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Dil ka khazaana khol diya

Posted on: July 7, 2014

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Atul Song-A-Day 10K Song Milestone Celebrations – 3
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I was pleasantly surprised when I read the mail from Sudhirji in which he asked me to contribute a post for our blog. This was for celebrating the milestone event of 10000 posts on “” and I understood that all previous contributors were similarly requested. I was surprised because my contribution was only 1 post till then. To be even considered worthy enough for such a big event? It totally floored me. But by the time I decided to say yes, unfortunately, I had broken my right wrist. Luckily I had a post ready with me which I had sent to Atulji earlier. It had remained unpublished. I am sure he would have put it up if I had not mentioned that I did not consider it good enough for the blog. He must have thought “why upload it when the lady thinks it is not up to standards”. Right Atulji? As circumstances would have it, here comes that post without any modifications


As Nahmji mentioned in her blog on 26th Feb 2014, once you lose the momentum, lethargy sets in. How rightly said Nahmji!! Very aptly said, applies 100% for someone like me.

Time flies fast. I thought I sent my contribution just a couple of months back. But it is already more than half a year. I have done this in spite getting encouragement and motivation from Atulji, PCji, AKji, Sudhirji, Khyathiji, Shenoyji, Avinashji, AKji of “Songs of Yore” and many others. I have to also admit that I feel so small in front of all the contributors of the blog. Their vast knowledge, writing style, regularity etc. humbles me, makes me feel insignificant.

There is a vachana in Kannada by the saint Basavanna which goes like …
“ullavaru shivalaya maaduvaru naanena maadali badavanayya”
Loose translation of the same means “Lord, please excuse me. I am a very poor person and unlike rich, I cannot build temples for you”. I can quote only the first line of the vachana as it fits me perfectly (rest of it, I cannot claim that it applies to me because it talks about total dedication with whatever meagre means he has. To know more, you can visit

I feel exactly like the poor person above, in front of the stalwart contributors of this blog. Arunji’s vast knowledge regards HFS, puraanas, philosophy amazes me. Sudhirji’s always does beautiful write-ups, his English translations of songs sound very original and poetic in their own rights. Sadanandji invariably writes in detail about somebody related to the song under discussion and how authentic the matter is! Khaythi, Nahmji introduces rare, melodious songs with regularity. Atulji’s Atulism while discussing songs, I am sure has brought on many smiles. When compared to them, my knowledge of Hindi songs was limited to listening to songs and knowing a little bit about the singers only. Thanks to all the contributors of the blog from whom I have learned much. I bow to all of you, Sirs and Madams, for the unselfish work that you have done to teach people like me.

The song that I have chosen for today is from the movie “Aandhiyan” which was released in 1952. Music is composed by the great Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and the lyrics are by another great man, the poet Pandit Narendra Sharma. This was the incentive for me to write. I am sure that Sudhirji or Arunji would have added some hitertho unknown facts about these people if they had written about the song. I am awfully insufficient in that area 😦

Nimmi, this small by size actress held her own against universally acknowledged beauties / actresses like Madhubala, Suraiyya, Meenakumari etc. P Lankesh, a well-known writer in Kannada, has said that she was his favourite actress from that era. This is also one of the rare songs where she smiles (as Atulji has rightly observed many times). Incidentally, Feb 28th is the birth anniversary of the revered lyricist Pt. Narendra Sharma. This article is a tribute to them.

The song is sung by Asha Bhosle and chorus. Listen to the song, Asha sounds different, isn’t it? Ustad Ali Akbhar Khan has probably made her sound atypical.

The song is about a girl who is about to be married. Kalpana Karthik is the girl. Nimmi, probably being her friend is singing, dancing and smiling during the celebrations. The song is a simple one about the feelings and expectations of a would-be bride from the pov of her friend. Nimmi is expressing thoughts on behalf of the bride and her thoughts too and also addresses the groom.

The would-be bride is ready to give her all, so only she says “dil ka khazaana khol diya, khushiyaan lutaane aayi hun”. Is this line to be broken as “keh do kali se na | aayi yun …”? The usage is similar to spoken language where we add “na” without it adding anything more to the spoken sentence. If my interpretation is correct, this is what the line means. She pleads with her friends to tell flower-buds (directed towards the bride) that she has come with message from new spring and she is asking them to start blooming.

