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Jaake bain pyaare pyaare hain

Posted on: July 12, 2014

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Atul Song-A-Day 10K Song Milestone Celebrations – 13
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When this blog began in 2008, there were very few visitors and hardly any comments. Everyone needs encouragement, and a blog like this was in sore need of visitors.

If you are into blogging, then there are so many online articles that tell you how to increase your traffic. 🙂 One advise was to comment on similar blogs.

My first regular visitors were those whom I knew from my cricket forum days, namely Raja and Shalini. The next batch of regulars became aware of this blog when Memsaab became aware of it and wrote a flattering article on this blog. This was a big shot in the arm as I received several visitors from Memsaab’s blog.

While a few of them began to post comments immediately (viz from november 2008 onwards), one of them posted her first comment after waiting and watching for nearly a month. She posted her comment on the 300th post of the blog. She wrote

Atul, I have enjoyed reading your blogs and listening to the songs. Rafi has been my favorite singer and I was wondering if you had included his song “Kehdo koi na kare yahan pyar” in any of your categories. It feels like this would be a song about betrayal of one’s love. I don’t know which movie this song is from. Another one I can think of is “daaman mein daag laga baithe hum pyar mein dhokha kha baithe” from Dhool ka Phool, again about betrayal. Both are great Rafi songs, sung with a lot of emotion.

She was Lalitha, who debuted in the blog on 4 december 2008 with the above comment.
She had given her first two farmaishes in that post.

Then she posted two comments on 6 december 2008 for the two songs which were posted on her farmaish. Seeing that her farmaishes were met so promptly, she began to give more farmaishes for songs.

Soon She and Raja began to compete to give lots of farmaishes. 🙂 If I wanted to post quality songs, then all I needed to do was to go through the list of songs and begin posting them. 🙂

There was this iconic qawwali from “Barsaat Ki Raat” that made her comment on 11 december 2008.

This song is the greatest! I can remember this song from my childhood days, and we used to sing this without even knowing what the word Ishq meant, but we knew that this was a great song. How I miss those days with songs by Rafi and Asha and Manna Dey! Thanks for the song.

And this comment on the “Chaudhvin Ka Chaand” song:

Thanks for the song. My dad used to sing it to my mother, and it still brings tears to my eyes!

So, it can be seen that these songs were making her go down memory lane, taking the rest of us with her, and we were savouring the experience. And she in her comments were giving information about other great songs that needed to be included in the blog.

It was through her comments that we began to get to know her.

And this is the most suitable tribute to this “wahaan kaun hai tera musaafir jaayega kahaan (Guide) song that I have ever come across:

This song moved me to tears today. I have always enjoyed this song, but now it is even more meaningful to me. When I return to India for visits, which is a rarity these days, I am reminded of the fact that my mother is not there any more to welcome me, and there is no one else who is waiting to see me, and the words “nain bichaye na koi, dard se tere koi na tadpa” aptly sum up my feelings. I do not mean to sound unhappy, but unless there is a parent or dear one waiting for one’s arrival, it ends up being just another trip. Thank you for the song.

And this comment on the song Nanhi kali sone chali:

What a beautiful song! I used to sing this song to my children when they were little and they still remember this song, or at least they say they do! Geeta Dutt’s voice is like silk, it just flows so softly. It was good to see the scene because it makes the experience even more meaningful.

Lalitha had the knack of making us nostalgic through her heartwarming comments.

It was through her comments that we began to learn about her. It turned out that she was mostly brought up in North India despite being born in a South Indian family because her father has a trasferrable job. She stayed in places like Nagpur, Lucknow, New Delhi etc. Her stay in North made her take to Hindi movie songs in a big way. In fact, almost every song that she knew made her remember the place where she would have heard the song in the past. For instance, she recalls listening to the song “Dam dam diga diga” at Nainital:

What a beautiful song! It makes me want to dance and laugh at the same time. I remember hearing it on a wet, rainy day in Nainital, sitting with my mother and looking at the lake from our room. Thanks for this and other songs which have been reviving such beautiful memories for me.

Lalitha has some personal memories associated with lots of songs of 1950s and 1960s in her younger days.

Here is what she has to share about her musical days of yore

Those childhood years were the reason for my obsession with Hindi film songs, to the extent that I would sometimes be scribbling down the lyrics to songs on scraps of paper, which would be hidden inside the pages of my school books, so that my parents would be under the impression that I was dutifully doing my homework!

During my college years, I had a couple of friends with whom I used to play Antakshari in Hindi class, where we would be writing down the lyrics of the first couple of lines of songs, instead of taking down notes on Jhansi ki Rani, or Surdas! Hmmm, remind me never to let my children or grandchildren know about this blog!

