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Tum kaun ho rajkumari

Posted on: February 16, 2014

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

My Primary education was in Urdu language. Hyderabad being a Muslim state, learning Urdu had a definite advantage, but there were schools in English, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada and even Hindi mediums as well in Hyderabad and the treatment to all other languages than Urdu was equal by the Nizam Government. This was because Hyderabad was a Trilingual state, consisting of 8 Telugu speaking Districts, 5 Marathi speaking Districts and 3 Kannada speaking districts, plus the rulers were Urdu speakers. From 5th standard I changed to Marathi Medium and continued till end of schooling. English, Marathi and Hindi were my favourite subjects, but Maths and Geography were my sworn enemies.

Maths particularly, first confused me and then irritated me. I failed to understand a sum like ” If 5 people build a Wall 5 feet X 5 feet in 5 days, how many days 25 people will take to build the same wall. Now, if the wall was already built by 5 people, why should anyone build it again ?

Similarly, A, B and C were hated by me. Sums like ” If A borrows 500 Rupees from B at the rate of 5% interest per month and B borrows 400 rupees from C at the rate of 2% interest per month, what would be A’s loss and B’s profit. I failed to understand, why should A borrow money from B, when C was offering loan at lower rates in the first place ?

Geography was another headache. Size and population of countries, Longitudes and Latitudes, Capitals and Currency of Nations, temperatures in Tundra and Siberia and rainfall in Cherapunjee, were beyond my comprehension. However, in Geography, there used to be some chapters in Astronomy also. I liked them very much. Different Planets ,The Milky Way and Comets fascinated me.

Especially Comets aroused my curiosities no end. I learnt that Comets were Heavenly Bodies, made up of Gases and space debris, which appeared suddenly in the sky, seen for a while and then disappeared. Some Comets created panic by crossing Earth’s passage and such Comets would be featuring in newspapers and on TVs.

Comets are like those friends who walk with us for few years and disappear from this world. Comets are like those personalities who shine for a while and then disappear for ever. In Hindi Music too, there were extraordinarily Talented people, who worked for a short period and then were gone for ever, justlike Comets.

Master Madan is a good example in this context. In a short life, he sang immortal Gazals like, ” Yun na rah rah kar hamein tarsaiye” and ” Hairat se tak raha hai “. He was born on 28-12-1927 in jallunder Dist. and died on 5-6-1942. In a singing career of just 3-4 years he became immortal. He left behind him 3 Bhajans, 3 Gazals and 2 Punjabi song records. He left this world, after shining just like a Comet.

Then there is C. Arjun who composed an eternal song like ” Paas baitho tabiyat bahal jayegi,maut ayee to tal jayegi ” and disappeared like a Comet. There are many such examples in the history of HFM.

One such talented Comet was MADHUBALA JHAVERI. In a span of just 7 years of singing, from 1951 to 1958, she sang 110 songs in 55 Hindi,27 Marathi and 3 Gujarati films.

She was born on 19-5-1935, in Girgaon,Bombay. Her father was Vanjeevan Bhai Jhaveri and mother was Heerabai Mazgaonkar. Mother and her sister-Shyamala ran Swami Samarth Sangeet Vidyalaya for Girls, from 1929 onwards. Madhubala studied upto M.A. and obtained Sangeet Visharad from S.N.D.T. University.

In 1951,she was offered songs in film,’Bhoole Bhatke’ by composer Manohar,but the film got delayed by one year. Meanwhile Madhubala Debuted with film ‘Rajput’-in 1951. She became a favourite of Hansraj Behl and she sang in almost all his subsequent films-which were few, in any case. In film Jaggu-52,she sang 5 out of 7 songs.

In the early 50s she went on a concert tour of Kenya, Uganda and other African countries of Indian population, along with Husnalal Bhagatram and Sardul Kwatra. In 1981, she went to USA for several stage shows. In 1958, she got married to Man Mohan Chawla. She was blessed with son Rajeev and daughters Madhvi and Tejashri.

She always remained a ‘Support singer’, for unknown reasons. She had a very sweet but sharp voice which matched perfectly with velvety voice of Talat Mehmood and she sang many duets and Triplets with Talat. Surprisingly, her photograph was a rarity, till she attended the release function of HFGK in 1981.

