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Raam ji ne dhanush toda Raam ji ne

Posted on: April 8, 2014

This article is written by Peevesie’s mom, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

EESHWAR (1989) was directed by K Vishwanath and produced by P Mallikarjuna Rao for Bharti International Films. This movie had Vijayshanti, Anil Kapoor, Vinod Mehra, Bharati Achrekar, Vikram Gokhale, Jayshree Gadkar, Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Shammi (Aunty), Saeed Jaffery, Asha Sachdev, Rakesh Pandey, Gulshan Grover, Agha, Sunil Shende etc. etc.

The song is picturised in a temple on Ram Navami day. Actually it is supposed to mark the end of Navratr and as part of the story telling about the life of Sriram the story teller gives some Pravachan about how certain things are allowed or good etc. (I don’t remember the exact thing, I have seen the movie a long time back). And Eeshwar (Anil Kapoor) a village simpleton, takes it upon himself to eradicate misery from the life of the widowed Vijayshanti. He takes the mala (garland) meant for the god and put it on the widow, and says he has married her. This causes a bit of upheaval in her family and she is thrown out by her Bhabhi (Bharati Achrekar). The movie then proceeds to show how the couple copes with life and its twists.

This song is Sung by Suresh Wadkar and Nitin Mukesh with chorus. Lyrics are by Anjaan and Music is composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal.



Song-Ramji ne dhanush toda (Eeshwar)(1989) Singers-Suresh Wadkar, Nitin Mukesh, Lyrics-Anjaan, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal
Nitin Mukesh + Chorus


bhor bhar bhuvan ghor kathor rav
ravi baaji taji maarag chaley
chikkarhi diggaj dolmahi ahi kol kuram kalmale
sur asur muni nar kaan deen sakal vikal vichaar hi
kodand dand khand o raam tulasidaas jay ki puchaar hi

bol siyaapati raamchandra ki jai
pawan sut hanumaan ki jai
umaapati mahadev ki jai

raam ji ne dhanush toda raam ji ne
raam ji ne dhanush toda raam ji ne
shivji ka dhanush toda raam ji ne
raam ji ne dhanush toda raam ji ne
aayi ghadi milan ki aayi
aayi ghadi milan ki aayi
sita mann hi mann muskaayi
sita mann hi mann muskaayi
arre shiv shankar ne kya sundar milaaya joda
haay raam ji ne dhanushya toda raam ji ne
raam ji ne dhanush toda raam ji ne

raam ji raaja seeta raani,
raam ji raaja seeta raani
janam janam ki preet puraani,
janam janam ki preet puraani
shiv ka dhanush thha ek bahaana,
dono ka thha milan karaana
siya swayanvar raam ne jeeta,
raam ke mann me basi thhi seeta
madhur milan ki abhilaasha mein
ik ik pal ik yug sa beeta

o seeta ke mann ka dukh samajha raam ji ne
haay raam ji ne dhanush toda raam ji ne
raam ji ne dhanush toda, raam ji ne

toota dhanush prasanna thhi seeta
jaise tribhuvan ka sukh jeeta

jaise tribhuvan ka sukh jeeta
seeta raam ke bina adhoori,
raam se mil ke ho gayi poori

ha baaje dhol shankh shehnaayi
baaje dhol shankh shehnaayi
ho nagar dagar sab gaaye badhaayi
nagar dagar sab gaaye badhayi
sur nar muni darshan ko aaye
anjali bhar bhar phool lutaaye
apne bhakto ka mann jita raam ji ne
raam ji ne dhanush toda raam ji ne
raam ji ne dhanush toda raam ji ne

sakhiyon sang chali jab seeta
sakhiyon sang chali jab seeta
lekar haathon mein varmaala,
ang se chhalke roop ki jyoti
chhaaya mukh par prem ujaala,
kuchh sakuchaati kuchh sharmaati
raam galey daali varmaala

raam galey daali varmaala
bani suhaagan janak dulaari
raam ne pehna di ee ee
raam ne pehana di ee ee
o o o o
raam ne pehna di ee ee varmaala
jai shree raam sita raam

jai shree raam seeta raam
jai jai raam seeta raam,
jai jai raam seeta raam
jai jai raam seeta raam,
jai jai raam seeta raam

6 Responses to "Raam ji ne dhanush toda Raam ji ne"

Nice Post! at that time i had watched this film atleast three times. liked its story and as K.Vishwanath had directed it, i was naturally attracted to watch it. The movie had few beautiful songs too. thanks for bringing it here.


Madam ji

Aap ne meri mehanat par paani pher diyaa 🙂

A small trivia for those who are ignorant:

Raj kapoor wanted to produce this movie(He didn`t because of his ill health, he was in love with Anil Kapoor`s character), Raj kapoor himself comes on screen before the movie credit title starts for the introduction. This Movie is remake of K.Vishwanath`s telugu movie SWATI MUTHYAM starring Radhika, Kamal Hassan



Hullo pcji
First a sorry aap keep moohse gaana cheene ke liye. But it is not tit for tat mind it (rajnikant style). But aap ne bhi kayi gaano pe meri mehnat bachayi hair. :-)) 😉


Aasse hi kuchch likne ka mann huaa, likh diyaa Madam ji, meraa likhaa ho yaa aapkaa ek hi baat hai,
Hope you don`t mind my writing a few words you.



At last got the video clip of this song:



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