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Badi atpati badi chatpati

Posted on: July 19, 2014

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Atul Song-A-Day 10K Song Milestone Celebrations – 40
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It’s FINALLY here – yaaaay!

Yes, the MOTHER of all milestones on this beloved blog of ours is FINALLY here.

And I cannot even begin to tell you how thrilled I am.

It seems almost surreal – that five-digit number. 10,000.

Let me now write it in words. In capitals. TEN THOUSAND.

Ah, it feels so sweet. 🙂

Many of us have been waiting for this milestone for a while now. There has been a reference to this off and on in recent postings, the excitement hardly concealable. To use a cricket analogy (there I go again!), it’s like a batsman on 99 – only much tougher because there are no shortcuts.

But like all good things, it has come in its due time – not rushed.

And now it’s time to sit back and soak in the moment.

Ten thousand. Ten times ten times ten times ten. Wow!

I remember when Sunny Gavaskar became the first batsman in the world to get to 10,000 Test runs. That was in Ahmedabad in 1987. That too felt surreal – I wasn’t used to a 5-digit number. It took a while to get used to it. (Since then many have got there, of course).

This will also take some getting used to. I’ve often checked the song count on the blog – and have got used to a 4-digit count.

I’m just thinking – if I’m feeling so thrilled, how must Atul be feeling? He is the creator of this blog, he is the one who has given each one of these songs its place here. Even if the rest of us have contributed sometimes with lyrics or guest posts, it is Atul who has meticulously put it all together. And that’s only a small fraction of the total – most of the posts have been done 100% by Atul.

So would Atul sit back and relax? I’m not sure. He seems to me to be the Gavaskar type. Once Sunny got to his hundred, he would just mark his guard again and start all over again, as if embarking on a new innings. Whatsay, Atul? (I love pulling Atul’s leg! 🙂 )

On such an occasion, it is only natural to look back, to reminisce a bit about the journey. Atul is obviously the best person to speak of this but I would like to share some of my fond memories too.

I’ve discussed much of this earlier too on some previous posts, so please excuse me if I’m repeating myself.

For me, it all started when I got to know Atul. And that was even before this blog started.

In 2005, being the cricket-crazy guy that I was (and, to a lesser extent, still am), I enrolled on a cricket forum to discuss cricket. That’s where I found Atul. It was an immediate connect – we were the only two guys discussing Clive Lloyd and Andy Roberts of the mid-70s. :-)).

Very soon, both of us moved onto another newly-formed cricket forum. One of the most fun aspects of this forum was that, although it was primarily meant for cricket, we’d discuss a whole lot of other stuff too. All sorts of crazy nonsense was most welcome at this forum.

One of the things we (Atul, I and a few others) started discussing was old Hindi film songs. We’d post old songs and discuss them. Often we’d discuss a theme – I remember Atul writing up a post on train-based songs. It used to be fun.

Around that time, Atul started blogging too. He’s always been keen on trying out stuff – I think blogging was one of those ventures for him at that time. :-).

And then one fine day, on the 19th of July 2008 to be precise, he quietly created a song blog.

He informed the rest of us (on the cricket forum) a couple of days later about this. He said he liked a lot of songs – and wanted to share them with others – so he had started this song blog where he intended to post one song a day.

Very humble beginnings. 🙂

And for the record, that first song is

I seriously doubt whether, on that July date, Atul had even remotely imagined that, almost 6 years later, his “humble” song blog would be THE go-to song blog on the internet worldwide, that it would have over five-and-a-half MILLION hits from people all over the world, that it would be a trigger to bring together a community of music lovers – and that it would be recording its 10,000th song.

All staggering achievements – and it’s all because of the single-minded focus, determination and, very importantly, passion of Atul.

Ok, I know Atul will be modest and share the credit with others – but the fact is that this blog is HIS baby. Occasionally, we’ve held the baby and played with it, maybe sung some lullabies – but the baby well and truly belongs to Atul. :-).

And mind you, he’s done this, while having a full-time job, with family / pet commitments. And often with questionable internet connectivity.

Atul’s done all this as a labour of love, not as a commercial venture. Such commitment from one person has, in a sense, to be a labour of love. Without such passion, this blog would not have been sustained like this.

Everyday we see songs posted here, and tend to take them for granted – we need to look behind them and see how much effort goes into each song. Noting down the lyrics, getting details about the song, categorizing it in various categories, preparing a write-up – all of this takes time, especially when you are as uncompromising as Atul is.

In the early days, it was one song a day. That’s also why the blog is named “atulsongaday”. After a while, since the pace of posting was too slow for Atul’s liking, he began posting 4-5 or as many songs as he could reasonably post in a day.

