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Rum jhoom ke bajaao bansari muraari

Posted on: September 28, 2014

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws. This is the 300th article in the blog for Mr Sadanand Kamath.

A man with a spiritual bend of mind would believe that his destiny was pre-planned even before he was born. There are others who believe that they can mold their own destiny. Shailendra was one of those who seemed to have believed that he could be master of his own destiny. That he was a member of Indian People’s Theatre Association (IPTA) indicates what destiny he had chosen for himself. He had taken up the task of awakening the Indian masses on their rights and duties in the background of post-independent India. It was therefore no surprise when he spurned Raj Kapoor of his offer of taking his inspirational song for the film Aag (1948) telling him that his poems were not for sale. However, Raj Kapoor left his address with him in case he had a change of mind.

What made Shailendra to change his mind? In the words of Dinesh Shailendra, the youngest son of Shailendra:

A few months later when my mother developed some complication during pregnancy, he went to meet Raj sahib at his Mahalaxmi office and asked him if he could lend him 500 rupees. He promised him to return it in instalments. Raj sahib instantly gave him the money. But after some days when Baba went to return the money, Raj Sahib refused. Instead he asked him to write a couple of songs for ‘Barsaat’ (1949). It was then that Baba wrote ‘barsaat mein tumse mile hum’.

(Source: Interview of Dinesh Shailendra published in THE HINDU, August 2, 2O12). That was the beginning of Shailendra’s tryst with Hindi film industry.

Let me add a trivia here. Shailendra wrote the title song of Barsaat (1949 sitting in a discarded goods train bogie stabled at Matunga Workshop of Central Railways where he worked as a Welder. (This was told to me by my brother in law who had worked in Matunga Workshop in the same department as a Trainee albeit 3 years later).

This quartet of Raj Kapoor, Shankar-Jaikishan, Shailendra and Hasrat Jaipuri went on for 17 years until Shailendra’s death in December 1966. Everything was working out smoothly for him until he ventured into producing ‘Teesri Kasam’ (1966) in 1961. During this period, Shailendra experienced the fickle nature of relationship in the Hindi film industry. The film was considerably delayed and one of the reasons being often sighted was due to Raj Kapoor not giving him dates for shooting. This resulted in overshooting of the budget, the financial losses and a court case from distributor etc. Probably, during this phase of his career, he must have remembered his own song sab kuchh seekha hamne na seekhi hoshiyaari. While his IPTA friend Sahir Ludhianvi had read the pulse of Hindi film industry quite early and worked on his own terms, Shailendra, as his photos will often display, was too simple a man even to think of doing that. His philosophy was bahut diya dene waale ne tujhko.

The stressful years Shailendra spent during the making of the film and the box office failure after the release of the film in 1966 affected his health and he died on December 14, 1966. In 1967, the film received the National Award for the best film. In due course of time, it became one of the classic films in the history of Indian cinema, similar to the status that ‘Kaagaz Ke Phool’ (1959) got after the death of Guru Dutt.

Although Shailendra had only 16 active years in Hindi film industry, his output of song writing was impressive at 765 as detailed below:

Year No of films released No. of songs
1949 1 2
195O O O
1951 5 21
1952 1O 4O
1953 13 52
1954 6 29
1955 7 34
1956 12 61
1957 7 3O
1958 9 41
1959 18 73
196O 11 6O
1961 12 61
1962 13 65
1963 7 36
1964 9 32
1965 6 34
1966 9 33
1967 11 35
1968 onward 9 19
Total 175 758

I have worked out these numbers based on the songs listed in I have also counter checked with the songs already covered in the Blog in respect of those songs where I had some doubt. The total of 758 songs also excludes 38 version songs, 34 songs Shailendra wrote for Bhojpuri films and a few songs from unreleased films which I guess is less than 1O. A few of his Hindi film songs which were later reused in the some Hindi films are also excluded from the total of 765 songs. Of course, I am aware that there is some limitations for relying on as subsequent corrections are not incorporated. I, however, feel that this limitation will not materially change the conclusions arrived at on the basis of these statistics.

It can be noted from the table that Shailendra’s most productive years in terms of his output of songs were during 1959-1962. During these 4 years, he wrote 259 songs, i.e. nearly 34% of the total of 758 songs he wrote for Hindi films. For the next 4 years (1963 to 1966), his song output was drastically reduced to slightly more than half of the previous 4 year output (135 against 259). The reason for such a drastic reduction could be due to his preoccupation with his film ‘Teesri Kasam’ (1966) which was considerably delayed.

