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De de de de kanhaiyya mori dhaani chunariya

Posted on: December 6, 2013

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I am a bit slow to adopt new things unlike say youngsters. But then it is natural that older people are more resistant to change than youngsters. The reason is that the youngsers begin with a clean slate whereas older people already have lots on their hands and their attempt is to hold on to the considerable body of work and experience that they may have achieved in the past. But then oldtimers to today too were youngsters of yesteryears and even they were then like today’s youngsters. I recall that I was a computer enthusiastic in 1990s the way today’s youngsters are enthusiastic about mobile phones. I in fact would open up the minitower of my desktop computer and perform uprades on my computers myself. That is how I added sound card, additional RAM, higher capacity hard drive etc myself. When it came to using the computer, I would often indulge in activities like formatting the hard disk, partitionaing hard disk, reinstalling the operating system and other applications etc myself.

But interestingly enough, I find myself quite a novice when it comes to mobile phones. I do not even know how to place SIMs in mobile phones and then I do not know how to use today’s smart phones. Youngsters (such as my 15 year daughter or my 11 year old nephew, for instance) are naturals when it comes to dealing with smart phones.

A few weeks ago, the 11 year old nephew arrived at my residence with his mother (my sister in law) and asked me “Mausa ji, do you have wi fi at home ?”. I was struggling with my internet connectivity for several months but fortunately my internet connectivity woes were over just a few days back, and indeed I had wi fi at home in working condition. So I proudly told him “Yes, of course”. Tell me the password, he asked. I told him the password reading it from the carton of the modem. He switched on to WI FI on a phone borrowed from his mother and happily began to download lots and lots of apps on the mobile, while sometimes complaining that the mobile was not very good and his mother needed to get a newer hand set. He continued to download stuff as long as he was there, viz for a couple of hours. When he began to leave, he thanked me saying that he managed to download everything that he needed. When he looked at my computer, he exclaimed, wow, you have so many apps open in it ! Well, when I am blogging, I have lots and lots of files, programs and sites open, and that is what he had seen. Since he could get WI FI connection at my home, I rose up in the esteem of my nephew. 🙂

One year back, my then 16 year old niece had recommended me to accept the facebook friend request of my nephew. 🙂 Arre chal chal, what will he discuss with me on facebook, I told myself. People need to be at least 30-40 years of age before they can be my facebook friends, I told myself and later told so to my wife too. Moreover I myself was as unfamiliar with facebook as with smart phones.

I gingerly tried to learn about smartphones and so I bought myself a samsung smart phone, hoping to learn its features. When my daughter joined me during her summer vacation, she greedily eyed that phone. She already had a phone, but she insisted that she needed another phone. She also knew what connection and what scheme she needed. My wife agreed and let her have that connection- in my name of course. But when that connection was bought and my wife (as much a novice in such matters as me), realised that this connection had facilities of MMS, she dragged her feet down and withdrew her original permission. So my daughter was not allowed to take that phone and it was left with me, where it was literally gathering dust. 🙂 I was paying its monthly rental regularly, but I never used that phone, because I was nervous about handling it. Later on, my daughter got two smart phones as rewards for doing well in two separate extracurricular activities.

I had two working mobiles (one for official purpose and another personal) and both were dumb phones like me and so I was comfortable with them. Then just one week back, our new top boss ordered that all people needed to have whatsapp on their official mobiles. What is whatsapp ? I was all at sea. Moreover, will my phone support this feature. I (along with lots of fellow colleagues) spent one full day worrying about this matter because we needed to install that app on our phones within one day and then take a photograph and send it to our departmental boss using whatsapp as proof.

Now I regard myself as an expert of computer matters but I was all at sea and I called people who I believe knew such matters and such “experts” played hard to get. It was akin to Dale Steyn seeking the help of Vinay Kumar for help in the art of fast bowling and the latter playing hard to get. 🙂 Just as the deadline was approaching, one “expert” managed to download whatsapp on my mobile. It turned out that my mobile had just that bit of smartness that the phone could just about instal this app. The “expert” who got it downloaded in my phone was unable to download the app on his own phone because his phone did not support it !