Or maybe Atul was just pushed by me and other visitors to his blog. :-).

In the early days, visitors (including myself) would give Atul “farmaishes” for songs. We all had our “favourites” that we wanted to see on the blog and discuss. We’d post them in the comments section – and Atul would try to satisfy our request.

Soon, he was posting OUR farmaishes more than his own preferred songs. 🙂 I remember I used to shamelessly make a list of 10 songs in one farmaish-comment. And I used to make many such farmaish-comments. I feel SO guilty now. :-).

After a while, Atul even started a separate section on his blog for just “farmaishes”. Over the years, Atul would keep on adding features to his blog.

Then one day, Atul asked me if I’d like to write up a song.

Although I considered it an honour, I must admit I was a bit nervous about it. Not that I wasn’t used to writing. I had my own blog where I would sometimes post stuff, largely cricket-related. And I was used to writing on the cricket forum.

But this was different. This was a guest post for Atul’s blog and I didn’t want to spoil his blog in any way.

But I accepted the offer – and wrote up my first guest post on the blog.

Since then, I’ve written a few – and every time it’s been an honour.

For me, the sense of community that this blog gives is tremendous. It’s not just a song blog where one comes to check out songs. It’s a place where I’ve got to know SO many wonderful people, got to learn so many things from them, got to learn about so many songs that I’d never heard before. My knowledge of old Hindi songs/films/artistes has increased exponentially, thanks to this blog and all our friends here. And I’m still learning every time I visit here.

Atul may or may not realize the significance of his achievements, but, in my opinion, he’s created something that is a lasting legacy for the future. Many of the songs here are rare. Some of them were possibly not even on the internet earlier – and even if they were – they were extremely obscure and languishing, unknown to most. Now, properly curated, indexed and categorized – with an introduction – they have been given respect, in a manner of speaking. Years later, if somebody wants to check out a song from the 1940s, he or she can visit here – and will hopefully find it here. This has become an archive, a library with a lot of treasures in it.

What a journey!

I think I’ve been reminiscing – and, in my typical style, rambling – long enough. Time now to get on to the song for the occasion.

The song I’ve picked for this special occasion is a song that I fell in love with the first time I heard it.

It is from the film, Karigar (1958) starring Ashok Kumar and Nirupa Roy.

I happened to watch this film about a year ago – and though I liked other songs of this film also, this particular song was so much fun that it has stuck in my head ever since. I’ve listened to it many times since on youtube – and wanted to do a write-up a long time ago. Somehow I never got around to doing it – and since it’s not yet been posted here – I thought I’d use this occasion to share the song with you.

Its lines go “Baman ho ya Jaat” and it is a total fun song, reminiscent of the “Te ke main jhooth boliya” from Jaagte Raho (1956). That is another song I absolutely love – and if this song has shades of that one, I, for one, am not complaining.

The song is picturised on Chowpatty beach, where food stalls can be found and vendors market their food, whether bhelpuri, chaat or anything else. I cannot recognize one of the two faces (it looks very familiar) but the other one is Dhumal. They are both trying to attract customers, each one trying to push his product forward, claiming it to have qualities of all sorts.

Ashok Kumar can be seen with his son, enjoying the performance. We can also see a sinister Nazir Kashmiri who has followed them to this place, to do damage.

In summary, the story is like this. Ashok Kumar is a highly skilled carpenter/artisan who is out of work. His wife (Nirupa Roy) is the bread-earner for the family. She works as household help for a rich family – and manages to arrange a job for Ashok Kumar at her employer’s workplace. But for this, he is required to bring his own tools. Spending almost all the money he has, he manages to buy a toolkit. But Nazir Kashmiri, who works at the same place, wants to hire someone else. So he tries to sabotage Ashok Kumar’s chances by stealing his toolkit. He does this during this song, when Ashok Kumar and his son are distracted.

As happens with most movies, it all ends well.

Do listen to the song. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. Written by Rajinder Krishan, it is composed by C.Ramchandra.

One of the voices is his, the other is Rafi saab’s.

I leave you with the song.

And, most importantly, once again, HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS to Atul (and all of us also) on this momentous occasion.