The garden of joy is overflowing (bagiya khushi ki phuli hai) and she herself is overwhelmed (main phuli nahin samaayi). The next stanza is mostly a plea to the bridegroom as the friend says, I will spread flower-buds at your feet (kadmo mein kaliya bichahati hun), turn them into flowers (tum in ko phool bana lena). Accept the bride’s expectations and desires as your own and help them blossom (abki kisi ki aasha ko, tum apna bana ke khila lena).

The next lines are addressed to the bride herself. Friend says, I have come to invite you, please come as a bride to your beloved’s place (tum dulhan bankar aaogi, main tumhe bulaane aayi hoon).

Hope my interpretation of the song is correct.

BTW, I have failed to decipher the sargam which comes in between. Request knowledgeable people to correct it.


video (incomplete):

Song-Dil ka khazaana khol diya (Aandhiyaan)(1952) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Pt Narendra Sharma, MD-Ustad Ali Akbar Khan


Dil ka khazaana khol diya
dil ka khazaana khol diya

khushiyaan lutaane aayi hoon
khushiyaan lutaane aayi hoon
dil ka

keh do
keh do kali se
keh do kali se
laayi hoon main
nayi bahaaar ka aa sandesha
nayi bahaar ka

Sargam ……….. (needs correction)
pani saga re sa sa nisisa
pani saga re sa sa nisisa

keh do kali se laayi hoon main
Nayi bahaar ka,
nayi baahar ka
dha dinak dhin dha dinak dhin
dha dinak dhin, thai thai thak

nayi bahaar ka,
nayi bahaar ka sandesha
nahin raha meethe sapno ke murjhaane ka andesha
nahin raha
aa aa
nahin raha
meethe sapnon ke murjhane ka andesha
bagiya khushi ki phooli hai
main phuli nahi samaayi hoon

khushiyaan lutaane aayi hoon
khushiyaan lutaane aayi hoon dil ka

kadmon mein kaliyaan bichhaati hoon
tum in ko phool bana lena
tum in ko phool bana lena

abki kisi ki aasha ko
tum apna bana ke khila dena
da dadda da dadda daan
da daaan dad dadaan

tum dulhan bankar aaogi
tum dulhan bankar aaogi
main tumhen bulaane aayi hoon
khushiyaan lutaane aayi hoon
khushiyaan lutaane aayi hoon
dil ka khazaana khol diya
dil ka khazaana khol diya
dil ka

13 Responses to "Dil ka khazaana khol diya"

Congratulations to all…!!!
@ Aparna ji – nice post. like it very much. and thanks for sharing the link of the ‘vachanas’!
Shall come back when i listen to the song …
and do keep posting 🙂


Will try to keep up with posts. Thanks Avinashji!


Aparnaji, thank you for this unusually beautiful song. heard it for the first time today.
Thank also for the vachana by Basavanna. Karnataka has a long and big tradition of Bhakti.


Glad to hear from you. Hope you have out of the self/work imposed hibernation 🙂
Yes, Karnataka has a long tradition of Bhakti, hope you enjoyed the simple vachana.
Thanks for the kind words.


No, the hibernation is still going as far as my blog is concerned. This is just peeking out! 🙂


Glad to hear from you. Hope you have out of the self/work imposed hibernation 🙂

Thanks for the kind words.


Nice write-up, Aparnaji. We don’t know why your post was not uploaded earlier but in a way it is fortuitous because we got to see it now as part of the 10K celebrations. I hope your right hand is better now?

This is a lovely song. I’ve never heard it before. Asha’s voice does sound quite different from what we are used to. Thanks for introducing this song to me. 🙂


I think it was not uploaded because I had mentioned that the writing was not satisfactory according to me. This could be the only reason.

Song is lovely, isn’t it? Ashaji ka kya kehna? She is a magician.

Hand is healing, it will take another month or so for complete healing it seems. I am allowed to type for the past 20 days. Thank you very much for the concern shown.


Thanks for the nice song and post.
Thanks too for introducing to the ‘vachana’.Beautiful Raag and rendition.


You are welcome Venkataramanji. Glad you enjoyed the song and the vachana too.


Like others I am hearing for the first time. Am familiar with one song from this film: “Ooh chand yeh chaand nahi hain” by Hemantda. Excellent post!!


Thanks for the encouraging words Seshadriji. Happy that I could introduce a song in the blog. As such, my knowledge of HFS is very less when compared to the athirathas and maharathas who regularly write here.


Sorry folks, I am coming late to thank you all. Was occupied with work as usual.
Thank you all once again.


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