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Ye pal chanchal kho na dena kahin o deewaane

Posted on: January 24, 2014

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Here is a joke. Understanding this joke requires some knowledge about cricket and its cricket players. 🙂

Once Sunil Gavaskar went to Australia. There he saw a movie poster of an Australian movie titled “Gavaskar”. He was curious. He bought a ticket and watched the movie. Despite watching the whole movie, he could not find any reference to him in the movie.

He called up Alan Border and asked him why an Australian producer should produce a movie called “Gavaskar” when its story had nothing to do with Gavaskar, the cricketer.

“You see, mate, I too once went to an Indian movie hall to watch a movie. I found that the movie had nothing to do with me even though it was titled “Border”!”- Alan Border explained. 🙂

Two decades prior to the days of “Border” (1996), we had an upcoming Hindi movie director who made a couple of movies whose titles were the same as two diminutive cricket players. 🙂 The movie director was Subhash Ghai and the titles of his two movies were “Kaalicharan” (1976) and “Vishwanath”(1978) respectively. 🙂 Old time cricket fans will remember that Kaalicharan was an elegant batsman of West Indies whereas Vishwanath was an elegant Indian batsman who also happened to be the brother in law of the above mentioned Sunil Gavaskar.

As it turned out, both these movies directed by Subhash Ghai proved to be box office hits. But if one was expecting the title of his next movie too based on the name of a cricketer then that was not to be. His next movie title was “Gautam Govinda” (1979). When I lamented the fact, I was consoled by a fellow enthusiast that even though the title was not based on a cricketer, it was still inspired from the name of a sportsman. There used to be an Indian hockey player called B P Govinda those days. 🙂 In any case, we did not have any more impressive names of cricketers that could have been taken up as the names of Hindi movie titles. I cannot visualise Madanlal or Laxman Sivaramakrishna as suitable titles of Subhash Ghai movies of those days. 🙂

Today (24 january 2014) happens to be the birth anniversary of Subhash Ghai. On this occasion, here is a song from “Kalicharan” (1976). This movie was produced by N N Sippy and it was the directorial debut of Subhash Ghai. Just as the cricketer Kallicharan had scored a centuryon his test debut, Subhash Ghai too hit the bull’s eye on his directorial debut. As mentioned earlier, his next movie was called “”Vishwanath”, and there too he replicated the same success at the box office. Incidentally, the cricketer Vishwanath too had scored a century on his test debut.

This song of “Kalicharan” (1976) is sung by Asha Bhonsle, Kishore Kumar and chorus. The song is picturised as a party song on Helen and on Premnath disguised as Santa Claus. Others present on the occasion are Krishan Dhawan, Shailesh Kumar, Viju Khote, Ajit Madan Puri, Shathrughna Sinha, Ashok Khanna etc.

Ravindra Jain is the lyricist. Music is composed by Kalyanji Anandji.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.



Song-Ye pal chanchal kho na dena (Kalicharan)(1976) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Ravindra Jain, MD-Kalyanji Anandji

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

hey ae ae ae ae
yeh pal chanchal
kho naa denaa
kahin o deewaane
hey ae ae ae
roz roz aate nahin
aise mauke
dil ko lubhaane
saaqi bhi hai
jaam bhi hai
rangon bhari
shaam bhi hai
dekh maukaa jaaye na nikal

hey ae ae
ae ae
yeh pal chanchal
kho naa denaa
kahin o deewaane ae

ho ha
ho ha
ho ha
ho ha
ho ha
ho ha

ho ha
ho ha
ho ha
ho ha
ho ha
ho ha

ang ang se chhalke angoori
aankh milaakar pee le ae
aankh milaakar pee le
aaj husn par
marne kaa mausam
mujhpe markar jee le ae
mujhpe markar jee le
masti hoon main
jawaani hoon main
tere liye deewaanee hoon main
aaa meri baahon mein machhal
hehe he he ha ha ha

hey ae ae ae aea ea e
dekh zaraa jaan-e-jaanaa
aayaa teraa asli deewaanaa
tere mere pyaar kaa tamaashaa
ab dekhegaa zamaanaaa
naachegi tu
nachaaoongaa main
tadpegi tu
tadpaaoongaa main
dekh zaraa mujhse sambhal

hey hey

hey hey
hey hey
hey hey

main hoon shamaa
meraa kaam jalaanaa
aag ki dhaar pe chalnaa..aaaa..aaaa
aag ki dhaar pe chalnaa
peechhe jalegaa
ye parwaanaa
pehle hai tujhko jalnaa aa aa
pehle hai tujhko jalnaa

toone mujhe abhi jaanaa nahin
arre toone mujhe abhi jaanaa nahin
toone bhi toh pehchaanaa nahin
pehchaanaa nahin
arre jaanaa nahin
mehfil naa jaaye teri jal
jal jal jal

11 Responses to "Ye pal chanchal kho na dena kahin o deewaane"

@ happy birthday to Subhash Ghai Saab !
@ Atul ji – enjoyed the post, as it recreates the cricketing aura of those days, thanks !!
@ Prakash ji – thanks for the lyrics!


Atul, today is also the birth anniversary of the legend Padma Bhushan Pandit Bhimsen Joshi. This is just FYI.


Good piece of writing. I really enjoyed it. Cricket and cinema fuels fantasies and ignites dreams. It always used to be and will veritably be the opiate of the masses. Thanks, Atul ji, for serving a fine mixture of cricket and cinema.


This is Reena Roy song, not Helen…..even the sentence on top of you tube video says so…


Atul ji

just watch the song, it is HELEN(not Reena Roy),premnath, Shatrughna sinha, krishan dhawan, Ajit,Madan puri,Sailesh kumar, Youtube wrongly credited the song to Reena roy, Just watch it again, you come to know, You scratched the word Helen, That“s why I have written this.


what can I say. I thought that the above commentor knew better and so I did not check facts before making changes.


Atul ji
Alka ji is WRONG in identifying the dancer in the song as Reena Roy, One can easily identify HELEN in this song.Reena roy has got one song picturised on her in Kalicharan:”Jaa rey jaa o harjaaee(Lata Solo)” and another duet with Shatrughna Sinha(“Tum jaano tum jaano, yaa hum jaane(asha,rafi):

Please correct the above thing.


Atul ji

Thanks you,
for responding immediately,
I can not go wrong regarding Reena and that too my favourite HELEN.
This is one of my favourite Asha/Helen combination.That`s why I am very particular about the credits given to the song
🙂 🙂
Me and my obsession for identification, CRAZY me and my Paagalpan :)(beech mein aap log phans gaye) 😦

Thanks again,


We are particular about correct facts in the blog- be they correct lyrics or correct identifications. It is obvious that facts that are brought out need to be checked. In this case I did not check facts because it consumes valuable time. It is clear that even reputed sites carry incorrect information. Moreover youtube uploaders many times do not check for their facts. There are youtube uploaders who cannot identify artists correctly mainly because the uploaders may be to young to have actually watched/ heard this artists in movie halls/ magazines etc during their working period.


Alka Ji is wrong in mentioning that this song is lip synced by Reena Roy. It is Helen and I know it for sure.



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