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Mera ghoda bada hai nigoda

Posted on: January 6, 2014

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

This is the 14th song in the series ” VINTAGE KISHORE “. It is a solo by Kishore kumar,from film Parichay-54,under the baton of MD Vedpal Varma.

Washing powder Nirma
Doodh ki safedi,Nirma se aayi
Rangeen kapde bhi khil khil jaaye,
Sabki pasand NIRMA
washing powder NIRMA

Those who were old enough to see TV and listen to Radio in the late 80s and 90s can not forget this catchy jingle, played repeatedly and which was sung by every child in the homes, along with jingle on the TV !

This and 300 other similarly popular jingles ( Vicco, Paan parag, Frooti, Rasna etc) were made by Vedpal Varma, the Music Director of film Parichay-54. But that was when he had stopped getting films or rather when the industry had forgotten this talented composer, who could never cross the B grade movie barrier. He made jingles, gave music to documentaries and stage dramas and even wrote lyrics in B grade films, like Maa Behan aur Biwi, Aayi phir se bahaar, Sunehri nagin, Bacchhe mere saathi, Hum junglee hain and Wafaadaar only to survive somehow.

Vedpal Varma was born in an Arya Samaj family in Sirsa (Haryana). After getting regular training in music, he joined AIR (before that he worked as a mechanic also). Lyricist Madhukar Rajasthani brought him to Bombay to become a singer. After an unsuccessful struggle to become a singer, Lyricist Ramesh Shastry recommended him to producer Radheshyam Jhunjhunwala and he became a joint Music Director (with Saiklesh Mukherjee) for film Parichay-54. He gave music in a dubbed(from Tamil) film, ‘Aayi phir se bahar’ but the film got stranded and got released in the 70s. His other film “Saarang” was not released at all. He gave music in a Bangla film ‘Sorry Madam’ and a Punjabi film ‘Chhoriyan di toli’.

His other films were, Bholanath-63, Sant Tukaram-65, Gunehgaar-67, Maya Sundari-67, Bhima mera Haathi-73, Hum Junglee hain-73, Kore Badan-74, Vafaadar-76, O Bewafaa-80, Zakhmi Dil-84, Sautan ki Beti-88, Mera pati meri zindagi-93 and Piya ka ghar-97.

During his career, even Ravindra Jain acted as his assistant in his early stages. Most of the existing and new singers were used by Vedpal. He also made some NFS records with HMV. But all in all, Vedpal Varma remained an unsuccessful composer. He used to live alone in an one room tenement on the third floor of Prasad Shopping Centre, Goregaon west, Bombay, where he breathed his last on 19-12-1996 and one more name quitely disappeared from the music field !

Film Parichay-54 was directed by Satyen Bose, who went on to become a famous and leading Film Director of many hits and landmark movies in Hindi and Bangla. This was his First Hindi film in Bombay.

SATYEN BOSE was born on 22-1-1916 at Goya Bazaar, Calcutta. (some sources claim that he was born in Purniya, Bihar). He graduated in commerce from Bidyasagar college, Calcutta in 1941. He did jobs in Railways and Bank. He set up National progressive Pictures and made three films in Bangla. His Film PORIBORTAN-1949 was a grand success. He also acted as Principal Shishir babu in it. He then shifted to Bombay. He first made Parichay and then made Jagriti-54, a remake of his own PORIBORTAN-49. Abhi Bhattacharya did the role of the new Suerintendent Shekhar babu in this film. Film Jagriti became a landmark movie in Hindi and won many awards including Filmfare and a national award. he directed 34 films till Voh din aayega-87.

He also did a Malyali film, Jeevita Samaram-71. His film Dosti gave name and fame to the music director duo of Laxmikant Pyarelal. Rakhi Gulzar debuted in his Jeevan Mrityu and Nargis got her National Award for his Raat aur Din-68. He did many films for Rajashree Productions and had good relations with Tarachand Barjatya. He was very friendly with Mukesh Sharma, Director of Bombay Doordarshan, in those days.

Satyen Bose died on 9th June 1993 in Bombay. His last rites were done by Mukesh Sharma, as per the wishes of Satyen Bose. Only two people from the Film Industry-Tarachand Barjatya and Anup Kumar ,attended his funeral. A great film director who gave hits like Jagriti, Raat aur Din, Girl Friend, Jeevan mrityu, Chalti ka naam gaadi etc, died Unsung and Unwept by the same industry !