One of my colleague took my picture with his phone and I took his picture on my phone and we both sent these pictures to our departmental boss through whatsapp and thus we managed to prove that our phones were now Boss ready. 🙂

This began quite a rage with people, and even I caught the bug. I realised that this whatsapp is quite a nice thing to have. My colleague too thought so and enthusiastically phoned his college going daughter to tell him the good news that his phone now had whatsapp. His daughter did not share the enthusiasm telling him that it was old hat and nothing special.

The usual phone contacts, when looked with whatsapp, tell us which contact has got whatsapp in their phones. I found that taxi drivers whom we use during my visits to Delhi had whatsapp in their phones ! When I looked at the number of my daughter, I found that she had Whatsapp in her phone too. 🙂

Whatsapp caught my fancy and I decided that all my phones must have whatsapp. My office number had it, and I needed to have it on my personal number too. I found that my handset did not support it. I decided to finally get myself a smart phone, because “whatsapp nahin to kuchh bhi nahin”. One of our mobile savvy youngster in the office told us that we needed to change our handsets for smarter ones. He took out his massive smartphone and demonstrated how to get things done smartly and easily on such phones. I was convinced, but I was not comfortable with the huge sized smartphones. To my mind, one needed phones that one could easily carry in one’s pocket. I wondered which phone to buy and finally decided to buy Nokia lumia smartphone for use with my personal number. I went out and bought it. I was under the impression that internet automatically begins to run at high speed once you buy smart phones, but that is not so. You need to enable GPRS on these numbers. It is a BSNL number and their site says sms GPRS to 53733. I sent sms to this number, but it resulted in error message that the sms being sent was incorrect. It means that BSNL have not given the correct information on their site. I was unable to get GPRS enabled on my phone, but I realised that I had WI FI at home. 🙂 I learnt how to enable WI FI on my phone and I then downloaded whatsapp on this phone through WI FI connection. I felt that I had finally catching up with my 10 year old nephew on mobile related matters. 🙂

This fact had dawned on me a few months back that many people browse internet, facebook etc on their smartphones. My daughter had a facebook account, and my wife , being more novice than me in such matters, asked me to keep watch on her facebook activities. When I opened her account, I realised that it was not operational. But on searching more, I realised that she had another facebook account and that was being operated on mobile. It was then that I realised that one can access facebook on phones too.

Day before yesterday I had some banking related problem which was not getting solved through their automated IVRS. On searching, I found that the bank was on facebook. I left my message there. I got a response next day. Unlike usual facebook people, the facebook pages of companies work only at working ours and by that time I had sorted out my problem myself.

I got an idea from that facebook page that I too should have a facebook page for the blog. Now using facebook is one thing and operaying it is another. I had no idea how to go about it. I first opened a facebook GROUP called atulsongaday and invited many contacts to join in. When I tried to link it to the blog, I was unable to do so and I got the message that only facebook PAGES could be linked. That is when I realised the difference between facebook PAGE and Facebook GROUP. So I opened one facebook PAGE too and I linked this to the blog.

In the last few hours of existence of Atulsongaday group and Atulsongaday Page, the response has been quite encouraging. The Atulsongaday group now has 162 members. I co ordially invite all the others members with facebook accounts to join in. The Atulsongsaday Page by now has 28 likes which is a source of great encouragement to the blog.

What will we discuss in the group. Songs related matters of course. For instance, one member requested for a song of “Do Sitaare” (1951) in the blog. When I checked up, I found that the lyrics of this song were not sent to me by any on our contributors. So I noted down the lyrics of the song after listening to this song.

