tu humko dekh
tu humko dekh

hum woh nahin ke ho na asar jinki chaah mein
ye yaad rakh ke tu hai hamaari nigaah mein
hum woh nahin ke ho na asar jinki chaah mein
lekin hai ek shart mohabbat ki raah mein
tu humko dekh
tu humko dekh

phoolon se khelnaa hai bahaaron se aake mil
milne ki baat hai ye zaraa muskuraa ke mil
phoolon se khelnaa hai bahaaron se aake mil
ae hoshdaar hosh kaa pardaa uthhaa ke mil
tu humko dekh
tu humko dekh aur hamaari nazar se dekh
meethi adaa se pyaar se
pyaari nazar se dekh
tu humko dekh

7 Responses to "Tu hamko dekh aur hamaari nazar se dekh"

WOW Kamathji,
After all these years!!!! The song was lost to posterity. Thanks for bring it from the cobwebs of obscurity. It was very popular in the sixties. Thanks


Thanks Kamath-ji for this beautiful song, one of my favorites.
All the songs of this film had melodious tunes by Roshan in Lata’s voice like:
1. Hum teri lagan mein magan
2. Dheere se gagari utaar re
3.Martawali muraliya baaji re
4. Chheen liya re beimaan mera dil
5. Tu hum ko dekh
6. Jaa re jaa re meri chhod chunariya

What songs !!!! What music !!!


Sadanand ji,

Wow, and thanks a ton for this enchanting reminder. A lovely favorite from radio days.

Isn’t is a great feeling, sometimes when we end up discovering something again, while we are looking for something else. 🙂

Wonderful memory.



Wow……what a beautiful song…..the notes/words linger long after the song is over, a true test of good tune IMHO 🙂



I came to your site to look for same poet Veer Muhammad Puri! Same song.What a beautiful song! Poet wrote this and then has simply vanished! Thanks to this wonderful website that we get to know of such gems , which otherwise are lost.


Video Clip:


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