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Reshmi dupatta tera dil liye jaaye mera

Posted on: July 13, 2014

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We in this blog have more than twenty contributors. They are all diehard music enthusiasts. It is easy to assume that they eat music, drink music and live music. But in reality they are multifaceted personalities who have specialised in some other field. Music is a passion for them and they manage to find considerable time for this inspite of their preoccupation in their field of specialisation.

I thought that I knew a great deal about Nitin Shah, but when I asked him to share information about himself, he revealed several new and interesting facts about him that I was not awrae of.

Based on the information provided by him as well as the information available in this blog, here are some details about Nitin Shah.

A classmate got Nitin Shah addicted to story books and movies when he was in the eighth class. As a result, he enhanced his knowledge of English and movies a great deal. But alas ! his studies suffered.

While Nitin Shah was waiting for the results of his SSC examination, he decided to try his luck as a lyricist in Hindi movies. 🙂 He wrote 10 filmi songs and went to Rajindra Krishan to show him the songs. Surprisingly he was not at all nervous despite being just 16 years of age at that time. Rajinder Krishan liked most of them. However he said that they write lyrics as per situation. So Nitin Shah requested him to give a situation. Rajinder Krishan gave him the song situation: two lovers are madly in love. She becomes pregnant and the boy leaves the girl in the lurch. She sings a song in agony and grief. Nitin Shah said with false bravado that he would come up with the song in 2 days; which he somehow managed.

He came up with the following lyrics:

kisi ka yoon armaan kuchalna munaasib nahin hai
yeh meri kamnaseebi hai mera naseeb nahin hai

toone mere kokh ki ruswaai karke mitaaya hai suhaag
abb to bujhaaye nahin bujhti mere dil ki aag

har mod pe suqoon diya hamne raah e zindagi mein
aaj maaloom hua kitni hai zafa aadmi mein

pehle mile thhe ham main choor thhi teri yaad mein
abb wahi dukhiya abhaagan choor hai nashaad mein

toone saath rehne ka mujhse kiya thha vaada
abb na jaane kaise badal gaya tera iraada

Rajinder Krishan liked the lyrics immensely. He asked who was his guru!!! He advised Nitin Shah to go to Ravi with the lyrics. Nitin Shah asked for a recommendation letter from him for Ravi. Rajinder Krishan refused. “Just tell him my name”- Rajinder Krishan told Nitin Shah. On meeting Ravi, Ravi informed the budding lyricist that he accepted songs only from established writers. This turned out to be a career altering episode for the young aspirant. He resolved then and there to stop chasing the mirage of lyrics writing and concentrate on studies.

When the results of SSC were out, Nitin Shah was in for a rude shock. He had failed in maths in his SSC examination !

Doing poorly in one’s final examination is considered a disaster for one’s career in India and most people get reconciled to the view that one is doomed after that. But not Nitin Shah. Disregarding the advise of all that he should take Arts or Commerce in college (after passing in SSC ofcourse), he insisted on taking Science and did just that. He improved his maths by visiting library and taking the help of academically brilliant class mates. This hard work paid off. He did pretty well in Maths at Inter Science and got admission in the College of Engg, Pune. People in that Engineering college used to consult him in maths ! Later, he taught maths to several people who dreaded this subject and made them fall in love with the subject by teaching it in an interesting manner.

Nitin Shah is one of the rare breed who, despite failing in maths in SSC went on to become BE Electrical which has considerable content of applied maths like Calculus etc in that course.

His advise for students (learnt the hard way through his personal experiences) is:

a) I have always felt that when we read it is written in the RAM but if you write it gets written in the hard disk.
b) Go on writing. If you just read your fingers will writhe in pain of continuous 3 hours writing during the exam
c) Study the chapter before it is taught in the class so you are confident of asking questions in the class; teachers will appreciate.
d) All scholars complete the Maths and Science syllabus during the summer vacation so it becomes easy meat during the year.
e) If you study well you can complete your answer sheets before 15 golden minutes during which you can re-read/revise and correct the mistakes (bound to be there) and gain say 5 marks which otherwise teacher would have deducted 5 marks; net loss 10 marks.

Coming to his passion for music, he likes old songs. But unlike others, he preferes lesser known songs that failed to become popular rather than the well known songs. And he wants to know all the details of the song, viz. singers, lyricists, music directors etc.

He loves to sing songs whenever/wherever possible at home; also where people do not know him like in train, bus or while driving. And that has enabled him to make friends in that process.

He in fact liked NFS even more than the HFM.

Nitin Shah joined the blog as a lyrics contributor in march 2012, more than one year after lyrics contribution by regulars became a practice in the blog. And in just over two years, he has become a prolific lyrics sender. He sends lyrics in bunches, and he follows his own modus operandi. He notices the trend of songs being posted and sends lyrics accordingly. For instance, if I am posting Geeta Dutt songs or Suraiyya songs, then he colllects all Geeta Dutt songs or Suraiyya songs in one word file and sends them to me. This has proved especially useful for me. After we reached Suraiyya’s 200th song in five years, I decided to post the remaining 100 plus Suraiyya songs at a faster clip. Nitin Shah sent me a big collection of Suraiyya songs and it turned out to be enormously handy for me. Now we have reached a stage where 290 plus Suraiyya songs have been discussed and only a few rare Suraiyya songs are left to be covered.

If a few songs from some movies have been discussed then Nitin Shah promptly sends the lyrics of the remaining songs of those movies. This has helped a great deal in covering all songs of movies in the blog.