Here is this nice song from “Do Sitaare” (1951). It is sung by Meena Kapoor. Rajinder Krishan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Anil Biswas. This is the first song in the blog as a result of its discussion in the group. So here is this lovely song from “Do Sitaare” (1951) on the farmaish of Mr Mahendra Paralkar.

Song-De de de de Kanhaiyya mori dhaani chunariya (Do Sitaare)(1951) Singer-Meena Kapoor, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Anil Biswas


de de de de kanhaiyya mori dhaani chunariya
painyya padoon main tore jee
de de de de kanhaiyya mori dhaani chunariya
painyya padoon main tore jee
de de de de kanhaiyya mori dhaani chunariya
painyya padoon main tore jee

thhanda thhanda laage mohey jamuna ka paani
jamuna ka paani
jamuna ka paani

achchi nahin dekho lalla
aisi chhedkhhani
aisi chhedkhhani
aisi chhedkhhani

maan le araz mori gokul ke chhore jee
maan le araz mori
maan le araz mori
maan le araz mori gokul ke chhore jee
painya padoon main tore ji
ho o
de de kanhaiyya mori dhaani chunariya
painyya padoon main tore jee
de de de de kanhaiyya mori dhaani chunariya
de de kanhaiyya mori dhaani chunariya
painyya padoon main tore jee

hamko sataao na jee
raadha ke pyaare
raadha ke pyaare
raadha ke pyaare

jaa jaao jaao
tumjhe radha pukaare
radha pukaare jee
radha pukaare

auron pe daarte ho kaahe ko dore ji
auron pe daarte ho
auron pe daarte ho
auron pe daarte ho kaahe ko dore ji
painya padoon main tore jee
ho o
de de kanhaiyya mori dhaani chunariya
painyya padoon main tore jee
de de de de kanhaiyya mori dhaani chunariya
painyya padoon main tore jee

de de de de kanhaiyya mori dhaani chunariya
de de
anhaiyya mori dhaani chunariya
de de kanhaiyya mori dhaani chunariya
painyya padoon main tore jee
de de de de kanhaiyya mori dhaani chunariya
painyya padoon main tore jee

de dede


11 Responses to "De de de de kanhaiyya mori dhaani chunariya"

Too long story with little substance. It would have been appreciated that something relevant facts about the song, lyricist, MD, film or artists etc discussed in detail to bring out the lesser known facts in the blog. Well, however, thanks for your efforts.

Long winding articles seemingly irrelevant with little substance are some of the most loved articles here. 🙂 We do not just discuss music, we also discuss things like our past experiences, meeting with friends, their birthdays, our pets etc here. 🙂 We are like this only. 🙂

Atul ji,

While reading your superb article,I felt like going thru my own experiences,though,I am not as adventurous as you in case of latest mobiles. But the hasitation and reluctance in trying out new devices creates apprehension even now-not so much about the device,but about own ability to understand and grasp the ‘things’.
That’s the reason why till I reached the 70s-almost-,I did not even try to operate computers,though since the 90s,the computers were used in our office and the computer on my table was used only by my secretary and never me.
An excellent ‘thinking aloud’ and a readable article.

Thanks a lot. Your appreciation and understanding means a lot to me.

In this article, I have given the background behind the genesis of the facebook page and group of this blog that were set up yesterday. As mentioned in the article, we are all adventurous in our younger age (because then we do not have much to lose) but we become conservative at an older age (because we fear losing what we have acquired by then). And I give the younger generation full credit for their ability to understand and use these new generation technological marvels.