Song-Arre badi atpati badi chatpati (Kaareegar)(1958) Singers-Rafi, C Ramchandra, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-C Ramchandra


Chaat re chaat…
Baahman ho ya Jaat
bhikaari ho ya ho samraat
Governor ho ya chaahe laat
sabhi mil khaayen meri chaat
hai ye Chowpaatty ki
arrey badi atpatti badi chatpatti
chaat hai ye Chowpaatty ki
aaho aaho
oho aaho aaho
Oho aaho aaho
oho aaho aaho
Aahun aahun
unhun aahun aahun
Unhun aahun aahun unhun aahun aahun

O o o
o o o o hoy
teekha teekha pada masaala
arrey teekha teekha pada masaala
swaad hai khatta khatta
dubla patla khaakar isko
ban jaaye hatta katta
dubla patla khaakar isko
ban jaaye hatta katta
sheher Bambai
aah waah waah
Sheher Bambai
cheez hai nayi
suno re bhai
cheez hai nayi
arrey badi atpatti badi chatpatti
Chaat hai ye Chowpatty ki
Jee jee jee jee jee jee jee jee
Jeejeer jeer jeer jeejeer jee
Jeerjee hoy jeerjee

ho o o o o o
o o o o
sar pe pagdaa
pet hai tagdaa
o sar pe pagdaa
pet hai tagdaa
gharwaali se jhagdaa
agar mitaana hai to sethji
khaao mera ragdaa
agar mitaana hai to sethji
khaao mera ragdaa
pet ki dawaa
arrey waah waah
pet ki dawaa
rog ho hawaa
pet ho safaa
rog ho dafaa
arrey badi atpatti badi chatpatti
chaat hai ye Chowpatty ki
aaho aaho oho aaho aaho
Oho aaho aaho oho aaho aaho
aahun aahun
unhun aahun aahun
Unhun aahun aahun
unhun aahun aahun waa

O o o o o o hoy
Hindu Muslim Sikh Parsi
Arrey Hindu Muslim Sikh Parsi
sab mein karaaye mel
badi karaamaati hai bhaiya
ye Bambai ki bhel
arrey badi karaamaati hai bhaiya
ye Bambai ki bhel
hai garam-a-garam
hai garam-a-garam
Ek ka dharam
Mitaaye bharam
Hai garam-a-garam
Arrey badi atpatti badi chatpatti
Chaat hai ye Chowpaatty ki
Jee jee jee jee jee jee jee jee
Jeejeer jeer jeer jeejeer jee
Jeerjee hoy jeerjee

ho o o o o o o
meri paanipuri jo khaaye ae
meri paanipuri jo khaaye
badle uske rang
ude dimaag gagan mein uska
jaise udey patang
ude dimaag gagan mein uska
jaise udey patang
daam wo bhoole
arrey sambhalna bhai
daam wo bhoole
kaam wo bhoole
naam wo bhoole
kaam wo bhoole

arrey badi atpatti badi chatpatti
chaat hai ye Chowpatty ki
aaho aaho
oho aaho aaho
Oho aaho aaho
oho aaho aaho
aahun aahun
unhun aahun aahun
Unhun aahun aahun
unhun aahun aahun

Baahman ho ya Jaat
Bhikhaari ho ya ho samraat
Governor ho ya chaahe laat
Sabhi mil khaayen meri chaat
hai ye Chowpatty ki
Jee jee jee jee jee jee jee jee
Jeejeer jeer jee jeejeer jee
Aahun aahun unhun aahun aahun
Unhun aahun aahun
unhun aahun aahun
hoy Jee jee jee jee jee jee jee jee
Jeejeer jeer jee jeejeer jee
hoy Aahun aahun unhun aahun aahun
oho unhun aahun aahun unhun aahun aahun

24 Responses to "Badi atpati badi chatpati"

Rajaji, nice peppy song. Your write-up is also peppy and rings very true. We have fed the baby few times. But its rakhwaala is Atulji!!

Atulji, your baby has reached a remarkable milestone today.
Yay, Congrats to you and your family 😀


Thanks, Aparna ji. I wanted a peppy song for a heady moment. 🙂


Excellent write-up. Thanks


Thanks, Nitinji. Whenever I sit to write a post for this blog, my thoughts just flow. 🙂


Let the flow continue unabated. I described you earlier as The Raja of the blog.


Raja ji,
Thanks for your interesting post with a song which is almost a riot.

Undoubtedly,it is a very precious moment.A moment to be cherished.A moment to which we are a witness,while History is being made in front of our eyes !
People feel proud when some famous person stays in their locality or when they know some famous person having spoken to once in a while .Here we are ,not only playing with a baby of a friend but enjoying its growth and achievements.Forget about what we did to it,what it did to us is more important.
Atul ji has done an exceptional job in devoting his time and money(nothing comes free) and building a storehouse which is free to anyone and everyone who loves music.
No amount of words can be enough to say our thanks to him.



Indeed, Arunji, no words can be enough to thank Atul for starting, and running, this blog. His total dedication and commitment, sustained every day over six years, is something amazing and remarkable.

