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Brahma o brahma

Posted on: July 15, 2014

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Atul Song-A-Day 10K Song Milestone Celebrations – 21
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In our series of introducing the regular contributors on the eve of 10,000th song, here is the next contributor- Prakashchandra!

Prakashchandra is one of our Karnataka based regulars. But while many of our Karnataka regulars are based at Bangalore, he is located in a more down to earth location, viz Udupi, a place that lends its name to the famous cuisine that is simply known by the name of Udupi, viz Udupi cuisine served in Udupi restaurants.

As far as we are concerned, we know this place because of Prakashchandra. 🙂

Prakashchandra discovered the blog sometime in mid 2010. In the beginning he would give lots and lots of farmaishes for songs which was the standard way of trying to get songs posted in the blog.

While many of his farmaishes were for well known songs, some of these farmaishes were for rare songs.

There was a rare song that Prakashchnadra got to listen to only once in six months or so on radio. He gave us details of the song and those songs were discovered and discussed, much to the glee of Prakashchandra. “Watching” his happiness on being able to listen to a rare song is a rewarding experience for the rest of us, and especially so for those who helped unearth those songs. Here is that rare song. Others too enjoyed listening to this rare gem.

It was in early 2011 that the concept of sending lyrics was pioneered by atif M. Others followed this lead too. Prakashchandra was among the others who quickly graduated to the ranks of lyrics senders.

He made his first email contact with me on 3 april 11, when he enquired how to send his lyrics contributions.

He Sent his first lyrics on 8 april 2011. His first contribution appeared on 10 april 2011 which was O mitwa badra chhaaye re(Maan Jaaiye)(1972)

He had in fact sent the lyrics of another song alongwith the above song, but that other song from “Mrig Trishna” (1975) appeared on 28 june 2011 after a considerable gap. After that day, the lyrics sent by Prakashchandra began to appear regularly on the blog and he soon became the most prolific lyrics contributor in the blog.

The lyrics that Prakashchandra sends are chosen carefully and lovingly, like how one may hand pick the finest pieces of coffee beans for premium coffee (as was depicted in a TV advertisement).

The lyrics contributed by him cover many genres, from melancholic to happy, from bhajan and “bhaartiya naari” songs to “mujra songs” as well as “Helen” songs, “boat” song to “car” songs, semi classical songs to “western” songs, “separation” song to “get together” songs, inspirational songs-Prakashchandra has shared classy songs on all these genres and then some. The songs shared by him range from well known popular songs to songs that few people knew about.

There are songs that I heard a lot in my younger days and liked them, only to forget all about them. Prakashchandra has a wonderful knack of rediscovering such forgotten gems. Some examples being Pyaas liye manwa hamaare ye tarse (Mere Bhaiyya)(1972), Chhed mere hamraahi geet koi aisa (Mastaana)(1970), Jaane kya ho jaaye (Aaina)(1974), Ae bas ab tarsaana chhodo (Sansaar)(1971), Thhoda sa aitbaar keejiye (Chowkidaar)(1974) etc.

The lyrics sent by Prakashchandra also include details of the movie including producer, director and actors appearing in the movie. In case the movie is a remake (or inspired one) then Prakashchandra shares the details of the original movie as well.

I am not able to accomodate all his contributions and a heavy backlog of his unposted contributions is still lying in my email account. Thankfully emails these days allow several GBs of storage. 🙂

Prakashchandra keeps a list of all contributions not yet published. He sends me the list of these songs on special occassions (like anniversaries of artists, festivals etc) where these songs could find use. And it must be said that Prakashchandra kept a careful watch over these anniversaries and festivals.

Once he sent a contribution on the occasion of “karva chauth”. I became aware of the festival quite late in the evening and posted that song quite late. Lalitha has a field day teasing the two of us telling us that missing this date meant that neither of us had joined our spouses in observing “karva chauth”. 🙂

In the earlier days, Prakashchandra was not aware how to post smilies and how to include video links. Once he was shown how to do that, he began using video links in his contributions and comments to great effect.

Based on my interactions with him, Prakashchandra appears quite systematic and thorough. He listens to video as well as audio versions of the song and points out differences in lyrics in the two versions. For him finding an additional stanza of a song is like discovering gold dust. He remembers having listened to additional stanzas in songs that no longer contain these stanzas. Thanks to this lead, I am sometimes able to successfully hunt for the full version of the song, and then Prakashchandra is thrilled like a child on listening to the full song again after several years.

