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Pyaar karte hain ham tumhe itna

Posted on: July 15, 2014

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I fondly remember my radio playing this song during the afternoons of my summer vacations (in our old rented house, and in the morning Radio farmaish programmes and during the late night, 11`clock Mumbai Vividh bharati programme “Bela ke phool”. This song belongs to my growing years; therefore I do have many fond memories of this song . Though it was not that badly picturised, the listening pleasure is more than that of watching it. If one hears this duet, in my personal opinion, it does have soothing effect on listeners.

Both Navin Nishchal and Neelam Mehra (on whom this duet was picturised) are not my favourites, but still I like to listen to this song.

Navin Nishchol, I think does not need introduction, but Neelam Mehra does. She used to appear in many Horror movies during that era. Even this movie was a horror movie directed by Ramsay brothers. The story revolves around a hotel built in the place of old graveyard and the eerie happenings there. This Movie consists of all types of Hindi Horror movie masalas like ghastly ghost masked men, cheap comedians, villains, love plot between City lad and village belle, club songs and whatever you need for titillation purpose. If my memory serves me right, this song is a flashback song, in which Navin Nishchol starts remembering his lady love and himself singing amidst of Mysore Brindavan Gardens. ( The lady later marries Narendranath in the movie. I hope I am getting it right. If I am wrong please correct me)

This movie Hotel(1981)features another nice duet sung by Amit Kumar and Alka Yagnik(one of her firsts) picturised on Bindiya Goswami and Rakesh Roshan ->”Dekho pyaar mein aissa nahin karte, duniyawaalon se kabhi nahin darte” and a solo(sung separately by Usha Khanna herself and Amit Kumar)”Jeena hai toh jee bhar hans lo”.

Manhar`s voice was mainly used by Kalyanji Aanndji during the initial phase of Manhar`s career and also afterwards. Kalyanji Anandji also used him for their Feroze Khan movie compositions. Later on, Usha Khanna used his voice extensively in his ” Aap toh aisse na the” phase. Laxmikant Pyarelal also used his voice in their Subhash Ghai Movie musical compositions. In the “Hero“ phase of his career, Manhar lent his voice to Jackie Shroff in many of his movies.

Bappi Lahiri, Ram Laxman, R.D.Burman, S.D.Burman, Sapan Jagmohan, Chitragupt, Nadeem Shravan, Viju Shah, Ram Kadam, Anand Milind also used his voice .

I liked Manhar Udhas`s voice more in Duet songs (though he is good in solo songs also)
Here I have listed Some of the notable duets sung by him:

SN Song Movie Co-singers Music Director
1 loote koi mann ka nagar Abhiman Lata S.D.Burman
2 aapse hamko bichhde huye Vishwas Hemlata Kalyanji Anandji
3 Har janam mein hamaaraa milan Kagaz ki nao Asha Bhosle Sapan Jagmohan
4 Hum na rahenge, tum na rahogey Jaan Haazir hai Dilraj kaur,Amit Kumar Jai Kumar Parte
5 Hum tumhein chaahte hain aisse Qurbani Kanchan Kalyanji Anandji
6 Pyaar karnewaale kabhi Hero Lata Laxmikant Pyarelal
7 Har kissiko nahin miltaa Janbaaz Sadhana Sargam Kalyanji Anandji
8 Jeena hai toh jeena hai,marna hai Jawab-1985 Anuradha Paudwal Laxmikant Pyarelal
9 Hum tere bin kahin jee nahin paate Sadak Anuradha Paudwal Nadeem Shravan
10 Gali gali mein phirtaa hai tu kyon Tridev Alka Yagnik Viju Shah
11 Tera naam liyaa Ram lakhan Anuradha Paudwal Laxmikant Pyarelal
12 Aur nahin kuchch tumse kehnaa Amrit-1986 Anuradha Paudwal Laxmikant Pyarelal
13 Aye sahib ye teek nahin Khalnaayak Alka Yagnik Laxmikant Pyarelal
14 Jaan o meri jaan Jaan(1996) Alka Yagnik Anand Milind

And what can I write about Asha ji voice?

Usha Khanna created magic with this duet. This song is one of my all time favourite. Not that much of great lyrics, but Indeewar`s words still touches my heart, whenever I listen to this one.

The lyrics of this song was written and sent to Atul ji long back (one of the first few song lyrics I had sent to Atul ji) I thought now I should do something about the written lyrics of this song and thought of writing a few lines about the song. That`s why I have written the post:) Whether one can call these lines a post. I don`t know! Whether these lines can be summed up as a post. It is up to you guys. I jotted down whatever came on my mind. Hope you guys put up with my irregular lines or thoughts.