By the way, could you pls let me know the identity of the person this song is picturised on? Other than Dhumal, of course. His face looks very familiar – but I am just not able to identify him.


Nemo – villain of Shree 420


Dinesh Hingoo or Dinesh Hingorani.


Congratulations on the Sixth birthday of the blog. Can we complete 20k in the 10th year i.e. 19th July 2018. For that we need 4.5 songs a day consistently. Pyar ki gaadi chalti rahe apni…abhi bullet train ka zamana hai.!!!



Excellent write up as ever. I am glad you chose such a peppy song here. It fits right in with the celebrations.

Your write ups are about your thoughts on the subject, and hence, they are never ponderous and easy to read. Even in these days of short attention spans, you manage to grab attention. That is no mean feat.

I am really cheering on the blog now. The tape is in sight!

Bhag Atul Bhag!


Thanks, Ava. Yes, I wanted a peppy song for the occasion – since it is a celebration. Am now waiting for Atul to change the statistics to show a 5-figure number. 🙂


Hullo raja…. Atul ke pehle humsafar. That is a rather Good write up. As usual long. As usual read only half by me. Rest on Tuesday on returning to pavilion. I cannot wait to yyyyiiiiipppee for 10000. so here it is YYYYYIIIIIIIPPPPPPPEEEER!!!
OK NOW A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR beloved Atul’s kid who is 6 years old today. I made a chocolate cake and had with my son and hubby.


Thank you. 🙂 My posts are still too long to read? I have reduced their length – they used to be much longer. 🙂 Maybe I need to reduce it even further to just two paragraphs. 🙂


Hullo raja
Don’t reduce the length
Just pray to god that I learn patience to read it through. It is a training to restart reading novels which I ve lost touch in the last 10-15 years.


Congratulations to the entire Atul Team for reaching this amazing milestone.
Wish you all the success in achieving future milestones.
Manju Das


Thank you – and thanks for joining in our celebrations. 🙂


Raja ji,

Excellent song choice for the occasion.

Waah, chowpatty ki chaat yaad aa gayi. Everything was available even in 1958, ye aaj pataa chalaa, from Kulfi, Pani puri, Bhel puri, Ragda chaat, Aaloo chat, Ragda pettice, everything is there in the song picturization. Only thing missing is the price list of these dishes 🙂 .


Haan, isn’t this song just lovely? I fell in love with it the very first time I heard it. Bahut mazedaar gaana hai. 🙂


Thanks Rajaji for the nice lively song and the excellent write-up.
I think Bluefire is right. The person with the Pagdi seems to be Nemo.
Dinesh Hingoo’s first film was Taqdeer in 1967.


Thank you. 🙂
It does look a lot like Dinesh Hingoo than Nemo, but now I am quite confused. 🙂 Need more evidence before nailing this down as Nemo, I think.


Words are inadequate to express the feelings one experiences to thank you for creating this blog, and for enabling the getting together of such knowledgeable people who are willing to share their experiences. Congratulations to you, and to all the wonderful contributors (there are far too many to name individually) to this blog, on reaching this milestone. This site has, to me, become a de-facto authoritative reference point for most Hindi Film song related questions.


“Dubla patla khaakar isko
Ban jaaye hatta katta”
I don’t think NRIs would agree with Rajinderji here. (My family is an exception 🙂 )
No. 1) NRIs are not dubla patla….. No. 2) They are already hatta katta. 😆 Haan, bina mineral water ki pani puri aur ragda khane se uske pet mein jhagda zaroor ho jayega to ye to apne aap hi patla ho jaayega na…. 😆

During my initial visit to India, I have made my kids taste/eat Chowpatty/Juhu Beach ki pani puri. Then it became a “ritual” to visit Chowpatty before we leave India. Now their immunity is so strong ki kuchh bhi hajam kar sakte hai…. Mumbai ki rehne waali hoon, to ye siksha to deni hi thi…. 🙂

Excellent post Rajaji. Thanks for introducing yet another peppy song of Rafi. Waiting for THE DAY!!! 🙂


@ Raja Saab – always enjoyed your posts, and what a ‘dhamakedaar-mazedaar gaana’ .. 🙂
and that too composed by C.Ramchandra ji ! great ! bahut mazaa aaya !
And when i read your posts and the flow of words (i think this will be the first time i will use this ‘cricketology’ in my comments, but i feel this only) – its like Sunil Gavaskar at one end and Gundappa Ranganath Vishwanath at the other end – Gavaskar’s straight drives and Vishi’s square cuts – in their full glory ….
Thanks for all these special moments !! thanks a lot !
and the … ‘new guard is being taken …’ over to …
And once again CONGRATULATIONS to all …. 🙂


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