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Ye khuley khuley se gesoo

Posted on: May 7, 2014

This article is written by Bharat Upadhyay, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Raag Maalikaa in Hindi Films – 11

The eleventh Raaga Maala in this series is from a 1958 film ‘Chandan. Produced by Dossi Films and directed by M V Raman, The star-cast included Kishore Kumar, Mala Sinha, Nutan, Pran, Shyama, Karan Dewan, David, Johny Walker, K N Singh etc. Music was by Madan Mohan and the lyrics by Rajinder kishan. I could not get more information about the Film from Internet. Knowledgeable members are requested to provide it.

Of all the films Madan Mohan gave music to, it seems this may be the least popular one. One Rafi song ‘Bada Hi CID Hai Who Neeli Chhatriwala’ had become a hit during that time, but the other songs including this Raaga Maala had gone unappreciated.

This Raaga Maala by Lata is very melodious – a typical Lata-Madan Mohan treat. All the four compositions in the sequence are based on Raaga Bhairavi, but each has a different ‘chalan’. It begins with a ‘sher’ “yeh khule khulese gesu” and this entire 6.75 minute presentation has 4 distinct parts, each with a different lyric, different tune for ‘mukhda’ and ‘antra’, all sung by Lata Mangeshkar, it is said, for the different actresses in that film. The interlude between the components sounds very much like tunes of western symphony. Rajinder Kishan’s lyrics are simple but catchy.

Song-Yeh Khule Khule Se Gesoo(Chandan)(1958) Singer-Lata Mangeshkar, Lyrics-Rajinder Kishan, MD-Madan Mohan


yeh khule khule se gesoo
yeh udi udi si rangat
meri subah keh rahi hai
meri raat ka fasaana

log kahen mere nain baawre
log kahen mere nain baaware
log kahen mere nain baaware
in paagal nainon mein ik din
baste the piya saanware haaye raam
log kahen mere nain baaware
wo bhi kya din thhe jab saawan
preetam ke sang aata thhaa aa aa
jeewan ka ek ek savera
ek naya rang laata thha aa
nazar lagi bairan duniya ki
bhor gayee aur huyee shaam re
log kahen mere nain baaware

kab dekh saki duniya aa haaye pyaar kisi kaa aa aa
kab dekh saki duniya aa haaye pyaar kisi kaa
bichhade na kabhi mil kar dildaar kisi ka
haaye kab dekh saki duniya aa haaye pyaar kisi kaa

deewana zamaana kyun hanstaa hai muhobbat par
deewaana zamaana kyun hanstaa hai muhobbat par
ae kaash ke yeh hotaa beemaar kisi ka
haaye kab dekh saki duniya aa haaye pyaar kisi kaa

muhobbaat na hoti
duniya na hoti
kisi dil mein koi tamanna na hoti
muhobbaat na hoti
duniya na hoti

naa panghat pe panhaariyaan geet gaatin
naa saawan mein albeliyaan gungunaatin
kahin goonj hoti naa shahanaayion ki
kahin baat chhidti naa tanhaayion ki
na yeh chaandni aur naa yeh chaand hota
falak ka yeh baazaar bhi band hota
agar is zamaane mein ulfat na hoti
to aadam mein bhi aadmiyat na hoti

takraa naa saka pyaar se bedard zamaanaa aa
(takaraa naa saka pyaar se bedard zamaanaa)
mushkil hai zamaane mein muhobbat ko chhupanaa aa
(mushkil hai zamaane mein muhobbat ko chhupanaa
takaraa naa saka pyaar se bedard zamanaa

duniyaa mein muhobbat se badi cheez nahin hai ae
dil mein hai agar pyaar to zannat bhi yahin hai
gaate chale aao yahi ulfat ka taraanaa
(takaraa naa saka pyaar se bedard zamaanaa)

4 Responses to "Ye khuley khuley se gesoo"

Bharat ji,
Thank you for this nice song.
This song reminded me of another song Hato Kaheko jhooti banaao batiyaan by Manna Dey from the film Manzil (1960). The song penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri had similar wordings
Ye udi udi si rangat
Ye khule khule se gesoor
Teri subah kah rahi hai
Teri raat ka fasaana
If I remember right this composition by S D Burman was also in Raag Bhairavi.
I think the film Lal rukh too had a song with similar wording. I cannot recollect the first line of this song.

I would like to add two more information on this film, not very significant.
The Filmfare Award for the best sound recording for the year 1958 was bagged by Ishan Ghosh for this film.
R L Suri and Ghanshyam Sukhwal assisted Madanmohan in music.
Thanks once again


Sir, did you mean “hai kali-kali ke lab par tere husn ka fasana…”

ye khule-khule se gesu, uthe jaise badliyan si…
ye jhuki-jhuki nigaahen, gire jaise bijliyan si…

Already posted on the blog here:


Yes, that was the song. A beautiful Khayyam-Kaifi Azmi-Rafi combo.
Thank You




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