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Ae dil bata hum kahaan aa gaye

Posted on: December 4, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

The 5th song in the series “Gems from obscure films” is really a GEM of a song which was honoured by HMV by including it in the ” Film hits of Mubarak Begum”. It is from an obscure film called ” Khooni Khazaana”-1965. It was sung by Mubarak Begum under the baton of an obscure and less known composer- S Kishen.

This 1965 C grade film ‘Khooni khazana’ was among the last few stunt action films. Films of this genre were on their way out by that time. By 1960, a new genre of films, featuring world famous wrestler Dara Singh was growing strong. By 1958 itself, films like ‘Zimbo’ had already started the trend Tarzan type films. Thus Stunt/Action/Costume films were disappearing and this new genre was fast gaining ground.

However, with the rise of well built new Heroes like Dharmendra and Vinod Khanna, the face of the movie world changed by the 70s and all films featuring these ‘He – Men’ became action films themselves. The line between Social and stunt films dissolved and now only Action films,family films,Comedy films and mythological films were left in contention.

These days, of course, there are no Musical films or family films. What we have is a mix of almost everything-Comedy, Action, Music, love stories etc etc. You can say that it is a virtual ALL IN ONE. Mythological films have disappeared almost entirely.

Coming back to B and C grade films of yore, there was a set of Composers, who were ‘supposed’ to be made for such films. Many talented but less lucky composers fell in this group. However, every now and then these very composers produced absolute Gems which were appreciated by the connoisseurs of good music.

Music Directed S. KISHEN was one such composer who had enough talent but not enough luck to shine in Big Banner films. S. KISHEN hailed from Moga in Punjab and along with S. Madan assisted composer Vinod for many years. As an independent composer his first film was ‘ Gentleman Daku’-1960. Then came Laalach, Aflatoon and Private Detective-1962. One song from this film, written by Hairat Seetapuri and sung by Savita Banerjee- ‘Meri Ghagari mein ghungroo laga de to phir meri chal dekhna’, was blatantly copied by Shakeel Badayuni and Naushad for Sanghursh-1968,as ” Mere pairon mein ghungroo bandha de to phir meri chal dekh le’. Both Shakeel and Naushad were big guns. Their song became a Hit and S KIshen and Hairat Seetapuri remained unrecognised ! ( I could not imagine that Naushad has done this, but the facts are there for everyone to see.)

The music of S Kishen was limited to Stunt and action films like Arab ka laal, Khooni khazaana, Tatar ki Haseena etc. His 3 films, Pariyon ki shahzadi, Badle ki aag and Aakhri muqabla as well as Qawaalis of Ismail Azad remained unreleased or incomplete. All were films of 60s.

Khooni khazaana-65 was an East and West Movies film directed by A.Shamsher- with whom S Kishen worked in 4 films. There were 8 songs in the film sung by Mubarak Begum, Kamal Barot,Suman Kalyanpur and Mahendra Kapoor. Lyrics were by Khavar Zaman and A Shamsher. The cast of the film was Sudhir, Vijaya Chaudhari, Madan Puri,Shaikh Mukhtar, Bela Bose, Jeevan kala, Bhagwan Sinha etc . The story was-

Raajgarh is a Hill station town. There is an old legend that enormous wealth is buried somewhere in the town by the ancestors to save them from attackers. Many explorers have tried to locate it but in vain. There is a hotel De luxe in this town. The owner of this hotel is Douglas (Madan Puri). He too is after this treasure and learns that the map indicating the location of the buried wealth is with one Mr. Pinto. Douglas sends his goons to kill Pinto. They kill him but can not find the map on his body. This is because just before dying Pinto has given this map to Robert (Sudhir) asking him to hand it over to his daughter Rita (Vijaya Choudhari) who works as a dancer in Hotel De Luxe.

When Douglas learns that Robert is coming to hotel to give the map, he sets up a trap. At the appointed time, when Robert comes to the Hotel, he is arrested by the Town Sheriff(Shaikh Mukhtar) for the murder of Pinto. There seems to be circumstantial evidence against Robert. He is put in jail. This is all actually a drama. The sheriff acts to be a stooge of Douglas but is an honest man who joins hands with Robert to catch the real murderer.