Madhubala Jhaveri died recently,on 11-9-2013.

Her Debut/First film song is also a duet with Talat Mehmood. Remember she was just 16 year old when she sang this song in 1951. Let us now hear the magic of this Musical Comet called….Madhubala Jhaveri !

(some of the information used here is from the Blog of shri Biren Kothari ji. Thanks,Biren ji.).

Song-Tum kaun ho rajkumari (Rajput)(1951) Singers-Talat Mehmood, Madhubala Jhaweri, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Hansraj Bahl


tum kaun ho rajkumari
tum kaun ho rajkumari
ye chanda sa mukhda idhar to karo
ye chanda sa mukhda idhar to karo
gori hamse tanik na daro
varmaala liye jo aayi ho tum
gori hamko hi preetam varo o
gori hamko hi varo
main preetam us’se banaaungi
main preetam
main preetam us’se banaaungi
varmaala us’se pehnaaungi
varmaala us’se pehnaaungi
main preetam
jo rajput ho
zara dare ne
?? jung mein kood pade

aa aa aa
dushman ke sar par jhapat sinh sa toot pade
aa aa aa
haathon mein mere chamak rahi hai
rajputi talwaar
haathon mein mere chamak rahi hai
rajputi talwaar
shart teri manzoor hai
o ran-ban ki naar

aayi aayi
suhaag ki raat
piyaa ji se hil-mil batiyaan karo
piyaa ji se hil-mil batiyaan karo
aayi aayi
suhaag ki raat
piyaa ji se hil-mil batiyaan karo
piyaa ji se hil-mil batiyaan karo

haule haule pardesi ghoonghat kholna
ghoonghat kholna
haule haule pardesi ghoonghat kholna
ghoonghat kholna
dheere dheere
dheere dheere hamri (?) se bolna
dheere dheere
dheere dheere hamri(?) se bolna

6 Responses to "Tum kaun ho rajkumari"

Since she used to attend ‘Sargam’ in Mumbai, I came to know her personally and often used to talk to her on phone.
On her death, as a tribute I had sent a song as a tribute to her to Atul-ji for the blog, but since that song was already covered in the blog my tribute given below, was not posted.then.

Madhubala Jhaveri’s (nee Chavla) demise on this 11th September at the age of 76, is a shock to the music lovers of ‘the golden period’. She had a heart attack that became the end of her normal healthy life.
Right from her childhood , she had the basic classical music training from her mother Hirabai Jhaveri and aunt (Mausi) Shyamla Majgaonkar. Incidently, these two singer ladies were the first to start a Music School, owned by ladies, in Mumbai.
For her first Marathi 78 RPM song record had music by her mother on one side and the second side by Yeshwant Deo.
Hanraj Bahl introduced her to the Hindi Film playback. In the year 1949, Hansraj Bahl had given music for a Punjabi film ‘Lachhi’. Lata’s song ‘naale lammi te naale kaali’ from that film is an ever-green and one of the top-most songs of Lata, from that musical period. ( ) The same tune was repeated after five years, by Hansraj Bahl for this song by Late Madhubala Jhaveri.
This song was already been discussed in the past in the blog.
Her unique sweet voice with a tang of child like innocence, I am sure, will be appreciated by the participants of this blog, as a tribute to her memory.


Bharat ji,

One small note.
Madhubala was Jhaveri before marriage. After marriage she became Chawla. It is NOT the other way round.



I m sorry if my writing suggested that.
Since I new her personally I new that She was married to Mr Chawla.


thanks for very vital information on a singer, no more with


Thanks Arun Sir, first of all, for a very interesting style of expressing and introductory part.

Then for discussing a one of the very unique voice “Madhubala Jhaweri”.

And not least a very rare gem “tum kaun ho rajkumari”

Madhubala Jhaweri had a very haunting voice particularly I amazed to listen her in iconic song penned by Asad Bhopali and composed by Hansraj Bahl for Moti Mahal (1952) –

“Jayega jab yahan se kuch bhi na paas hoga…
Do gaz kafan ka tukda tera libaas hoga….”

How well she follow Rafi saab, must to be listen


working audio


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