She became a college student in early 1970s in Madras (now Chennai). These are her memories of those days:

my college years were spent in Madras, or Chennai as it is known now, while my parents were stationed in Calcutta, and later Delhi, and I rejoined them briefly in Bangalore, before I started working. Once I embarked on my career, I used to find myself flush with funds, and living in the Y, in places where the only source of recreation on the weekends used to be –movies, sometimes two movies in a single weekend! It soon reached a point where my colleagues noticed that I could be seen at the theaters every weekend, and they would be laying bets on which movie I would be watching the next weekend, and so on. I did make it a point to visit the local temples on Saturday mornings, though, so I could report dutifully to my parents in my weekly letters about the visits to the temples, and about some of the movies, not all!

She lost track of contemporary songs from late 1970s onwards as can be expected and she pointed out that she was not aware of many hugely popular songs of those days because she had her hands full playing the role of a wife and mother those days. She tells us that her husband, in his college days used to represent Delhi university as a wicket keeper batsman, a la Farokh Engineer (and now Dhoni).:)

Now she is a grandmother as well. And she finds being a grandmother as much of a full time job as being a mother.

Just like people born in 1970s and later are “bachche” in the book of my wife, people born in 1960s and later are “bachche” in the books of Lalitha ji. 🙂 In fact, she has described me a too young in one of her past comments. 🙂

Her comments on the blog have become lesser in the past because of personal reasons, including the demise of her father. But she is still somewhat active on facebook.

In honour of Lalitha, here is a rare song from “”Bilwamangal” (1954). This song is sung by Suraiyya and C H Atma. D N Madhok is the lyricist. Music is composed by Bulo C Rani.

This song is “rare” because of the word “bain” being reported as “nain” in all sources. Apparantly HFGK describes this song as “jaake nain pyaare pyaare hain” and all sources have faithfully copied this. As a result, people search for this song typing that phrase and the searches draw blank. If the word “nain” is replaced with “bain” then this song can be found. That is how I managed to discovere this “rare” song.

HFGK apparently describes this as a Suraiyya solo and the other sources likewise have aped the same information. In reality, this song is a duet which is sung by Suraiyya and C H Atma as can be noticed on listening to the song.

With this song, one more Suraiyya song gets added to the blog.

Song-Jaake bain pyaare pyaare hain (Bilwamangal)(1954) Singer-Suraiyya, Lyrics-D N Madhok, MD-Bulo C Rani
Suraiyya + C H Atma


jaake bain pyaare pyaare hain
jaake nain matwaare hain
jaake bain pyaare pyaare hain
jaake nain matwaare hain
jaake kajre ki dori
man har lewe jora jori
wahi morey shyaam
wahi morey shyaam
wahi morey shyaam
wahi morey shyaam
wahi morey shyaam

chinta(?) ke do roop hain aen
tu kis pe lalchaaye
jeewan baati jal gayi ee ee
phir kaun patanga aaye
saare jag mein bas ik naam
jisko nahin fana se kaam
wahi morey shyaam
wahi morey shyaam
wahi morey shyaam
wahi morey shyaam
wahi morey shyaam
jaake bain pyaare pyaare hain
jaake nain matwaare hain
jaake kajre ki dori
man har lewe jora jori
wahi morey shyaam
wahi morey shyaam
wahi morey shyaam
wahi morey shyaam
wahi morey shyaam

ginti ke kuchh saans hain aen
jinka jeewan naam
kaun kahe kis saans par
ruke jeev ka chaam
jab lag chale jeev ka chaam
bhaj le praani hari ka naam
wahi morey shyaam
wahi morey shyaam
wahi morey shyaam
wahi morey shyaam
wahi morey shyaam

jaake bain pyaare pyaare hain
jaake nain matwaare hain
jaake kajre ki dori
man har lewe jora jori
wahi morey shyaam
wahi morey shyaam
wahi morey shyaam
wahi morey shyaam
wahi morey shyaam


9 Responses to "Jaake bain pyaare pyaare hain"

Is BC Rani singing at end with Suraiya

I thought I knew Hindi fairly well, having studied it in school, but while I could get the drift of this song, I’d really love it if someone who knows idiomatic Hindi very well would translate this song and explain the words used and their contextual meanings. Thanks!

Ah, intro to Lalitha. 🙂 Lovely to read. 🙂

I remember those early days all too well. 🙂 Her farmaishes used to always make me feel just a bit less guilty. as I used to put in 10 song-farmaishes ahd hope I was not hogging the farmaishes space. 🙂

Congratulations to all 🙂
Congratulations to Lalitha ji and our best wishes too !
@ Atul ji – thanks for introducing us to Lalitha ji. A lovely post. and i would say ‘ aap ke bhi ‘bain’ bahut hi pyaare hain, isiliye to ham aap ke deewaane hain 🙂
And Congratulations on finding this rare song of Suraiyya ji. Like the song too !

Thank for introducing Lalithaji. Thanks too for the wonderful song.

Thank you for introducing Lalithaji to us chronologically…. recently i find her activity has increased on FB…. Missing u here Lalithaji… please make a come back….

Thanks Atulji for introducing Lalithaji, one of the passionate fan of this blog. Hope to see her regular comments on the blog. 🙂

Atulji, thanks for introducing Lalithaji.

Lalithaji, I miss your heart-felt comments in the blog, please come back.

Sorry Atul ji, but link of this song is also required.

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