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Hungaama ho gaya

Posted on: February 17, 2014

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“Anhonee” (1973) was written , produced and directed by Ravi Tandon for King Productions. The movie had Sanjeev Kumar, Leena Chandavarkar, Kamini Kaushal, Padma Khanna, Bindu, Asrani, Manmohan, Paintal, Jankidas, Satyen Kappu, M.B.Shetty, Ranveer Raj, Kaity Irani, S.P.Dutta, Captain Manmohan, Polson, Shashi Kiran, Mac Mohan, Rehman, Sharmistha Sanyal, Anwar Hussain, Anoop Kumar, Lalita Kumari, Sudhir etc in it.

Today (17 february 2014) is the birth anniversary of Ravi Tandon. On this occasion, here is a song from “Anhonee” (1973). I had heard this song a lot during its time while being unaware about the details of this song. Now that I have watched the picturisation of this song for the first time, I find that this song is picturised as a cabarat song on Bindu. But that is not all. I discover that this song is a disco song as well ! It is popularly believed that disco music was introduced by Bappi Lahiri in 1980s, but here one can witness a disco song from a time when Bappi Lahiri had not yet appeared on the scene !

This song is written by Verma Malik and the lyrics are quite well written unlike what was the case in the disco songs of 1980s.

Music is composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.



Song-Hungaama ho gaya (Anhonee)(1973) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Verma Malik, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

jaam bhi hai
haan haan shaam bhi hai
haaye haaye chori nahin
saaraa aam bhi hai
sab ne pee hai mujh pe ilzaam kyun hai
khaamkhaah mera naam badnaam kyun hai
dekho naa logon ne (ooooo)
botalon ki botalein khatm kar dee
toh kuchch na huaa
maine honthon se lagaayee toh…oooo…oooo
hangamaa ho gayaa (hhaa)
haan haan haan haan hhaa)
hangamaa ho gayaa (hhaa)
hangamaaa…aaaa….aaaaa (hhaa)
hangamaa ho gayaa (hhaa)
mujhe yaar ne pilaayee toh…oooooo…oooooo
hangamaa ho gayaa (hhaa)
haan haan haan haan(hhaa)
hangamaa ho gayaa (hhaa)
hangamaa aaa (hhaa)
hangamaa ho gayaa

din ko qasmein khaate hain
taubaa taubaa karte hain
din ko qasmein khaate hain
taubaa taubaa karte hain
shaam hoti hai toh phir pyaale bharte hain(ooo…ooo)
raat ko sab peete hain
subah ko sab darte hain
kyaa kashish hai iss mein
sab iss pe marte hain
kaisse yeh log hain
pataa nahin kyaa karte hain (ooooo)
kaun si baat hai iss mein
sab iss ko apnaate hain
dekho naa
sabko tamaashaa dikhaate hain
girte hain
ladkhadaate hain
shor machhate hain
unnko toh aap kuchch nahin kehte
mujhe hichhki jo aayee toh…oooooo…oooo
hangamaa ho gayaa (hhaa)
haan haan haan haan (hhaa)
hangamaa ho gayaa (hhaa)
hangamaaa….aaaa….aaa (hhaa)
hangamaa ho gayaa

kyun ghabraa gaye
sharmaa gaye
yaa gussaa khaa gaye ae
kyun ghabraa gaye
sharmaa gaye
yaa gussaa khaa gaye ae
haath lagaane se
itnaa tilmilaa gaye
arrey husnwaale toh
aag lagaa dete hain
fanaah kar dete hain
hosh udaa dete hain
aur shaam
chheen le jaathe hain aur aankh chhuraa lete hain
saamne loot’te hain
aur aap
bol nahin paate hain
dekho na
tthes aur zakhm de jaate hain
toh aapn kuchch nahin kehte hain
maine aankh jo milaayee toh…oooo…ooooo
hangaamaa ho gayaa (hhaa)
haan haan haan haan(hhaa)
hangamaa ho gayaa (hhaa)
hangamaa ho gayaa(hhaa)
mujhe yaar ne pilaayee toh…o
hangaamaa ho gayaa(hhaa)

2 Responses to "Hungaama ho gaya"

Atul ji

Please correct the name as “RAVI TANDON`S BIRTHDAY”, Today it is not Lekh Tandon`s birthday.
Lekh Tandon directed Amrapali,Professor,Doosri Dulhan,Jahan Pyar miley etc
Ravi Tandon is Raveena Tandon`s father and directed movies like Majboor(Amitabh bachchan)Waqt ki deewar,Khel Khel mein,Jhootaa Kahin ka, Nazrana(RAjesh Khanna)Zindagi (1976),Nirman,Apne rang Hazar,Muqaddar(1978)Chor Ho to Aisa(1978)Khud-dar(Amitabh)Aan aur shaan(1984),Rahi Badal Gaye(Rishi Kapoor)Jawab(Raj Babbar)Ek Main aur ek tu(1986-Introduced his son Raj Tandon)


Fantabulous song Atul!




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