Nitin Shah, like a few other regulars, has managed to meet a few other regulars as well. Here is what he has to say about his meeting with Khyati Bhatt:

I met Khyati Bhat in May who came to San Diego where I was staying all the way from LA driving 100 miles with her husband who is a pediatrician. Great couple. Khyatiben wondered how I am able to write so many lyrics. I told her all the slow songs I write while listening. Faster ones takes time. I showed by book listing all songs (first line) from 1930-1969 which are yet to be posted and sent to Atul. Jagdishbhai sang a Talat number from Aaram- muhabat hi na jo samjhe wo zalim pyar kya jaane impeccably.

He has also met Bharat Upadhyay, and the details of his meeting with Bharat Upadhyay follows in the next article.

Here is a song from “Lady Robinhood” (1959). This rare song is sung by Mahendra Kapoor and Suman Kalyanpur. Aziz Kashmiri is the lyricist. Music is composed by Sardul Kwatra.

Only the audio of this song is available. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of this song.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Nitin Shah.

Song-Reshmi dupatta tera dil liye jaaye mera (Lady Robinhood)(1959) Singers-Mahendra Kapoor, Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics-Aziz Kashmiri, MD-Sardul Kwatra

Lyrics(Provided by Nitin Shah)

Reshmi dupatta tera
dil liye jaaye mera
naagan jaisi chaal goriye
zara poochh le dil ka
hoye poochh le dil ka haal goriye

reshmi kameez teri
sone ki taabeez teri
mast gulaabi rang sajna
mohe le chal apne
oye le chal apne sang sajna

o o o o
mera des shahar patiala
jahaan jana ?? dilwaala
main mar gayi
aana sambhal ke

o o o o
main mard bada dilwaala
tera dekhoon shahar patiala
o gori ankhiyon se chal ke

sun le duhaai meri
thhaam le kalaai meri
mast gulabi rang sajna
mohe le chal apne
oye le chal apne sang sajna

o reshmi dupatta tera
dil liye jaaye mera
naagan jaisi chaal goriye
zara poochh le dil ka
hoye poochh le dil ka haal goriye

o o o o
sun baat meri albele
iss pyaar mein laakh jhamele
main mar gayi
fansna nahin

o o o o
tu qasam jaan ki le le
hum sada jaan pe khele
o gori marenge yahin

o dil hai ghulam tera
honthon pe hai naam tera
mast gulaabi rang sajna
mohe le chal apne
oye le chal apne sang sajna

18 Responses to "Reshmi dupatta tera dil liye jaaye mera"

Nitin bhai,

I am going to cut out your advice to students and make my son read it.

Your story is so interesting, and so inspirational.

God Bless You.


Thanks. One must not give up till you succeed.


Congratulations to all !!
Congratulations to Shah Saheb !
Thanks Atul ji for the post !
As Ava ji has said, an interesting and truly inspirational story. Maths has been a very dreaded subject even now for me, and i try to avoid if my daughters have any query in that.
But, to overcome the weakness and improving in that and later on becoming Master in that subject is really a great inspirational story.
(as far as this song is concerned, i am listening this first time) 🙂


Thanks. You should not dread Maths. The more you run away from Maths; it will run away from you at double the speed. If I may advise you: Decide from which standard you felt Maths was difficult say 4th Std.. Buy Maths 4th text book. You will be surprised how easy it is now. Solve few illustrative problems and few question of each chapter. In a month you can master the book. Do the same for next Std. In 6 months you can be ready for SSC exams!!!Thereafter you can teach your daughters with confidence.
Maths is nothing but practice and more practice. Students read the problem and make silly mistakes like 2 +2=5. I give them the example of cricketers. Why they play day in and day out, attend conditioning camp, net practices before the match. Do they not
know to bat? They can afford to make mistakes in the nets. They practise because during the Test they know one error and there is no going back.


Thanks, i shall try for this ..


Nitin ji,

I am overwhelmed with your determination to win over the weaknesses. My respect for you has increased manyfolds after reading the above post.
I wish you all the best . I will also remember the help you extended to me in case of getting Song links and Lyrics for some of my series here.The important thing was it came on your own.
You are in Mumbai and I do hope to meet you sometime here,at your convinience and initiative.


Thanks. I shall meet you shortly.


Nitin ji,
Indeed your story is inspirational. I read out your story and your advice to my son who is in the final year of his college. Such example will give them the impetus to work hard and achieve, what they think, was beyond them.
Thanks for the introduction on Nitin ji.
Thanks for the nice song too.


Pleased to be of some help to your son. Best of Luck. Thanks


Atul Ji,
Thanks for this write up & your kind turn to Nitin Ji.
Nitin Ji, my salutes.
K S Shenoy


Thanks Shenoyji.


You have rightly introduced Nitinbhai. I was fortunate to spend few hours with him when he was in San Diego in month of May. I was truly amazed by his knowledge and compassion for HFM. Like you have said, I have seen his just few documents in which he has compiled songs of hard to find gems and he is very organized with his collection. You just say a song and he would find it in his collection in few seconds.
it was a great pleasure to meet a person who is so dedicated and devoted to HFM. Wish I could spend some more time and get more in depth info about the rare gems. May be next time. 🙂 Convey my regards to Bhabhi.


Thanks. It was real pleasure to meet you and Jagdishbhai in person. I appreciate your compassion and concern towards the kids and their psychology. Great. Thanks for the time and effort.


NIthinji, your enthusiasm for HFM, learning blows me. Hats off to you sir.

Hope you will continue to share the rare gems that are in your possession. Can I request you to send me the lyrics when I zero-in on a song to present in the blog?

Thank you once again and thanks to Atulji.


Please send in your request for lyrics. Thanks


thank you Nitinji 🙂


Nitin-ji, what an excellent combination, maths and poetry!!! Your story should inspire others The post is also very interesting. Many thanks


Thanks for the appreciative words.


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