Apart from lyrics contributions, his informative comments on songs are invaluable and worth their weight in gold. We in this blog are adding authentic and invaluable information related to HFM and Prakashchnadra is a major contributor in this area. He keeps adding to his formidable knowledge by looking for additional information about HFM.

I am a silent admirer of Prakashchandra’s knowledge and I can tell that he has got several admirers in the blog as well as in other places. For instance, if one wants to identify the actors in a picturisation, Prakashchandra is the best person for that. I recall that some visitors in another site were wondering about the actors in the picturisation. I identified them (with the help of Prakashchandra). If Prakashchandra says it, then it is final- was the verdict of the people in that site !

I can tell from my interactions with Prakashchandra that he is a man of great patience and dedication and one who silently goes about his work without blowing his own trumpet. Described as Kasturi Mrig by a regular, one who is not aware of his own abilities.

He is a big fan of S Janaki and also of Mausami Chatterji.

On this occasion, here is one song out of many that Prakashchandra has sent to me in the past. This song is from “Shaadi Ke Baad”(1972). This movie was directed by L V Prasad for Ravi Shankar Films and was presented by Prasad Productions Private limited. The movie had Jeetendra, Raakhee, Shathrughna Sinha, Master Satyajeet ,Paintal, Naaz, Asrani, Shyama, Tabassum, C.S.Dubey, Viju Khote, Shekhar Purohit, V.Gopal, Leela Mishra, Aruna Roy, Jugnu Jain, Randhawa, Deepak, Pandurang Benare etc in it.

The song is sung by Lata and Manna Dey. The song is picturised as a stage performance song. Master Satyajit plays a devotee and paintal plays Lord Brahma in this picturisation. A young girl plays Master Satyajit’s wife. I request our knowledgeable readers to help identify the girl.

Anand Bakshi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal.


Song-Brahma o brahma deva ho deva (Shaadi Ke Baad)(1972) Singers-Lata, Manna Dey, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

brahmaa o brahmaa
devaa ho devaa
brahmaa o brahmaa
devaa ho devaa

brahmaa o brahmaa
devaa ho devaa
de de ik naari sundar si
brahmaa o brahmaa
devaa ho devaa
de de ek naari sundar si
mujhe dulhaa banaa
meri shaadi karaa
din raat main tere gunn gaaoongaa
biwi ke bin nahin toh ek din
main khhaa ke zehar mar jaaoongaa aaa
brahmaa o brahmaa
devaa ho devaa
de de ik naari sundar si

hirnee si chaal ho
resham se baal
resham se baal hon
phoolon se gaal
dekhein jahaan
hoke hairaan
sunn ho bhagwaan
chanchal ho aissi
ho pariyon jaissi
mere honewaale bachchon ke
brahmaa o brahmaa
devaa ho devaa
de de ik naari sundar si
brahmaa o brahmaa
devaa ho devaa
brahmaa o brahmaa
devaa ho devaa

teri binti sunn lee maine
sunn o brahmchaari
tere liye main leke aayaa ye sundar naari
teri binti sunn lee maine
sunn o brahmchaari
tere liye main leke aayaa ye sundar naari
ye ang sang tere dolegi
kabhi aagey se nahin bolegi
tu dekhtaa hi reh jaayegaa
jab gori ghoonghat kholegi
khoob karegi teri sewaa
praanon se pyaari
tere liye main leke aayaa ye sundar naari

jai ho prabhu
jab tak jee mein jaan hai bhagwan
tujhko yaad karoongaa
ik din mein sau baar main teraa
dhanyawaad karoongaa aaa
brahmaa o brahmaa
devaa ho devaa
brahmaa o brahmaa
devaa ho devaa

o gori

zaraa ghoonghat toh khol
zaraa mukh se toh bol
gori ghoonghat toh khol
zaraa mukh se toh bol
main hoon teraa ghulaam
kyaa hai ri teraa naam
kyaa hai teraa naam ?
apne preetam ke saath
nahin ki ek baat
tere sar ki kasam
aissi bhi kyaa sharam
arree khaanaa kharaab
kuchch toh de jawaab

tu hai goongi ?
arrey arrey chal hatt pare

o bhagwaan
karte ho mazaak apne bhakton se
ye toh maati kaa butt hai
isse jaan de de
iss bezubaan ko zubaan de de