Data on Shailendra’s music director wise songs give results on expected lines:

Music Directors No. of films No. of songs
Shankar-Jaikishan 92 364
Salil Chaudhary 19 1O7
S D Burman 12 69
Roshan 13 44
S N Tripathi 5 26
Hemant Kumar 4 15
Kishore Kumar 4 15
Ravi 5 11
Anil Biswas 2 14
C Ramchandra 2 1O
Other MDs (16) 17 83
Total 175 758

As expected, Shailendra wrote maximum songs for Shankar-Jaikshan (nearly 5O% of the total songs he wrote) followed by Salil Chaudhary, S D Burman and Roshan. He worked with 27 music directors. He had no opportunity to team up with some of the top music directors of his time such as Naushad, O P Nayyar and Madan Mohan.

I am presenting a rarely heard song ‘rum jhoom ke bajaao bansari muraari’ from POOJA (1954) sung by Mohammed Rafi and Pandit Krishnarao Chonkar. The highlight of this song is that it is based on a bandish in raag Madhuvanti, probably the only song Shankar-Jaikishan composed in this raag during their entire career. Another feature of this song is that Shailendra wrote it afresh in Sanskritised Hindi instead of relying on traditional bandish language.

The synopsis of the film was given in jo ik baar keh do ke tum ho hamaare which should be read with comments given thereon by Shri Arunkunar Deshmukh for the completeness of the synopsis. I guess that Mohammed Rafi sang for Bharat Bhushan in the role of an upcoming temple singer while Pandit Krishnarao Chonkar sang for Badriprasad in his role of a senior temple singer who has given up singing in the temple. This rendition looks like a riyaaz (practice) for Bharat Bhushan under the guidance of Badriprasad.

Enjoy the Rafi-Krishnarao Chonkar short bandish in Raag Madhuvanti on the words of Shailendra.

By the way, Mohammed Rafi once again teamed up with Krishnarao Chonkar in baat chalat nayi chunari rang daar .


Song-Rum jhoom ke bajaao bansari muraari (Pooja)(1954) Singers-Rafi, Pandit Krishnarao Chonkar, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-Shankar Jaikishan


rum jhoom ke bajaao bansari muraari
ang ang mein tarang laao banwaari
rum jhoom ke bajaao bansari muraari
madhuban mein madhuwanti gaaye brij naari
madhuban mein madhuwanti gaaye brij naari
rum jhoom ke bajaao bansari muraari ee ee
rum jhoom

Radha ke man mein pyaar
run jhun paayal pukaar
sakhiyaan sajke singaar
aayin Jamuna ke paar
sakhiyaan sajke singaar
aayin Jamuna ke paar
rum jhoom ke bajaao bansari muraari
pa ma dha pa
dha ma pa
ga ma ga re sa
rum jhoom ke bajaao
ni dha pa ga ma ga re sa
ga ma ga re sa
ga ma ga re sa
rum jhoom ke bajaao

ruk thham ke chaand chaley
taaron ka man machley

ruk thham ke chaand chaley
aa aa aaaaaaaa
aaa aaa aaaa
aa aa aa aa aaaa
aa aa aaaa
aa aa aa aa aaa
aa aa aa aaa
ruk thham ke chaand chaley
taaron ka man machley
runak jhunak dhoom dhaam
nilam ke gagan tale
runak jhunak dhoom dhaam neelam ke gagan taley
runak jhunak dhoom dhaam neelam ke gagan taley

rum jhoom ke bajaao bansari muraari
rum jhoom
aa aa aa aaaaaaaaaaa
aa aa aaaa
aa aa aaa
muraari eeeeeeee
muraari eeeeeeeeeeee
muraari eeeeeeee
re muraari
aa muraari re ae
muraaaari re

rum jhoom ke bajaao bansari muraari
rum jhoom ke bajaao bansari mura

28 Responses to "Rum jhoom ke bajaao bansari muraari"

@ Kamath Sir – heartiest Congratulations on your 300th post…!
and all our best wishes for the many more posts- from you – that we wish to see here.
thanks for the information, details,thoughts you share with us enriching our knowledge of hindi films music and non film songs too!
Thanks again, and with best regards always…




Sadanand ji,

Congratulations on your 300th article.
Writing 300 articles,which are not only highly informative,but also the net result of studied hard work on the concerned topic is realy highly creditable.
Your articles ara a lesson on how to do an article after a detailed study of the subject and consideration of all possible angles.
Thanks for giving us these treats.
May you go on for ever…..


Sadanand ji,

After 1968….11 films…. How ?
As per an article on Shailendra in the book ‘Gaata rahe mera Dil’ by shri Salil Dalal..
1968- 1. Bramhachari 2. Jhuk gaya aasman 3. Kahin aur chal 4. Sapnon ka Saudagar
1970- 5. Jwala, 6. Mera naam joker
1971- 7. Door ka raahi 8. jawan muhabbat and
1989- 9. Mamta ki chhaon mein

may I know which are the remaining 2 films ?



