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Arre qismat ki baat hai

Posted on: September 17, 2014

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We in this blog keep working on different targets at the same time. The ultimate aim of all these targets is to post all the available songs in case of movies as well as artists.

Posting all songs of movies is an exercise that has seen 531 movies with all their songs covered in the blog (E & OE).

Posting all songs of artists is a longer process in case the artists had long innings in HFM. We have in the past discussed all the available songs of K L Saigal and no more K L Saigal songs are available to be discussed.

Suraiyya is on the verge of becoming the second singer who will soon have all her available songs discussed in the blog. I in fact spent considerable time during the last few days to go through the entire list of her songs in the list to see which of her songs remain as yet undiscussed. In the process I managed to discover two more Suraiyya songs.

Before I discuss one of these songs, I would like to present the statistics of Suraiyya that I have found out. According to my research, Suraiyya sang just under 320 songs in all from 1942 to 1963. She sang 211 songs from 1941 to 1950. Her output halved in the next decade where she sang 101 songs from 1951 to 1960. She sang just four songs between 1961 and 1963. This gives us a total of 316 Suraiyya songs from 67 movies.

Most of these songs were picturised on Suraiyya herself, but there are also a few cases (mostly during her earlier days) when she gave playback for Mehtab. Also, Suraiyya acted and sang six songs in “Amar Kahaani”(1949) and the songs of this movie were reused in “Kanchan” (1955)- a movie where Suraiyya did not act. So I have counted these songs only once and not twice. (and I have not counted this movie to arrive at the figure of 67 movies). Suraiyya also sang version songs of “Shama” (1949) which were not part of the movie, So I have not included these songs in my calculation.

A huge number of these 316 songs (about 230 songs) are solo songs. I do not think there is any other singer who has sung a large proportion of solo songs to his/her credit.

There may be some more Suraiyya songs that are not yet credited/ discovered, but there may not be too many such songs. Research on Suraiyya songs may have been done in the past, but sadly they were not rechecked and corrected, with the result that like most other HFM related data, the figures and lists of Suraiyya songs available online contain errors.

I will discuss Suraiyya’s statistics in more detail in a future post later. For the time being, here is a so far missing Suraiyya song that I stumbled upon just now. This song is from “Chaar Din” (1949). This song is a Suraiyya solo. Shakeel Badayuni is the lyricist. Music is composed by Shyam Sundar.

Song-Arre qismat ki baat hai (Chaar Din)(1949) Singer-Suraiyya, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Shyam Sundar


Arre qismat ki baat hai
arre qismat ki baat hai
kal tak thhe din bahaar ke
ab gham ki raat hai ae ae ae ae
arre qismat ki baat hai
arre qismat ki baat hai

dil ko lagi jo thhes
to aansoo nikal pade ae
aur aansuon ke saath hi
naghme ubal pade
ae dard e dil bata kya teri
ismein haath hai ae ae
arre qismat ki baat hai
arre qismat ki baat hai

daulat thhi jismein pyaaar ki
wo ghar ujad gaya aa aa
aisa bana naseeb ke
aisa bana naseeb ke
ban kar bigad gaya aa
ab main hoon aur
lute huye jeewan ka saath hai ae ae ae ae
arre qismat ki baat hai
arre qismat ki baat hai

duniya ko ye gumaan ki
duniya ne ki wafa aa
lekin mera qusoor ke
maine na kuchh kaha aa
barbaadiyon mein pyaar ki
khud mera haath hai ae ae ae ae
arre qismat ki baat hai
arre qismat ki baat hai

8 Responses to "Arre qismat ki baat hai"

@ Atul ji – congratulations on covering yet another Suraiyya song !!


myswar lists exactly 330 songs of Suraiya. They dont include version songs of Shama, but have repeated 6 songs of Kanchan, So that would make 324 songs according to your calculation.

Assuming u have already gone thru their data to find errors. But they seem very close to ur number of 316.


I will need time to go thorough the list of myswar. I quickly browsed some songs yearwise and found one error immediately. They mention “Shama” (1961) song “Shaguftagi ka latafat ka” as sung by Suraiyya, whereas it is sung by Nimmi. My guess is that wrong attribution of songs could be the reason for the discrepancy in my figure with theirs. I will go through that list when I have time.


Atul ji,

As far as i know,this song from Shama WAS sung by Suraiyya and not by Nimmi. This is the only playback Nimmi got from Suraiyya.
It seems,originally,it was to be filmed on Suraiya but last minute it was shot on Nimmi,thus creating a record for Nimmi
Nimmi herself has sung only one song in film Bedardi-51 ‘ nanadiya jaane na de’ (HFGK also confirms this)


Atul ji,

I am sorry and I stand corrected. The song in question (actually a najm,recited in a mehfil) is by Nimmi- Shaguftagi….
The song where Suraiya gave playback to Nimmi,in the film Shama was as following excerpt mentions. It also confirms Suraiya’s playback to Shyama for 2 songs…
” In a female duet (‘Dhadkate dil ki tamannaon mera pyaar ho tum’) for the film Shama (1961) besides singing for herself, Suraiya also gave playback for Nimmi. It is reported that two of her songs (‘Hawa uda kar layi’, ‘O bewafa karke jafa’ — music: Dhani Ram) recorded for an incomplete movie, were later included in the film Taqdeer (1958) and were filmed on its leading lady Shyama. These were the only instances where she ‘gave playback’ to other actresses, apart from her providing playback for Mehtab in the early part of her career. ”
This is an extract from an article on Suraiya,by Shri parag Sankla,on Anmol Fankaar.



Lets not get into numbers because no source will match with each other. There will always be discrepancies. Only the songs will matter. Like in cricket lets not get into NRR lets win the match. That will see us through. Thanks.


LOL! To win the match, all the required runs need to be scored! So if u want to say to the world that u have posted all the songs of Suraiya, u have to do some work, looking at other people’s work too, to find out if ur missing out on anything or not! Thats called Hard Work! 😉




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