Next day, a masked man comes to the Hotel to give the map to Rita, but the goons attack him and try to snatch the map. The map is torn with only half left with the masked man who runs for his life. Douglas decided to kidnap Rita and sends a word that unless the other half of the Map is given to him, he will kill Rita. Finally the masked man comes with the torn map. He too is captured-he is Robert, who is in love with Rita. Both are tied to a pole. Douglas attaches a Time Bomb to their pole and leaves with both the parts of map.

Suddenly, the Sheriff comes there and rescues Robert and Rita. They detonate the time bomb to fool Douglas that they are dead. Robert, Sheriff and some police follow the men of Douglas and reach the deserted spot where Douglas has started to dig for the wealth. The 4 pillars under which the digging has to be done start shaking and in no time the whole structure falls on Douglas and his goons, burying them under the debris for ever.

Robert and Rita are united.

Let us now enjoy the Gem from this film which was honoured by H.M.V.

Song-Ae dil bata hum kahaan aa gaye (Khooni Khazaana)(1965) Singer-Mubarak Begam, Lyrics-Khawar Zamaan, MD-S Kishan


ae dil bata hum kahaan aa gaye
nigaahen mili aur sharma gaye
ae dil bata hum kahaan aa gaye
nigaahen mili aur sharma gaye
ae dil bata aa

wo rag rag mein meri samaane lage
mohabbat ki mehfil sajaane lage
wo rag rag mein meri samaane lage
mohabbat ki mehfil sajaane lage
sajaane lage
zamaane mohabbat ke lo aa gaye
nigaahen mili aur sharma gaye
ae dil bata hum kaha aa gaye
nigaahen mili aur sharma gaye
ae dil bata

bahaaren hansi aur fiza so gayi
zindagi ek naye khwaab mein kho gayi
bahaaren hansi aur fiza so gayi
zindagi ek naye khwaab mein kho gayi
khwaab mein kho gayi
naye raaz ulfat ke hum paa gaye
nigaahen mili aur sharma gaye
ae dil bata hum kaha aa gaye
nigaahen mili aur sharma gaye
ae dil bata



6 Responses to "Ae dil bata hum kahaan aa gaye"

What a lovely melodious song you have picked up. MB is seen a new garb. Another film of SK : Kala Ghoda-1963;
Many a times Naushad used to add/edit the lyrics of Shakeel B; sometime complete song was written by Naushad; he himself being a great shayar, but credit was given to Shakeel.

Also I have heard this song many a time on radio set. Thanks

Dear Arun,

Just out of interest, I searched for the song you mentioned in your article ‘mere ghagari mein ghungroo laga de to phir meri chaal dekhna’ from ‘Private Detective’ (1962) but could not locate it. In the process, however, I came across a couple of songs having more or less the same mukhda : from ‘SAAWAN’ (1959) – Prem Dhawan, Hansraj Bahl

‘meri ghaghari mein ghoongroo laga de’ RAAZ KI BAAT (1962 or 1970?), Hairat Sitapuri, Robin Banerjee.

It appears to me that both the mukhda and the tune of the song are based on a Punjabi folk song and the concerned lyricists/music directors got inspired from it 🙂

Atuljee, where can I get this song ‘Meri Ghagari mein ghungroo laga de to phir meri chal dekhna’

Enjoyed this lovely melodious song which is truly a GEM. With regard to controversy concerning ‘Meri ghagri me…’ and ‘Mere pairon me ghoongru….’ old timers will recollect an episode where during Naushad’s life-time print media was rife where he was alleged copying not only lyric but tune as well for Mughle Azam song Mohe panghat or nandlal…’. If my memory is not deceiving, the song was Indubala’s recorded disc of 30s perhaps. The lifting allegation was not refuted by either Naushad or Shakeel. These things do happen and termed ‘inspiration’.

ush kiran prasad ji,
Thanks for your comments. The song ‘mohe panghat pe nandlala chhed gayo re..’ was sung by RAMPYARI in the film National Theatre’s ” Jaanbaaz Malika”.
However I know about the controversy involving this song.Actually,many songs like this one are traditional songs and are used by many composers,slightly altering the Lyrics and crediting them to some current lyricist. Off hand i can quote ” Tere poojan ko Bhagwan,bana man mandir aalishan’, or ‘ Babul mora naihar’,’Na kisikai aankh ka noor hoon’,’Kahe ko byahi bides re’ and many geets/bhajans of Meerabai,kabir,Tulsidas,Soordas and Raidas etc etc.

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