Two remaining films as per are:

10. Chorni, 1982
11. Dii Ki Baazi, 1993

I had a doubt about these two films about Shailendra being credited with songs. First, I thought that songs of these two films may have been written by his son Shaily Shailendra. But I could not get it confirmed from the sources on the websites. I , therefore, kept the accredition to Shailendra as it is under the assumption that MDs of these two films may have used songs from Shailendra’s 50 odds unused songs at the time of his death.

If you have any information about these two films, please let me know so that I can correct the statistics at my end.



Congatulations for the 300th posts. Your reserarched articles on lyricist are invaluable source of information for us.

About the two remaining films, the credit of Shailendra @ appears to be wrong at least for Chorni (1982). Here are the credits -music department at imdb website :


Thanks for pointing out the link. There are 4 lyricists accredited including Shaily Shailendra in IMDb for ‘Chorni’.

I am now waiting for Arunji’s response based on HFGK listing or any other sources before correcting the statistics.


vinyl records of Chorni(1981/82)
I have just seen the title sequences of the movie,
there is no mention of Shailendra`s name, only Shailey Shailendra`s name was mentioned with other 3 names:
as per that
1)Chorni hoon main:Lata Mangeshkar (Shailey Shailendra)
2)Ang se achchi hai:Lata(Lyricist:Virendra/Virender)
3)Kehta hai dil:Kishore(Hasrat Jaipuri)
4)Hai ye kaisa nasha:Asha(Shiley Shailendra)
5)Dekha Hai Tumhein:Kishore(Lyricist:Singaar-Must be another name of playback singer Sharada who was a favourite of Shankar of SJ fame)


Sadanand ji,
I have already written to the author of the book,shri Salil Dalal ji,based in Canada. I am awaitng his reply to revert to you.


Thanks Arunji.


Thanks for the encouraging words.


300 posts. That is prodigious output. Bravo for dispensing song-bytes. Thanks.
Baat chalat…in Rani Roopmati


Sadanand ji,

Many Thanks for the 300 “mini-thesis”. A wealth of info stored in them.
I remember reading some mythological connection to the song ” sajan re jhoot mat bolo” from Teesri Kasam. Any idea about it Sir ?.


Thanks for your appreciation.

When I first heard ‘sajan re jhoot mat bolo’ in 1966, I got an impression that this song may have been based on a Kabir or Rahim Doha. However, I have not come across any similarity of thoughts of this song with their poems.

There is a general Hindu philosophy of life which believe that when one came into this world, he did not bring anything with him. So when one goes back to the God, one would not take anything from this world. Something akin to this philosophy is implicit in a verse ‘tumhaare mahal chaubaare yahin rah jaayenge pyaare’ in this song.


link to the inlay card of Dil ki baazi
where you can see Shailey shailendra`s name along with Ravindra Rawal,Dev Kohli

Another link to the inlay card of Dil ki baazi movie cassette where it has been clearly written Shailey Shailendra`s name against 2 songs:
1)ye badal aasman pe kyon:Lata,S.P.Balasubramaniam
2)ruk bhi jaao jaana:S.P.Balasubramaniam,Lata


Thanks Prakashchandraji for those links which make it clear that 5 songs from CHORNI and 2 songs of DIL KI BAAZI accredited to Shailendra in were written by Shaily Shailendra.

With this, the total films and total songs written by Shailendra get reduced to 758 songs in 175 films. The numbers in music director wise table accordingly get changed. SJ- 92 films and 364 songs and Other music directors (16) – 17 films and 83 songs.

I am sorry for the errors.


Sadanand ji

Small correction,
Only 2 songs of Chorni are written by Shailey shailendra.Please See above comment made by me, I have written Lyricist`s names against the songs.



Yes, I have noted that. But having counted 5 songs from CHORNI purported to be written by Shailendra as per , I had to deduct 5 songs from Shailendra’s tally.


You are missing soundtrack of Film Hi Film. That would also impact your Sahir List as well.


As per , there are no songs accredited to Shailendra and Sahir Ludhianvi for FILM HI FILM,1983. There are 4 songs in this film without the names of lyricists assigned to these songs.


Aadmi Ko Jeena Hai /N Dutta/Sahir/Asha
Hanskar Hansa Masti Mein Gaa /S-J/Shailendra/Manna

just trying to help u with ur table. there are 10 songs in the movie btw. all from previously unreleased films if u havent already included them separately.


Congratulations Sadanandji on reaching the triple century post. Finding rare gems and writing a well researched article is not an easy job. Thanks for all your contribution to this blog.




Thanks bluefireji for those missing songs from FILM HI FILM.


Congratulations Sadanand-ji for the 300th post. All your posts contain a wealth of information for which I am grateful






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