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Bahut diya dene waale ne tujhko

Posted on: January 14, 2009

There are songs that play to the gallery and earn some cheap popularity before fading into oblivion. But there are some songs that talk about more important facts of life, about the philosophy behind our existence etc. Such songs tend to tug at our heart strings and influence us deeply. Such songs tend to remain with us for ages, as the messages contained in such songs are applicable for all times to come.

This song “bahut diya dene waale ne tujhko” falls under that category of songs. Anyone with a conscious cannot but be influenced on listening to this song from “Soorta aur seerat”. Shailendra, the lyricist who gave us lyrics like “sajan re jhooth mat bolo” has given us this song which is full of pearls of wisdom.

Roshan, a very good friend of Mukesh, is the music director of this fabulous song.

Song-Bahut diya dene wale ne tujhko (Soorat aur Seerat) (1962) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-Roshan


bahot diyaa dene waale ne tujhko
bahot diyaa dene waale ne tujhko
aanchal hi na samaaye to kyaa keeje
beet gaye jaise ye din rainaa
baaki bhi kat jaaye duaa keeje

jo bhi de-de maalik tu kar le qubool
jo bhi de-de maalik tu kar le qubool
kabhi-kabhi kaanton mein bhi khilte hain phool
wahaan der bhale hain andher nahin
ghabraa ke yoon gilaa mat keeje
bahot diyaa dene waale ne tujhko
aanchal hi na samaaye to kyaa keeje

denge dukh kab tak bharam ke ye chor
denge dukh kab tak bharam ke ye chor
are dhalegi ye raat pyaare phir hogi bhor
kab roke ruki hai samay ki nadiyaa
ghabaraa ke yoon gilaa mat keeje
bahot diyaa dene waale ne tujhko
aanchal hi na samaaye to kyaa keeje
beet gaye jaise ye din rainaa
baaki bhi kat jaaye duaa keeje

8 Responses to "Bahut diya dene waale ne tujhko"

Hi Atul, Was this song picturised on Dharmendra? Please let me know.


Hi Atulji,

Waiting for your reply on my question.

Thanks, Shashi


I have not seen the video of this song so I am unable to comment about its picturisation. People who may have seen the picturisation will be able to reply.


The song is picturised on Dharmendra.This movie was directed by Rajanish Bahl (Nutan’s husband) and Nutan acted in it without any make-up.


Thanks a lot for the information, Diwakarji.


What does the following line mean?

denge dukh kab tak bharam ke ye chor


Saurabh ji,

देंगे दुख कब तक भरम के ये चोर
ढलेगी ये रात प्यारे फिर होगी भोर

O till when
These crooked villains of delusion
Will continue to cause misery
Soon, this night (of delusions) will fade
And a new dawn will emerge

The lines ensconce within themselves, some very profound philosophy; that there is a night of ignorance that envelopes us; and in this night of ignorance, we are tortured and made miserable by our own delusions. That is the effect of ‘माया’ – we understand not the true nature of things. But then, this night will last only till we do not gain knowledge; whence the darkness of ignorance will disappear, and the dawn of realization will be upon us.



Thank you so much for the explanation Sudhir ji. Beautiful lines these.


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