Here is the filmography of Satyen Bose- FILMOGRAPHY (* also act): 1949: Paribartan*; 1951: Barjatri*; 1953: Bhor Hoye Elo; 1954: Jagriti; Parichay; 1955: Rickshawala; Bandish; 1957: Bandi; 1958: Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi; Savera; Sitaron Se Aage; 1960: Masoom; Girl Friend; 1964: Daal Mein Kala; Dosti; 1966: Aasra; Mere Lal; 1967: Bhagya; Raat Aur Din; 1968: Jyot Jale; 1969: Wapas; Aansoo Ban Gaye Phool; 1970: Jeevan Mrityu; 1972: Sa Re Ga Ma Pa; Anokhi Pehchan; Mere Bhaiya; 1977: Mastan Dada; 1978: Anmol Tasveer; 1979: Saanch Ko Aanch Nahin; Bin Maa Ke Bachche; 1980: Payal Ki Jhankaar; 1982: Tumhare Bina; 1983: Kaya Palat; 1986: Woh Din Aayega.

PARICHAY-54 was produced by Radheshyam Jhunjhunwala,under his own bannes-J.J.Films. The music was by a pair of Music Directors, viz. Sailesh Mukherjee and Vedpal Varma. Out of total 8 songs, 3 songs were composed by Vedpal Varma. There were 2 lyricists, Keshav Trivedi and Akhtar Yusuf. The cast was Abhi Bhattacharya and Pronoti Roy ( same pair was repeated in the film Jagriti), Shashikala, Shakuntala, Sajjan, Indira Chitnis, Dhumal etc. The story of Parichay was woven around the principle of how sacred and important the institution of Marriage is in our culture. True to the spirit of the oath taken during the marriage ceremony, Husband must be with the wife till death separates them.

Shankar is a Mine Engineer. he is young, active and handsome. No wonder beautiful Geeta falls in his love. They meet always, but Geeta did not have the courage to express her love for him. She also did not know what feelings Shankar had for her.

One day Shankar is transferred to Assam for a short period. He moves to Assam, There he meets with an accident. A village local doctor brings him to his home. The doctor and his daughter Shivani nurse him back to good health. Shankar falls in Shivani’s love. When Shivani’s marriage is fixed by her step mother to an old man with a heavy dowry, Shankar decides to marry Shivani. His good friend Gopal helps him in this. They get married.

Meanwhile Geeta learns about Shankar’s accident and comes to see him in Assam. Geeta meets him, and learns about his marriage to Shivani. Geeta is devastated. She decides to go back. In the meantime, Shankar learns that Shivani can not give him any children due to a fault in her. Shankar is sad. He wants to divorce her and marry Geeta,as he now knows Geeta loves him.

Geeta however admonishes Shankar and reminds him that his duty as a Husband is to be with Shivani in her difficulties and accept the situation bravely. Was he not in love with Shivani ? Geeta asks him to be only a friend to her and go back to Shivani as a good Husband. This opens the eyes of Shankar and he returns to Shivani. Both Shivani and Shankar come to the station to see Geeta off to her place.

Today’s solo song of kishore kumar is very melodious, with Horse hoop-beats, which was a novelty in those days-at least not very common. The song had become very popular in those days. Let us now enjoy this VINTAGE KISHORE song from the early 50s……

Song-Mera ghoda bada hai nigoda (Parichay)(1954) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Keshav Trivedi, MD-Vedpal


mera ghoda bada hai nigoda
mera ghoda bada hai nigoda
kadam kadam per ad ad jaaye
nahin aage badhe
chaahe maaroon main kode pe koda
mera ghoda
mera ghoda bada hai nigoda

ek din ek tamtam dikhaayi padi
aankh ghode ki ghodi se jaa ke ladi
jaake aakhir ye tamtam se takra gaya
jaake aakhir ye tamtam se takra gaya
isne taanga bhi mera toda
mera ghoda
mera ghoda bada hai nigoda

maine maara to ye hinhinaane laga
hi hi hi hi
hrr hrr hrr
maine maara to ye hinhinaane laga
aur aankhon se aansoo bahaaane laga
phir ye gaane laga
duniya mein sab jode jode
duniya mein sab jode jode
mera mila de joda
arre joda
he he he he he

baad mein iski haalat bigadne lagi
ek din sans iski ukhadne lagi
doctor ne ise dekhte hi kaha
doctor ne ise dekhte hi kaha
iske dil mein
iske dil mein hua hai phoda

dekha doctor ne phode ko jab cheer ke
tukde nikle thhe
tukde nikle thhe ghodi ki tasweer ke
phode mein ghodi nu photu ke tukde nikle thhe
dekha doctor ne phode ko jab cheer ke
tukde nikle thhe ghodi ki tasweer ke
hawa paani badalne ki khaatir chala
hawa paani badalne ki khaatir chala
main leke ise Almoda
mera ghoda bada hai nigoda
hoy hoy hoy hoy
bolo bolo
haay haaye
arre waah re
are waah re
arre waah re waah


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Arun ji

Thank you very much for valuable information about Vedpal and Satyen bose.

very good information aroon kumarji.

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