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Sab kuchh seekha hamne na seekhi hoshiyaari

Posted on: January 29, 2009

Here is a much loved song from “Anaadi” which is sung by Mukesh and picturised on Raj Kumar. This song is a standard Raj Kapoor production, in the sense that this song is created by the standard Raj Kapoor team. The song is penned by Shailendra and the music is composed by Shankar Jaikishan.

The song has become a sort of an anthem for many people, who regard this song as the tale of their lives. And indeed, the lyrics by Shailendra are such that most people can readily identify with the sentiments expressed in the song. It is a song that is a comment on the ways of the world. The words rang true those days, and now, half a century later, the words contained in the song appear just as true.

This song has all the hallmarks of an evergreen song, and this song is very much an evergreen song.

Song-Sab kuch seekha hamne na seekhi hoshiyaari (Anaadi ) (1959) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-Shankar Jaikishan


Sab kuchh seeka hamne na seekhi hoshiyaari
Sab kuchh seeka hamne na seekhi hoshiyaari
sachh hai duniyaawaalon ke ham hain anaadi

duniya ne kitna samjhaaya kaun hai apna kaun paraaya
phir bhi dil ki chot chhupakar hamne aapka dil bahlaaya
khud hi mar mitne ki ye zidd hai hamaari
khud hi mar mitne ki ye zidd hai hamaari
sachh hai duniyaawaalon ke ham hain anaadi

dil ka chaman ujadte dekha pyar ka rang utarte dekha
hamne har jeene waale ko dhan daulat pe marte dekha

dil pe marne waale marenge bhikaari
dil pe marne waale marenge bhikaari
sachh hai duniyaawaalon ke ham hain anaadi

asli nakli chehre dekhe dil pe sau sau pahre dekhe
mere dukh pe dil se poocho kya kya khwaab sunahre dekhe
toota jis taare pe nazar thi hamaari
toota jis taare pe nazar thi hamaari
Sab kuchh seeka hamne na seekhi hoshiyaari
sachh hai duniyaawaalon ke ham hain anaadi


15 Responses to "Sab kuchh seekha hamne na seekhi hoshiyaari"

As a young boy this was one of my favourite songs.
It still is.
Even the picturisation is great.
Did I forget to mention Nutan ? 🙂


Even I forgot to mention Nutan.


Forty five years ago I saw this movie in Bombay, perhaps in a rerun. Of course even before that, the songs were already heard hundreds of times, thanks to Radio Ceylon.

I still remember Nutan trying to cut classes, jumping off of the boarding school wall. First she reoves her shoes and throws them over the wall, only for them to land on a hapless (anaaDee) Raj Kapoor.

Nutan here and in TGKS, even to some extent in Paying Guest is the urbane glam girl, as opposed to her utterly simple village girl role in Bandini. She can pull of both with equal ease.

I think I read somewhere (upperstall-?) that as a young girl she lived in Switzerland for a while and went to school there. That sophistication I think shows in some of her roles. What was th emovie which had posters strewn around the city walls with her in a swimsuit? Was it Baarish? No, but something similar?


Nutan appeared in swimsuit in S.D.Narang`s DILLI KA THUG(starring Kishore kumar)Am I right?????????


Atul, you usualy mention the others who appear in the picturization. Who is the dancer? And who is the girl at the piano? Is she the same one who is Madhubala’s friend in Chalti ka naam gaadi?

The picturization is great. The camera zooms on Nutan at the tag line in each verse of the song. And she shows such nuanced feelings, while looking super lovely.


The girl at the piano is Shubha Khote, but I don’t know who the dancer is, and I don’t remember if she was in CKNG too. Atul or Raja or Memsaab are more likely to know that.


I saw it again a couple more times. I can’t get over the very subtle feelings shown by Raj Kapoor and Nutan, with just the slightest of movement in their eyes or face. Notice the slight smile in his face, a hint that he is on to her ‘game” as he sees it. And the hint of Chaplin that Raj Kapoor still manages to show in his demeanour.

Lalitha – I meant to say if Shubha Khote was also the girl in CKNG, as Madhubala’s friend.


Motilal appears in the visuals of the song.
Whether dancer appearing in the song is ARUNA(she is there in many Hrishikesh mukherjee movies)????
Arunji or sadanandji HELP!!!!!


Prakash ji,
I also think she IS Aruna.


The lady dancer is Meena Fernandez/Meena Fernandes who appears in Sujata,Ab Dill Door nahin, Bank Manager Songs…….as identified by Pamir Harvey ji


Video has been removed. 😦


You can see at this YouTube site



I do know that you have more than enough work at hand for this blog. What I don’t know is whether you mind me digging old posted songs and asking for minor corrections etc. Here are a few for this iconic song.

a) Raj Kumar to be replaced by Raj Kapoor in the second line of post.
b) Both the videos don’t seem to be working.

Additional Info
a) This was NOT a standard RK production as the director was Hrishikesh Mukherjee.

b)This movie won 5 Filmfare awards including best male playback singer for Mukesh and Shailendra for lyrics for the above song itself.




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