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Kya tum wahi ho

Posted on: July 8, 2014

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Atul Song-A-Day 10K Song Milestone Celebrations – 5
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When Atul asked me if I could write an intro for Harvey as part of the 10K celebrations, I immediately said “yes”. I had no clue what I’d write but I knew that I’d have a lot of fun just putting my thoughts down on paper.

And indeed it is a great pleasure to write this intro about Harvey.

I’ve known Harvey fairly intensively over the last few years, mainly through our Facebook interactions. There’s a lot I could write about him.

But for the purpose of this intro, I decided to sit back and think of what specific aspect/aspects of him strike(s) me the most.

And the first thing that struck me was – Harvey is unique.

Let me explain.

In one’s life, one comes across a lot of people. Different types of people. From different backgrounds, in different fields. Whatever their background or field, one thing usually happens. Society successfully manages to condition them into a certain mindset. This usually involves chasing certain goals that society considers important – measures of aspiration and success in life. Such is society’s hold over the individual, that ninety-nine out of a hundred seamlessly fall into this mindset, without even questioning it. I think the term commonly used is “go with the flow”. It is considered the “wise” thing to do.

But there is always that one person in that hundred who thinks differently. And behaves differently. That one person who questions untiringly, things that society determines as “expected behaviour”. That one person who isn’t satisfied with society’s answers.

Harvey is that person.

Maybe that’s one reason I get along well with Harvey. Being quite a non-conformist myself in many respects, I find it fairly easy to relate to Harvey.

But that’s not all there is to Harvey. There’s much more to him and his personality.

To discuss that though, I’d have to start at the very beginning.

The first time I got to know about Harvey was when I went onto his blog This was a few years ago – I used to visit a few film blogs and Harvey’s happened to be one of them.

A few things struck me about his blog.

First, he used to take great pains in any blogpost he would write. I know many bloggers do that but with Harvey, the love he had for every song or film he would write about, came through very strongly.

Second, the way he would deal with comments on his blog. He would reply to every comment – very respectfully, and often in great detail again. It was as if, to him, the comment was no less important than his blogpost.
(This quality I noticed also in his comments on other blogs, most notably dustedoff’s blog, where he would write elaborate, thought-through comments on every aspect of the blog post).

Third, his zany sense of humour. 🙂 In a world where people often take themselves way too seriously, Harvey clearly had no such pretensions. Or at least, on his blog, he just let himself go. 🙂 His posts were often massively hilarious. He would come up with crazy parodies. I remember one in particular where he parodied songs, converting them into “vegetable / fruit” songs. The comments section of that blogpost carried the parodies further – it was all a lot of fun.

Anyway, most importantly for me, what came through from all this was the impression that here was a guy who not only knew a lot of old Hindi songs but was also very diligent, respectful and had a very crazy side to him. 🙂

Harvey and I then became Facebook friends. I don’t remember now whether I sent the invite or he did. But what I do remember is that as soon as we became FB friends, he sent me a message thanking me for it. I didn’t expect it one bit but it did reinforce my already prevalent view that he was a caring and thoughtful person.

Sometime thereafter, the crazy streak in me (yes, I have a crazy streak too) decided to set up a closed group in FB to share this craziness with other like-minded people. Harvey was obviously one of the first guys on the list – as he himself said when he joined “Do I need to prove that I belong here?” 🙂

Since then, we’ve had a lot of interaction with each other and I’ve got to know Harvey much better, as a result.
I must admit Harvey’s knowledge of old Hindi songs is far more than I’d assessed from just going through his blog. He knows many songs of the 1950s that I’d never heard (of) before.

His favourite composers, as far as I know are the father-son combo of SD and RD Burman. And Madan Mohan and Roshan. Amongst singers, I am not aware of any specific preferences, so I’d say he is fond of them all. Thanks to Atul’s blog, he has discovered Amirbai Karnataki and Zohrabai Ambalewali, so that’s an addition and definite enrichment to his singer list.

Apart from old Hindi songs, Harvey’s other big interest and knowledge area is related to plants and botany. I think it is part of his work but besides that, he has a big passion for it too.

