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Tum hamko bhula baithhe ho

Posted on: September 21, 2014

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Today (21 september 2014) is the 88th birth anniversary of Noorjahaan (21 september 1926-23 december 2000). It is an event that may have gone largely unnoticed in Indian media (I am not sure because I do not watch news on TV. Going by the faceboook groups that I frequent, only one site recalled this event. It was through that site that I came to know of this date being the birth anniversary of Mallika e Tarannum.

Here is a song from “Badi Maa” (1945) on this occasion. The song is sung by Noorjahaan. Zia Sarhadi is the lyricist. Music is composed by K Datta.

Only the audio of the song is available, but it is clear that the song was picturised on Noorhjahaan herself.

This song, which was created seven decades ago has lyrics that sound rather eerily prophetic today-“tum hamko bhula baithe ho”. That hopefully will not happen as long as there are listeners of old HFM.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Nitin Shah.

Song-Tum hamko bhula baithhe ho (Badi Maa)(1945)Singer- Noorjahaan, Lyrics-Zia Sarhadi, MD-K Datta

Lyrics (Provided by Nitin Shah)

tum hamko bhula baithhe ho
hamko bhula baithhe ho
tum hamko bhula baithhe ho
ham tumko bhulaayen kaise
ham tumko bhulaayen kaise ae ae
ae ae ae ae
ae ae
tum hamko bhula baithe ho

jo aag lagaayi tumne
ham uss ko bujhaayen kaise ae ae
ham uss ko bujhaayen kaise ae ae
tum hamko bhula baithe ho

ummeed pe jeete thhe ham
ummeed nahin abb koyi
jeene ka na ho jab saamaan aan
jeene ka na ho jab saamaan
to umar bitaayen kaise
to umar bitaayen kaise ae
ae ae ae ae
ae ae
tum hamko bhula baithe ho
ham tumko bhulaayen kaise
ham tumko bhulaayen kaise

ro ro ke huyi ye haalat
abb ro bhi nahin sakte ham
abb ro bhi nahin sakte ham
aur ro na saken to apna
aur ro na saken to apna
afsaana sunaayen kaise
afsaana sunaayen kaise ae ae
ae ae ae ae
ae ae
tum hamko bhula baithe ho

11 Responses to "Tum hamko bhula baithhe ho"

Atul ji,

Thanks so much for this remembrance.

The title of the song selected, sounds so appropriate.



…. and as rightly mentioned by Atul ji, and adding to as long as Hindi Films songs are discussed Noorjahan will be remembered.
unaware of her birth anniversay yesterday, while I was reading a chapter on Naushad Saab in ‘Bollywood Melodies’ by Ganesh Ananthraman, I was humming ‘aawaaz de kahaan hai’ … one of my favorite from Anmol Ghadi.
thanks Atul ji- Shah Saheb !


Atul ji and Nitin ji,

Many thanks for a classic song of Noor Jahan.
This song reminds me of Shamshad Begum number in “Mela” 1948 where like in this song she repeats “ae ae ae” so beautifully in “Gham kaa fasaanaa kisko sunaayen”.



Well the credit goes to Atulji for remembering her birthday. What a sweet coincidence. I did not know we were born on the same day.


Nitin ji,
Belated Birthday wishes to you.


Thanks for the good wishes.


Nitin Bhai, Many Happy Returns of the Day, or rather speaking in musical language, Bar Bar Din Ye Aaye.. Bar Bar Dil Ye Gaaye…


Thanks for the good wishes.


Happy b’day. Sorry for the belated wishes. Hope you had a wonderful day. 🙂


Will try to remember your birthday next year aur aapko ye kehne ka mauka nahi denge ki “Tum hamko bhula baithhe ho….” 🙂


Thanks for the warm wishes. Yep. I had a dinner with the family and freinds at the masjid; I mean nearby restaurant(miya ki daud masjid tak)


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