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Aashiq hoon apne pyaar ke jauhar dikhhaaoonga

Posted on: July 29, 2014

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Today, the 29th of July, is the death anniversary of Johnny Walker.

Since he is one of my favourite actors of yesteryear Hindi cinema, I am happy to pay tribute to him on this occasion.

Johnny Walker, whose original name was Badruddin Jamaluddin Kazi, was easily one of the most popular actors seen in Hindi cinema in the 1950s and 60s. It is safe to say that in his genre, i.e comedy, he absolutely ruled that era.

Before joining cinema he was a bus conductor in BEST (Mumbai’s bus service). While on this job, he would often entertain passengers with his gigs. Balraj Sahni is credited with noticing his talent and bringing him to the notice of Guru Dutt, for whom Balraj Sahni was then writing Baazi. Not only was Guru Dutt impressed by his “drunkard” acting, he also gave him the name of Johnny Walker, the Scottish whisky brand.

This was a start of a good friendship and mutual respect between Guru Dutt and Johnny Walker – one that saw Johnny Walker as a regular in most Guru Dutt films such as Baazi, Jaal, Baaz, Aar Paar, Mr. and Mrs.55, CID, Pyaasa, Kaagaz Ke Phool and Chaudhvin Ka Chand. In interviews, Johnny Walker has spoken very highly of Guru Dutt.

As with others who aspired to play lead roles, Johnny Walker did play the lead role in a few films in the 50s. Among the best-known ones is Chhoo Mantar (1956) with the famous “tumhi ne dard diya hai, tumhi dawa dena” song. And of course, the film Johnny Walker (1957) itself, where he was cast opposite Shyama. (Now how many actors can claim to have a film in their name – and one in which they themselves starred!)

But, for all his lead role efforts, Johnny Walker truly made his name when it came to comedy roles.

And how!

Johnny Walker struck gold as a comedian. His very presence as a comedian in a film immediately lightened the mood of the viewers. However serious the film otherwise was, one was guaranteed a few smiles by Johnny Walker. Perhaps one of the best examples of this is “sar jo tera chakraaye” in Pyaasa. An otherwise intense film is provided with a few light moments, thanks to Johnny Walker.

In fact, Johnny Walker was so popular in his time that producers would often throw in at least one song in the film picturised on him. And guess what? Quite often this song would become very popular, thereby only further feeding this practice. ? Most of these songs were sung by Rafisaab – and the voice suited Johnny Walker so much that it almost felt like Johnny Walker was singing himself!

There are many such songs one can think of – songs which come to the top of my mind now are “jaane kahaan mere jigar gaya ji” (Mr.and Mrs. 55), “ye hai Bambai meri jaan” (CID), “sar jo tera chakraaye” (Pyaasa), “jungle mein mor naacha” (Madhumati), “mera yaar banaa hai dulha” and “ye duniya gol hai” (Chaudhvin Ka Chand), “chhedo dhun matwaalon ki” (Ghar Sansar), “pata note karo” (Zara Bachke), “hum bhi agar bache hote” and “ek musafir ko duniya mein kya chaahiye” (Door Ki Awaaz) and “suno suno Miss Chatterjee” (Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi). But this is just a chhoti jhalki – there are many more songs picturised on him, and loved by film fans.

Johnny Walker had his own style – and people loved him for it. He had a trademark way of walking and a trademark way of talking. He could charm people with just the way he delivered his dialogues. I know he charmed me every single time I saw him on screen. I can never forget the way he delivered his dialogues in Urdu (often reciting shaayri) in the Rajendra Kumar – Sadhana starrer, Mere Mehboob (1963). It was very endearing, to say the least.

Johnny Walker’s comedy was always clean. In later years, one could sometimes see double entendre getting into comedy but Johnny Walker made sure his comedy was always free of such influences. In fact, in one of his interviews, he said this was one of the reasons he began withdrawing from acting in the 70s. Although he did act in the odd role, off and on, his career was primarily a 1950s/60s career.

Another reason why he began withdrawing from acting was that the 70s heralded a new type of cinema. Till then, there were clear roles for various types of actors. The hero, heroine, villain, comedian, vamp – they all had their specific roles. The comedian provided the comedy element, the hero was the good guy, doing the heroic acts, wooing the heroine and defeating the villain.

In the 70s, the heroes began sometimes doing comedy roles too. One could see a Dharmendra or an Amitabh Bachchan or a Sanjeev Kumar doing comedy at times. And the audience loved this. The role of the typical comedian was, in the process, sometimes considered redundant.

Another reason Johnny Walker retired from acting early was that he felt he had earned enough and he wanted to spend time with family . For many years, he was the main bread winner for his family – once his family commitments had been taken care of, he did not care to keep on working and earning more money. I remember an interview where he said that he never wanted more money than he needed. I found this a very interesting thought process – usually one finds people wanting more and more money all the time. 🙂

So in a sense, Johnny Walker quit acting pretty much on his terms and at a time he felt right to do so. In any profession, one cannot expect more than this. To be able to work on your own terms and quit when you feel like doing so.