As far as I know, Harvey is also very much interested in learning about, and trying out, different food recipes. I think more than the food itself, it is his innate desire to experiment that drives such efforts. ? It’s his creative side that he lets loose in multiple manners. 🙂

But to me, the most important thing about Harvey is that he is a very genuine and down-to-earth person. He has strong views – often at odds with what a materialistic society often prescribes for its constituents – but he is comfortable in his space, and sticks to his views without pretensions of any sort.

And his genuinely nice nature is what makes him special. It’s an increasingly rare quality nowadays to come across somebody who is not mean or snarky. Somebody who is genuinely caring. From all my interactions with Harvey (and I’ve had many), I can safely say there’s not one mean streak in him.

And that’s probably why I’m willing to forgive him for not rating Rafi saab’s “suhaani raat dhak chuki” and “itni haseen itni jawaan raat kya karein”. 🙂 Harvey is such a wonderful person that one can put these down as minor aberrations.

After all, nobody’s perfect. 🙂

On this occasion, here is a song that that has to be a favourite for me as well as Harvey. Reason- it has Rafi Saab’s voice along with Suman Kalyanpur’s and Sahir Ludhianvi’s lyrics. Music is composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal. Only the audio seems to be available and the song seems to be excluded from the movie. In case the song was picturised, it had to be on Waheeda Rehman (our favourite actress) and Dharmendra.

The lyrics of this song was shared by Avinash ji.

Song-Kya tum wahi ho (Man Ki Aankhen)(1970) Singers-Suman Kalyanpur, Rafi, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal

Lyrics(Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

Kya tum wahi ho
kya tum wahi ho
kya tum wahi ho
kya tum wahi ho
kya tum wahi ho
kya tum wahi ho
kya tum wahi ho
kya tum wahi ho
jo neendon mein chori se aataa rahaa hai
jo saanson mein chhup chhup ke gaataa rahaa hai
mere anchhuye jism ko jis ka saaya
bade pyaar se chhu ke jaataa rahaa hai
kya tum wahi ho
kya tum wahi ho
kya tum wohi ho
kya tum wohi ho
kya tum wohi ho
kya tum wohi ho
kya tum wohi ho
kya tum wohi ho
kya tum wohi ho
kya tum wohi ho

khayaalon mein jo muskuraati rahi hai
dhanak ban ke nazron pe chhaati rahi hai
mere dil ke sunsaan aangan mein aksar
jo raaton ko paayal bajaati rahi hai
kya tum wohi ho
kya tum wohi ho
kya tum wohi ho
kya tum wohi ho

aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa

main jiske liye phool chunti rahi hoon
tamannaaon ke haar bunti rahi hoon
main jiske liye phool chunti rahi hoon
tamannaaon ke haar bunti rahi hoon
dhadakte huye dil ke shehnaaiyon mein
sadaa jis ke kadmon ki sunti rahi hoon
kya tum wahi ho
kya tum wahi ho
kya tum wahi ho
kya tum wahi ho

wo soorat jo dil mein machalti rahi hai
nigaahon mein karwat badalti rahi hai
wo soorat jo dil mein machalti rahi hai
nigaahon mein karwat badalti rahi hai
wo tarshaa huaa jism parchhaayin jiski
sadaa mere hamraah chalti rahi hai
kya tum wohi ho
kya tum wohi ho
kya tum wohi ho
kya tum wohi ho
kya tum wohi ho
kya tum wohi ho

aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
o o o
aa aa aa aa


20 Responses to "Kya tum wahi ho"

Heard this song for the first time and immensely liked it. I am surprised that this beautifully worded and rendered song was not in the film.

Had the name of Suman Kalyanpur not been mentioned, I would have taken it to be the voice of Lata Mangeshkar.

Thanks to Raja for an excellent introductory post and Avinash for bringing this rare song to the notice of the larger audience.

Thank you very much Sir !
it was really a great pleasure to share this song from Sahir Saab. As this song was not in the movie and heard by me earlier ,i was surprised that such a beautiful song was excluded from the movie.

Good find, Avinashji!
Maybe it precedes this scene in the film.

Raja, take a bow. You are among the best writers that I know. What a perfect intro to Harvey.

I agree with every bit of this. I can add one thing as I have met Harvey personally. He is extremely handsome..

He is very caring and very sweet and would not hurt a fly.

