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Humne saari duniyaa chhodi

Posted on: November 12, 2013

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The Voice of Mukesh #45
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‘Bijli’ is a non-descript and an obscure film from 1950. Produced under the banner of Hindustan Chitra, Bombay, the film is directed by Sushil Sahu. The cast of actors includes Rehana, Ramesh Gupta, Sitara, Vilas Mohbe, Paro, Badri Prasad, Sushil Sahu, Ameer Karnataki, Satya Narayan, Narbada Shankar, C L Shah, Kanta, Kazmi etc. The music department is well staffed with lyrics coming from the pen of Bharat Vyas, and the music from the mind of Khemchand Prakash.

There are 8 songs in this film, and Bharat Vyas has written all except one, which is written by Kumud Tripathi. The latter is known more as a character artist in Hindi films. However a scan of the Geet Kosh shows that he has also contributed lyrics to a handful of films.

Khemchand Prakash had breathed his last in 1950, and one may think that this might have been one of his very last films. However, it is interesting to note that there are 10 films after ‘Mahal’ in 1949, in which the credits carry his name as the music director. These films were released over a period of three years, from 1950 to 1952, some of them carrying the additional credits for other music directors like Manna Dey, Basant Prakash, SK Pal and Bhola Shreshta, who completed the task of creating the music for them.

The singing voices are of Mukesh and Asha Bhosle. Probably only their second duet together. In the Mukesh Geet Kosh, there is one more listed for the film ‘Lekh’ in 1949 prior to this. The voice of Asha Bhosle sounds somewhat uncertain as she is trying to ensure correct pronunciation of Hindi words as she sings. Again, one of those duets in which Mukesh gets to sing a very few lines. This is another sad song of separation that expresses regrets for having fallen in love, and having lost the peace of mind and sleep from the eyes.

This may be a less than well known song, but still a collector’s item for more than one reason, as mentioned above. Enjoy.

Song-Hum ne saari duniya chhodi (Bijli)(1950) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Mukesh, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Khemchand Prakash


hum ne
saari duniya chhodi
ghar chhoda aa aa
aur galiyaan chhodi
tere liye ae ae
hum to ho gaye badnaam saanwariya
phi bhi honthon pe rehta hai
tera hi naam saanwariya

preet lagaa ke hum ne
kya phal paaya
kya phal paaya
neend ganwaayi hum ne
chain ganwaayaa
chain ganwaayaa
aansoo bahaate rehte hain
subho aur shaam saanwariya
tere liye
hum to ho go gaye badnaam saanwariya

hum ko samjho ke azaad huye hum
ishq mein tere barbaad huye hum
socha tha kya
mohabbat ka yahi anjaam saanwariyaa

tere liye
hum to ho go gaye badnaam saanwariya

ban ban doloon piya
ban ke joganiyaa
ban ke joganiyaa
gali gali ghoomoon teri
ban ke diwaniyaa
ban ke diwaniyaa
tujhko dekhe binaa milta nahin aaraam saanwariyaa
tere liye
hum to ho go gaye badnaam saanwariya

kismet se majboor huye hum
paas bhi reh ke kitne door huye hum
karmon ke lekh ne humko kiya nakaam saanwariyaa

tere liye
hum to ho go gaye badnaam saanwariya

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)
हमने सारी दुनिया छोड़ी
घर छोड़ा
और गलियाँ छोड़ी
तेरे लिए
हम तो हो गए बदनाम साँवरिया
फिर भी होठों पे रहता है
तेरा ही नाम साँवरिया

प्रीत लगा के हमने
क्या फल पाया
क्या फल पाया
नींद गंवाई हमने
चैन गंवाया
चैन गंवाया
आँसू बहते रहते हैं
सुबह ओ शाम साँवरिया
तेरे लिए
हम तो हो गए बदनाम साँवरिया

हमको ना समझो के आज़ाद हुये हम
इश्क़ में तेरे बर्बाद हुये हम
सोचा था क्या
मोहब्बत का यही अंजाम साँवरिया

तेरे लिए
हम तो हो गए बदनाम साँवरिया

बन बन डोलूँ पिया
बन के जोगनिया
बन के जोगनिया
गली गली घूमूँ तेरी
बन के दिवनिया
बन के दिवनिया
तुझको देखे बिना मिलता नहीं आराम साँवरिया
तेरे लिए
हम तो हो गए बदनाम साँवरिया

किस्मत से मजबूर हुए हम
पा भी रह के कितने दूर हुए हम
कर्मों के लेख ने किया नाकाम साँवरिया

तेरे लिए
हम तो हो गए बदनाम साँवरिया

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