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Saanjh bhayi ghar aaya panchhi

Posted on: July 10, 2014

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Atul Song-A-Day 10K Song Milestone Celebrations – 11
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These days, we are introducing the regular contributors of the blog to the readers of this blog. We know most of our regulars for several years and we think that we have good information about many of them, but it is only when one begins to write about them that one comes across some unknown facts about our regulars.

Next in the series of our regular contributors, the name that I have taken up for discussion is Vidur Sury.

Vidur Sury is quite a well known name for lovers of old HFM who frequent HFM related sites. One keeps stumbling against articles on internet that are written by Vidur Sury.

When I decided to gather information about Vidur Sury on internet, I found that he is interested not only in old HFM but also in topics like religion, mythology etc. He has quite a few sites under his belt. He writes extremely well researched articles on subjects that interest him.

Many of us know him for his well researched articles on Amirbai Karnataki and these articles have established him as an expert on Amirbai Karnataki. He in fact wrote a series of two articles on Amirbai Karnataki in this blog.

While going through various impressive articles created by him, I came across an information about him that made me fall from my stool (literally of course) :). I am sure the response of other regulars will be no different if they too become aware of this information. I in fact was so surprised that I e mailed Vidur Sury for confirmation.

Reading the articles written by Vidur Sury makes us feel that he must be at least in his 20s if not more and in college. But it turns out that Vidur Sury is just 16-17 years old and a class XII student (Science) ! It means that he was just about 14-15 years old and in class X when he contributed his articles in the blog in 2012 ! And that makes him the youngest contributor to this blog !

The information provided by Vidur Sury in response to my e mail reveals that his hobbies encompass a keen interest in mythology, folk tales, culture, tradition, arts and music. He’s learning Hindustani Classical Vocal and is in his 9th year. He’s quite a passionate artist and singer and plans to publish books related to his interests. Among topics related to film music, he is interested in Indian film music of the 1930s and 1940s, film personalities, film themes and depiction of stories, trends in the style of films and their music, preservation of films and music through filmographies, song lists, audio and video recordings.

Very impressive for any music lover and mind bogglingly impressive for someone so young ! I am totally floored by such details.

The fact that we have youngsters who are interested in old HFM is a very encouraging sign indeed. We all acknowledge him as an expert in old HFM, and that acknowledgement does not get diminished when we come to know that he is a kid of such tender years !

On this occasion, here is a song from “Sanyasi” (1945). This song, the seventh from the movie to appear in the blog is sung by Shyam Kumar. Pt Madhur is the lyricist. Music is composed by Naushad.

This post, the first introduction song of the day is about a song about evening. It is an appropriate song for the occasion because it is indeed evening at this time and panchhi are going to their resting places. These panchhis include some peacocks as well who are dancing, pleased at the fact that it has rained today. 🙂


Song-Saanjh bhayi ghar aaya panchhi (Sanyasi)(1945) Singer-Shyam Kumar, Lyrics-Pt Madhur, MD-Naushad


saanjh bhayi ghar aaya panchhi
bhor bhaye udd jaaaana hai
vipda ?? kiya basera
usko bhi murjhaana hai
saanjh bhayi ghar aaya panchhi
bhor bhaye udd jaaaana hai
vipda pe vipda aati hai ae ae
chot chot par lagti hai
chot chot par lagti hai
toone ae ae
toone jo kuchh uljhaaya hai
tujhko hi suljhaana hai
saanjh bhayi ghar aaya panchhi
bhor bhaye udd jaaaana hai

behri duniya ke kaanon mein ae ae ae
tu apna raag sunaaye ja
tu apna raag sunaaye ja
toote ae ae
toote taaron ki veena se
tujh ko dil behlaana hai
saanjh bhayi ghar aaya panchhi
bhor bhaye udd jaaaana hai

himmat ko mat haar
haan aan aan
bahe ja aandhi aur toofaanon mein
ae ae ae
aandhi aur toofaanon mein
tujhko o o
tujhko apni manzil par hi
apna desh basaana hai
saanjh bhayi ghar aaya panchhi
bhor bhaye udd jaaaana hai

14 Responses to "Saanjh bhayi ghar aaya panchhi"

Congratulations to all…!!!
It was ‘shockingly pleasant’ to know about Vidur ji (yes, i will maintain that) because when i came across his playlists on YT which have all the B/W gems and specially of Noorjehan, i thought he must be like our other senior members. But today i feel very happy because peoples like him preserve our culture and traditions (in music).
Many Congratulations and Best wishes Vidur ji.
@ Atul ji – thanks for the post!
and happy to know ‘door kahin baarish ho rahi hain. 1/2


That place is in Gujarat itself. 🙂


Thanks Atul ji ! but i hv to wait till i reach home to know which places it exactly was. Though i check twitter to get some info but it was flooded with budget,even i call my freind at Amdavad where there was not a ‘single’ drop of rain, and next i do not hv whatsapp, and only thing was i do not check on FB. As soon as i reached home and asked my daughter, she told me it was Rajkot-Saurashtra region and one of our freinds has posted it on FB 🙂
So, well, i hope, may be in a day or two, it will rain in Kachchh…
Baarish ke din … aa gaye hain !


Welcome the youngest Dada of the golden era. He throws the book at the assumption that only the oldies love songs of the 30s to 60s. He is a rare breed and one of a kind. Salaam tujhe Vidur; you are true to your name


2/2 Warna yahaan to ham aasmaan ki ore ‘tak-taki’ lagaakar baithe hain kab baarish hogi?. haan hamaare ilaake mein Mor bahut hain aur unko har roz dekhna bahut achchha lagta hai.
Thanks !


That was a surprise indeed. Thanks for introducing the youngest member of your team. Congrats Vidur. Like to see more of your like.


I know Vidur Sury since about 2 years and was aware of his young age and huge knowledge. In fact I have consulted him several times for confirmation of certain facts and being a very modest and good natured
person he always helped me out.
Another speciality of Vidur Sury is that he is very particular in attaching
the suffix ” Ji ” to every film personality that he talks about or writes about. In a sentence if there are 5-6 names of singers,he would add ” ji ‘ to every name,without fail. This is very praiseworthy.
Indeed he proves the theory that age has nothing to do with ability.


Hullo atulji
Thank u 4 warning b4 introducing vidur duty(ji). It is really nice to know that young people love songs from 40s to 70s. Plus his other interests. Keep it up vidurji
Lovely to ve u in d team.


Sorry for d typo. I meant to write suryji not dutyji. Sorry once again.


How nice to see that such a young boy has such deep interests! Keep it up! And please do come up with more of your pleasant contributions.
Wish you all the best for your future!
Thank you Atul for this heart-warming introduction to our youngest contributor


Amazing Vidur Suri/Sury that at this young age you have profound knowledge of HFM while many of us (at least I, I confess) lack it or have barely scratched the surface. Congratulations! Here is my toast to this young man!!


The youngest contributor!! Vidhur Suri, you are amazing!!! Keep up the good work dear.

I, for the obvious reason connected him to Ava Suri and thought of him to be in the same age group. I was proved totally wrong 😀


I bow to you, Vidurji for your passion and knowledge of HFM at this young age. Thank you for sharing your time with all of us. 🙂 Hope to hear more songs of The Golden Era from you.


I have read and admired extensively, some of his writings. I am amazed to know Vidur is so young. His name reminds me of Vidur, the wisest man of Mahabharat.Being an 80 yr.old I send my blessings.


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