Johnny Walker was a much-loved person – and will be always remembered as somebody very special in Hindi cinema. I know that when I was growing up, my eyes used to light up when the name of Johnny Walker would appear in the cast of a film. I would even try to copy his walk and talk. 🙂

Now for today’s song.

The song that I have chosen to present here is one picturised on Johnny Walker and Shammi. It is a fun song, sung in the outdoors, from the film Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya (1963). Lyrics are by Shakeel Badayuni, the music is composed by Ravi. Needless to mention, the song is sung by Rafisaab.

This film is probably best known for another wonderful Rafi saab song “zara sun haseena-e-naazneen”. The hero of this film is Vijay Kumar (original name Vahiduddin, brother of Johnny Walker), the heroine is Waheeda Rehman.

I haven’t seen the film – but that doesn’t come in the way of my enjoying this song. I hope you enjoy the song too. Pesh-e-khidmat hai…

Video(A few lines missing)

Audio (Full)

Song-Aashiq hoon apne pyaar ke jauhar dikhaaoonga (Kaun Apna Kaun Paraaya)(1963) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Ravi


Aashiq hoon
apne pyaar ke jauhar dikhaoonga
aashiq hoon
apne pyaar ke jauhar dikhaoonga
nazren milaake dil mein tere ghar banaoonga
No jhoot
by God
nazren milaake dil mein tere ghar banaoonga
aashiq hoon
apne pyaar ke jauhar dikhaoonga

dil ki zameen pe daal ke buniyaad pyaar ki
deewaar ik uthhaoonga sabr-o-qaraar ki
dil ki zameen pe daal ke buniyaad pyaar ki
deewaar ik uthaoonga sabr-o-qaraar ki
phir us mein intezaar ki khidki lagaaoonga
fresh hawa aane jaane ko haan
phir us mein intezaar ki khidki lagaaoonga
nazren milaake dil mein tere ghar banaaoonga
aashiq hoon
apne pyaar ke jauhar dikhaaoonga

ulfat ki shaandaar imaarat ke waaste
Laaoonga aasmaan ke taare bhi todke
ulfat ki shaandaar imaarat ke waaste
Laaoonga aasmaan ke taare bhi todke
makhmal na mil sakegi to aankhen bichhaoonga
import band hai na darling
makhmal na mil sakegi to aankhen bichhaoonga
nazren milaake dil mein tere ghar banaoonga
aashiq hoon
apne pyaar ke jauhar dikhaaoonga

naksha badaa ajeeb hai dil ke makaan ka
mushkil se ismein hoga guzar mehmaan ka
naksha badaa ajeeb hai dil ke makaan ka
mushkil se ismein hoga guzar mehmaan ka
aur mera kya hai main to kahin baithh jaaoonga
apun to ghar ka aadmi hai na, aa
aur mere kya hai main to kahin baith jaaoonga
nazren milaake dil mein tere ghar banaaoonga
aashiq hoon
apne pyaar ke jauhar dikhaaoonga
aashiq hoon
apne pyaar ke jauhar dikhaaoonga

8 Responses to "Aashiq hoon apne pyaar ke jauhar dikhhaaoonga"

I was and am still an admirer of Johny Walker for his clean and palatable comedy roles in Hindi films. His light comedy literally electrified his presence in most of films he worked. In Anand (1970) which was dominated by Rajesh Khanna, Johny Walker left his lasting impression by his 5 minutes’ special appearance in the role of imaginary ‘Murarilal’.


Sir, many thanks for the post!
Our tributes to Johny Walker Saab on his anniversary…!!!
hv watched many of his films and liked very much. post padh kar wo sab filmein yaad aayi.


Raja ji,

Thanks for writing about Johnny Walker-the epitome of film comedians.There was never anyone like him.
He was born on 11-11-1926 in Indore-MP.His father was working in a cloth mill at Rs.400 pm in those days. They were 10 brothers. 3 died and 3 came into films.
The eldest was Nizam aka Tony walker who became producer/Director. Second was Johnny and the 3rd was Vijay kumar( film-wanted).
Unlike the popular belief that the first film of Johnny walker was Baazi-51,he actually had acted in film ” Aakhri paigham’-1948/49,first time.
he never worked on a Sunday. He was a strict religious man.
He was particular that Lunch must be done at 1.30 pm and Dinner at
8.30pm. He never missed it. If he had to go for a party,he would take his dinner and then go to the party.
Initially he was a chain smoker,consuming a tin of 50 cigarettes a day. Later he left smoking.
he was a staunch Congressman and used to do propoganda during election times for Congress.
He had started writing Autobiography,but his death stopped this work.


The movie was produced by his brother. He was hero in quite a number of movies. He was lucky to have Shyama as his heroine in few movies


Rajaji, thanks for remembering Johnny Walker and reminding us also. His comedy was clean and so was his personal life, isn’t it? He belonged to a rare breed.


Nice informative post about Johnny Walker. Latest movie I remember seeing him in is Shaan (1980).


How did I forget having seen Johhny Walker in ‘Chachi 420″ ? This may be his last movie.


Raja Ji,
Thanks for the nice post on Jhonny Walker and the song.


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