I wish I could add something bad about him so he would not be struck by the evil eye. Like ‘nazar utarna’. He is totally mad. Believe me. Sometimes he likes these song that sound bland. Sometimes he refuses to like lovely melodies that others rave about. I was completely taken by surprise that he did not like ‘Suhani raat dhal chuki’. But that allows us to tease him about it every now and then.

Love you to bits Harv, Love knowing you.

Well said, Ava! Raja does have a way with words. While I personally fight with every sentence and every word, when I write something. His words just seem to flow and flow and flow. Really blessed by Goddess Saraswati and kissed by the muses.
You are right about not wanting to hurt a fly. That is because I’m afraid of them!
You are right about the mad part. But I’m just curious to know, which bland song you mean? 
In my defence, how can anybody like a song which has a line, “… na jaane tumko baugi”? One just doesn’t wish something like ‘baugi’ to other people and even when the other person has left you waiting the whole night and particularly not to ladies. So, there! 😉
Thank you for your sweet words!

I am afraid I do not remember any song in particular, but a couple of songs that you liked were kind of bland. Next time I will point it out. Promise 🙂

Afraid of flies? Chalo ek aur baat pata chali. Now I have something else I can tease you with.

also of files! 😉

File fever to ham sab ko hota hai. I feel we are all nawabs at heart. We just want to eat drink and be merry. And listen to songs of course, as we are on Atul Song A Day. 🙂

Harveryji, what does baugi mean? I thought Rafi sings “tum kab aaogi”, am I wrong?

you are of course right!
tumko baugi is the how I used to sing in my childhood. 😀

I am must say Harvey is a multifaceted personality. Regarding his choice of songs let us give him his space. My son-in-law likes Yesudas over Rafi. To each is own. Nobody can shake anybody’s beliefs.

Nitinbhai, Rajaji ki sab baatein mat suniyo! Pyar me ye bahut kuch keh jaate hain. 😉
Mane pan Rafi bahu gamiyo che!
Thanks for the space! 

Raja, ab kya likhun? kaise likhun? likhne ke bhi kaabil nahin!
Itne gun kahan se nikale mere bhai?
I am amazed! Just amazed!
Reading it raises me five inches above the ground.
Thank you! You have written so lovingly, I’m moved to tears. Thank you!

Yes, you are a non-conformist and that is why I always feel very comfortable talking to you. I know that I can crack certain jokes with you, without you being offended.

So wonderful of you to remember the parody songs. It was the umbrella song list! That was fun! And then our group on FB. How we used to stick together there for hours! And then the Antaksharis! Lovely! O God! I’m getting nostalgic now!

You remember my love for new recipes and passion for cooking! Tumse kuch chhup bhi sakaa hai? And you remembered “suhaani raat dhak chuki” and “itni haseen itni jawaan raat kya karein”! What to do? I’m like that only. That is why I’m very happy that you chose Rafi’s song for this post. And what a very unusual combination of L-P and Sahir! I heard this song today for the very first time.

I’d great fun reading this post. Just loved reading stuff about me and myself! 😀

*folding my hands and bowing*
Thank you, Dhanyavaad, Shukriya, Danke, Grazie, Gracias!

Congratualtions to all !!
Congratulations Raja Saab and Congratulations Harvey ji 🙂
post to maine subah padh lee thi aur gaana bhi jaana pehchaana tha (kyunki ye to maine hi bheja tha), phir bhi comment likhne mein itni der kyun kar di?
Kyun ki mai bhi post padhne ke baad Harvey ji tarah ‘gadgad’ ho gaya tha aur kya likhoon-kaise likhoon ki ‘udhedboon’ mein tha !
Ek to Harvey ji ka Parichay – phir Raja ji ki Post – Sahir Saab ka gaana aur Kamath Sir ka aashirwad ! mujhe aur kya chaahiye tha ?
Thanks a lot to all of you,and above all thanks to Atul ji for selecting this song. (@ Atul ji – after your first introductory post on Aparna ji immediately remember this song perfectly fits for that ‘idea’ 🙂 and the telepathy has worked again 🙂 )

love the word udhedboon!

The scale of celebrations is increasing day by day. Big thanks to all of you 🙂

Thanks Rajaji for introducing Harveyji and his quality as a true humble human.
Love this series of introduction of a “contributor by a contributor”.
Thanks Atulji. 🙂

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