On the occasion of reaching 10000 songs of the blog, I am re-forwarding this post( I had previously emailed this post to Atulji, but again(with minor changes at the end of the post) pushing this post for this special occasion as I am not very much good in writing posts and my writing requires a lot of fine tunning and requires a lot of time, I have started writing this post from more or less 10 months)

This blog is very …..much close to my heart,(Belive me,really I am at loss of words while writing this line, I am very bad/poor at expressing my feelings)

I think the lyrics of this duet sums up my feeling towards my dear ones at the blog, “Pyaar karte hain hum , tumhein itnaa, ……………..”

On this very special occasion, my all-time favourite duet is dedicated to my precious friends in the blog, who continue to gave me the strength to live my life.

Video link:

Audio link:

Song-Pyaar karte hain ham tumhe itna(Hotel)(1981) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Manhar Udhas, Lyrics-Indeewar, Md-Usha Khanna

Lyrics (Provided by Prakashchandra)

pyaar karte hain hum tumhein itnaa
pyaar karte hain hum tumhein itnaa aaa
do aankhein toh kyaa
do jahaan mein samaaye na jitna aa
pyaar karte hain hum ,tumhein itnaaa
do aankhein toh kya do jahaan mein samaaye na jitna..aa
pyaar karte hain hum, tumhein……. itnaa

dil mein kab tak karoge basseraa aaaa
dil mein kab tak karoge basseraa
saath kab tak na chhodoge meraa

dharti chhode na suraj ka pheraa
saath chhodenge yoon hum na tera aaa
pyaar karte hain hum tumhein itnaa….
do aankhein toh kya
do jahaan mein samaaye na jitna aaa aaa
pyaar karte hain hum ,tumhein…. itnaaa

zindagi ka tumhi ho iraadaa
zindagi ka tumhi ho iraadaa
yaad rakhoge kya tum ye vaadaa

nahin bhoolenge hum tumein aisse
dil na bhoole dhadaknaa jaise ae
pyaar karte hain hum, tumhein itna aaaa
do aankhein toh kya
do jahaan mein samaaye na jitnaa aa
pyaar karte hain hum ,tumhein…. itnaa

jeete hain hum tumhaare sahaare
jeete hain hum tumhaare sahaare
din guzarte hain kaisse tumhaare

ab judaai na seh paayenge hum
tumse bichhde toh mar jaayenge hum
pyaar karte hain hum tumhein itnaa
do aankhein toh kya
do jahaan mein samaaye na jitna aaa
pyar karte hain hum tumhein….itnaa

6 Responses to "Pyaar karte hain ham tumhe itna"

@ Prakash ji – very nice ‘ dil- se ‘ post ! thanks for taking us back to Radio days and yes specially for reminding the ‘ Bela ke Phool’.
i hv not watched this movie, but this song under discussion and the duet mentioned were frequently heard.
And believe me ‘ ham bhi aap se utna hi pyaar karte hain- haan ‘do jahaan mein samaaye na jitna…’ 🙂 thanks !


Yes, I remember Neelam Mehra. I did not watch too many horror films, as I used to get scared very easily when I was a kid. I was so scared during a screening of Kohra, that my uncle had to take me home mid-way. Although that movie was not really scary.

But the song is very pretty no doubt. How good of you to make a list of Manhar songs. He was more often used in multi-cast songs, I think.


PCji, very nice post, please keep writing. You write with heart and that matters a lot!


Lovely song.
He also sang in : Naam, Khusboo, Jai Vikrant, Dayavaan, Sajan, Mohra, Admi Khilona Hai, Ek Hi Rasta; Malik Ek, Adharam, Sasta Dulha Mehanga Dulha, Bazigar, Thanedar, Ghaat, Ashiyan, Ghar Me Ram Gali Me Shyam, Bahar Aane Tak, Shaan, Gawahi, Phir teri Kahani Yaad Aayi, Maan Gaye Mughl e Azam, Yeh Dillagi, Salami, Beta,


Prakash ji
Thanks for the nice song and post.


Thanks, Prakashchandraji, for a nice write-up and for bringing Manhar Udhas a bit into the limelight.

One of my favourite songs by him is “Har janam mein hamara milan” (Kaagaz ki Nao), a song that you have mentioned. I saw this movie when I was a young boy (probably not even a teenager) and this song stuck in my head. It was a beautifully composed song, with lovely picturisation too of Raj Kiran and Sarika.

I haven’t seen this movie Hotel, from which you’ve posted this song but maybe I should. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a Hindi horror movie. 🙂


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