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Aansoo na baha kar yaad usse

Posted on: May 24, 2014

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“Guru Ghantaal” (1956) was directed by S M Yusuf for V K Pictures. Little information is available online on this movie except in this blog where our beloved inhouse encyclopaedia Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh has provided lots of details on this movie. Here is what he has to say about this movie:

GURU GHANTAL-1956 was a V K pictures film produced by R N Sharma and N K Kaushik. Directed by the veteran S M Yusuf, the film had music by Lachhiram Tamar.

Film Guru Ghantal had 9 songs. These 9 songs were written by 4 Lyricists. The cast of the film was Motilal, Sheila Ramani, Usha Kiron, Jagdev, Ajit, Agha, Sunder, Mirza Musharraf, Sheikh, Kesari etc .

The film was based on incidents found in day to day life. Open any Newspaper and you will find advertisements for some BABAs, Bengali, Kashmiri and other varieties, Siddha Purushas, Gurus and Saints. They all claim ready solutions for all difficulties in this world. Innocent, foolish and gullible people fall prey to them and spend money unlimited.

Rukmini Devi, wife of rich Carnival owner Raja Shyamdas has no children. Instead of going to a Doctor, she seeks all types of Babas,Gurus and saints. So much money is spent on them that Shyamdas had to stop studies and call back his Niece Leela from Bombay back to Khandala. Leela’s lover Ram, a jobless young man thinks of a plan to teach a lesson to Rukmini Devi and gives an ad in papers that Saints Sachitanand and Parmanand ji have great power to solve any problem.

Leela’s brother Raja Ramdas sees this ad and is sent by Rukmini Devi to fetch them to Khandala. He goes to Bombay and meets Ram, who tells him his plan and Ramdas agrees to help him. Ramdas,while in Bombay falls in love with a CID girl-Kanan, who is after these fake Gurus and Babas to expose them.

Ram becomes Sachitanand,his fried is Parmanand. they all come to Khandala. While Ral and Leela and Ramdas and Kanan pairs are busy in singing and running around trees in Khandala,all the Jewellery of Rukmini devi is stolen.

Investigations start and it is found that there is another thief who is taking advantage of all this situation. Kanan and Ramdas catch the thief Red handed while selling the jewellery. Ram and Ramdas reveal everything. Rukmini Devi learns a lesson for her life and agrees to visit a doctor for treatment.

While Ram-leela and Ramdas-kanan get married,the news that Rukmini devi is pregnant comes and everyone is happy.

One song from this movie has been discussed in the past.

Here is a less known song from this obscure movie. This song is sung by Rafi. Gafil Harnalwi is the lyricist. Music is composed by t Lachchiram.

Only the audio of this song is available. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of this song.

I heard this song for the first time only just now. This is a “mental massage” category of song and listening to this song has a calming influence on the listener.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by nahm.

Song-Aansoo na baha kar yaad usse (Guru Ghantaal)(1956) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Gafil Harnalwi, MD-Pt Lachchiram

Lyrics (Provided by nahm)

aansoo na bahaa kar yaad usse
jo iss sansaar ka daata hai
jo iss sansaar ka daata hai
maayoos na ho iss duniyaa ke
woh bigde kaam banaata hai
woh bigde kaam banaata hai

rakh aas ussi par tu bande
rakh aas ussi par tu bande
kashti ko bhanvar mein jaane de
kashti ko bhanvar mein jaane de
ae ae
phir dekh ke teri naiyya ko
woh kaise paar lagaata hai
woh kaise paar lagaata hai

jo hotaa hai tu hone de
anhonee baat na hogi kabhi
na hogi kabhi
jo uss ke sahaare jeete hain
woh unki laaj bachaata hai
woh unki laaj bachaata hai

hai man mein sachha pyaar agar
to milegaa man ka meet tujhe
woh jeewan ki phulwaari mein
aasha ke phool khilaata hai ae

jo uss ke sahaare jeete hain
woh unki laaj bachaata hai
woh unki laaj bachaata hai
aansoo na bahaa kar yaad usse
jo iss sansaar ka daata hai

5 Responses to "Aansoo na baha kar yaad usse"

Lovely. Thanks.


Link with better sound :


shekhar vaishnav
Arunji wonderful to bless some one with this song .Amazing it was not popular on the radio . …I liked song by Geeta Dutt same film

“AAG SE NA KHELO RE BABUJI ” -who were two other male singers? Thanks…




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