Thanks for reading your escapades with mobiles. I am sure it must have thrilled you as much as going for the first date.
My granddaughter now nearing 3 was mobile-savvy since she was 2 years. She will be first to take call immediately. She does not like delays She will put the call on speaker talk with any person on the other line for just 15 sec and disable the speaker and handover to her Mom. She knows how to open whatsapp; see the pictures therein, pinch, zoom, take photographs of every one. etc..
I think every old generation feels that the new generation is smarter than their generation. Going back don’t we remember our father appreciating us being smarter than themselves. This phenomenon is going to happen and repeat ad nauseam for generations
How do you explain it. I think the child’s mind is uncluttered and all the doors of their mind are open. Everything that the child sees and listens is lapped up my the fresh mind and gets registered in the mind permanently. If you utter bad words they will repeat the same. If you teach them 4 new languages they will grasp with much alacrity. After 5 years the windows start closing one by one and hence it will be more and more difficult to grasp new things.
As we grow older say 50 and above we will be forgetting thing which happened say yesterday but still remember the happenings during our young age. This is because the childhood memories were registered in freshly baked RAM(random access memory for the uninitiated) and now the RAM is full and does not have space to register the occurrences of even few days ago.
Usha Kiranji is new to our blog and will take a while to appreciate the modalities of our blog. It will be interesting to year her experiences with smartphones. I am sure there is always a first time before you turn pro.

Yes, your observation about minds closing up with age is quite accurate.

Nitin ji,

very good. I am impressed with your points.
One of the main points,I think,why the younger lot is adept at acquiring new knowlwedge quickly is ‘curiosity’ and the will to quench it. As Atul ji says,there is not much to lose-only gain is there and there is enough room to store the knowledge.
The older one gets,one starts preserving dearly what he has acquired already and is afraid of taking new ‘risks’,lest one loses what he already has. further,may be,the brain can take only this much and not more-may be,I dont know.
As far as the new generation being smarter and cleverer than the older ones,it is a highly debatable point. I think the type of information has changed which the generations acquire in their time,so you can not really compare it (for comparison,you need the like with the likes). For example,I may not be able to use whatsapp,but I can quicky tell how much is 19×7-without using calculator. I know Pahade (padhe-Tables) from 1/2,1/3,1/4/3/4 to 30 by heart,which new generation does not know.
So,it is only the type of knowledge that is lapped up today v/s the knowledge of old times. There is no question of who is smarter,because it is only a matter of relativity to times/knowledge.
Anyway, if we are to enjoy today’s life,no doubt,we must learn today’s ways too,I agree.

Atulji, Arunji
As I said all of us one time or the other were term as progeny of a smart generation by our father and grandfather. And so is the present generation termed as much.
Knowledge is same whether trained in tables or master mobiles. Older generation were exposed to tables who turned the tables on their older relatives and the latest younger gennext are more mobile(pun intended) than their older relatives. Thanks for your obiter dictum.

Learning is an ongoing process and it goes on. Age may be a factor to affect it to some extent. but still necessity and one’s own interest, passion to acquire new skills for the ‘purpose’ (if one has) continues. I think the ‘purpose’ is important and if we have one, it always motivates to bring best in all of us. and for that the mind is automatically prepared for ‘risks’ and ‘newer risks’, so when one take ‘risks’ is bound to succeed like Atul ji, because then everything starts working in your favor and it the path becomes easy.
And for that matter I am also uncomfortable with mobile, the ‘smart phone’ (still not have it), and the FB features. and I do also find my daughters using them very easily and faster. I have to learn all this.
But first of all I have to upload one mp3 on YT, so that we can complete that film’s songs on our blog …. and Atul ji’s last uploading of Manna Da’s song (Naujawaan) by converting MP3 to YT have inspired me to learn …. 🙂
and above all, thanks ATUL ji for this motivating article, and inspiring to ‘learning by doing’ … 🙂

Learning to convert mp3 to mp4 is a computer skill and so I am quite comfortable doing that. 🙂

Had it been a writing skill it would have been easier for me.
But then I have this ‘purpose’ to get complete all songs of a film, of which one song is not on YT. 05 songs of this film are balance and 04 have been shared, so we need one and that too whose lyrics are by my favorite ‘shaayar’, so i will try my best and once i acquire this new skill (like i learn to insert the ‘hyperlink’ in articles and ‘naming its text’ , which i learn from you/this blog only) that will help me to upload many of my favorite songs….

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