munh se kuchch na kahe toh achchi baat hai
aurat chhup hi rahe toh achchi baat hai
munh se kuchch na kahe toh achchi baat hai
aurat chhupp hi rahe toh achchi baat hai
baatooni aurathon ke saath
mardon ka guzaaraa asambhav hai

isski chintaa aap mat karo prabhu
chhod do mujh par
main dekh loongaa

achcha bhakt
jaisse tere sanjog
jaa apne karmon ko bhog

hatto chhodo balam
mere phoote karam
hatto chhodo balam
mere phoote karam
kaisi shaadi huyee
barbaadi huyee
nayee saadi nahin
nayee gaadi nahin
meraa kajraa laa
meraa gajraa laa
mangaa kutte do chaar
mangaa sone kaa haar
mangaa kutte do chaar
mangaa sone kaa haar
karenge pyaar kal
aaj hotel mein chal
sair mujhko karaa
koyee picture dikhaa
nai thhe khasmaanoo khhaa
ye sab agar nahin ho saktaa
toh muje de de talaaq
chaabhi ghar ki sambhaal
main chali waapas Bhopal
main chali waapas Bhopal
main chali waapas Bhopal

brahmaa o brahmaa
devaa ho devaa
kaisi ye naari sundar si
brahmaa o brahmaa
devaa ho devaa
kaisi ye naari sundar si
jaan meri bachaa
isse tu chupp karaa
din raat main tere gunn gaaoongaa
goongi bhali thhi
zubaan isski chali toh main khaake zehar mar jaaoongaa
brahmaa o brahmaa
devaa ho devaa
kaisi ye naari sundar si
brahmaa o brahmaa
devaa ho devaa

bulaa apne brahmaa ko
aaj ussko bhi dekh leti hoon

duniyaa kaa nirmaan toh main kar saktaa hoon
khaali jholi motiyon se bhar saktaa hoon
main toofaan ko rok doon
main barkhaa ko thhaam loon
iss agni ko mand nahin main kar saktaa
aurat kaa munh bandh nahin main kar saktaa
aurat kaa munh bandh nahin main kar saktaa
(bachaao bachaao)
aurat kaa munh bandh nahin kar saktaa(prabu prabhu bachaao prabhu)

8 Responses to "Brahma o brahma"

Congratulations to all …!!
@ Atul ji -many thanks for this lovely post and sharing your feelings about Prakash ji.
My salute to Shri.Prakash ji for his ‘great contribution’ he has made for this ‘lovely blog’. Aur kya kahoon, unke is mahaan karya ki saraahna shabdon mein sambhav nahin hain. Looking forward to listen those rare memorable songs from his ‘jaadu ki potli ‘ furher . 🙂
thanks !!


Thanks to you I have been able to get some of the unknown faces known. Good job.


Atul ji,

Thanks for writing a note on Prakashchandra ji.
The minute his name is uttered I see an innocent ,lovely and very darling child,eager to perform a feat.
Prakash ji is truely a loveable person. Besides his expertise on identifying minor actors and getting details of a song or its history,what strikes is his very humble and likeable nature. It shows in all his comments.
I have interacted with him independently,by E mails few times to know about some matters. Last year,I tried my utmost to prod him to write an article for the Blog.Somehow,that did not happen then,but I am happy that now he is getting into that mode. Hope that we will see more of his posts here.
I do not know who said ‘ he is like a Kasturi mrig ‘, but it is exactly what he is. He has lot of abilities,which he is not aware of,but I am sure,soon he will start using them.
In the past he extended valuable help to me when i was writing a post on
“Kannada films and Hindi songs”,for songsofyore. He even insisted not to mention his name,but I ofcourse gave him the due credit.
A very honest to the core,loveable,likeable and perhaps’the most popular’ person amongst us here, I wish Prakash ji a very active life on this Blog. May he achieve greater heights !


The Kasturi Mrig comment was by you. 🙂


Oh,my God !


Amazing write up. Of course we have also admired Prakashji and his immense contribution to this wonderful blog.


A great post and intro of our dear Prakashji. I always have felt his humbleness through his comments. I have known him as a “Face Reader” 🙂 Kisi ka bhi chehra dekh ke pehchaan lete hai. His knowledge about HFs is admirable. Thanks Prakashji for sharing your time, love and knowledge with all of us.


Glad to know about Prakash ji. Had a foretaste of his prowess in identifying artists of the past from the previous post and earlier posts.
Thank you Prakash ji and Atul ji for the song.


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