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Na ye chaand hoga na taare rahenge

Posted on: October 28, 2014

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog.This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.


From 1931 to 2010, a total of 11,150 Talkie films were censored. Once the film gets censored, it is free to be released. However,no one really knows how many films do not reach even the censors. I mean, films get started with very good intentions, but one can not predict whether the film will be completed, censored and released. There are several films which do not reach the theatres.

The reasons usually are-

1. Film announced but does not start shooting, only advertised. For example, film ‘Baiju Bavra’-1949

2. Film starts shooting but is abandoned midway, due to refusal of one of the lead pairs to continue. e.g. K.Asif’s ” Janwar ” starring Dilip kumar and Suraiya. They never came together on the screen thereafter. (read more about it on Cineplot)

3. Film is released outside India, but not released in India, due to Hero’s wish. e.g. Dev Anand’s only Hollywood film-20th century Fox’s film ” The evil within”-1970

4. 60% films are not completed and are abandoned incomplete due to various reasons.

5. 30% films are not released, though completed, due to financial disputes between Producers and distributors / actors / composers etc.

6. only 10% films do not reach the screen due to other reasons.

There are strange cases, where the dispute of a film goes to the court, the court gives a stay on release, no one opposes it and the film dies in the cans forever. However, there are case where such ” stayed ” films are made available clandestinely..e.g. film ” Kasturi “-1954. According to Pankaj Mullick, its Music Director, the producer of this film did not pay him his fees, so Pankaj Mullick went to the court and got a stay on film’s release and also withdrawal of its records from the market. However, pirated version of the film and the records came to the market and today are freely available, even on You Tube. Some songs from this film are also posted on this Blog !

Some films take unusually long time to get released. The latest example is film ” Love in Bombay”-1971. The film was made in 1971, censored in 1974 and finally released in 2013…after 42 years !!!

There is one more film- ” Yaar meri zindagi” starring Amitabh Bachhan. This was made in 1971, censored in 1996, but not yet released, even after 43 years !.

The Hindi Film Geet kosh lists some unreleased films’ names in every volume. In 1930s such unreleased films listed were- 7, in the 40s they were-45, in the 50s they were-35, in the 60s the number was-31 films and the 70s had – 69 unreleased films. That is a total of only 187 films in 50 years. But this figure is just the tip of the Iceberg. There are countless number of films which ended halfway or were not released at all, for whatever reasons. The HFGK does not list such films.

I was going through several articles on unreleased films and I found that the maximum number of incomplete/unreleased films were by Amitabh Bachchan. During the 70s, when Amitabh Bachchan was ruling, every alternate producer wanted to make a film with Amitabh Bachchan. many films were planned but they never saw the daylight. Google gives several such lists. The film ‘ yaar meri zindagi’ has the record so far-starring Amitabh Bachchan- of not getting released after 43 years, though Amitabh Bachchan is still active.

Once the shooting of film starts, the MD of the film is in a hurry to compose his songs and get the recordings done. That is how many unreleased films have their songs recorded. Some such songs are available luckily. Talented composer Daan Singh became infamous as ” Unlucky”, because most of the films he got were either shelved halfway or were not released. Poor fellow stopped getting films and had to go back to his AIR job in Jaipur.

It so happens that some of the unreleased films have some outstanding or interesting songs recorded, but are hidden from the public. Such songs are also extremely difficult to get. These are the proud possessions of Collectors of Records. We propose to bring these hidden Gems to you,under a New Series, ” LOST AND FOUND- GEMS FROM UNRELEASED FILMS “. It is starting from today.

During the period 1946-47, many films remained incomplete or unreleased as their producers migrated to Pakistan. In few cases due to Director or composer also, films were not completed, though in most cases and where the producer was strong and in India, a replacement ensured completion of those films.

One such unreleased film was “SASSI” in the late 40s. This was a love story of Sassi and Punnu. Sassi’s love story is one of the 7 love stories of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai and is famous in old day Sindh and Punjab. Not much information is available on why this film was not released ,but songs were recorded for this movie. Most songs were not available, but one song was discovered, thanks to the efforts of Shri Girdharilal ji Vishwakarma ji and Dr. Surjit Singh ji (who made it available on his site). The Music director of this film was G.A.Chishti, who migrated to Pakistan in 1949. Though he was not a successful or known composer in India, he became a Legend in Pakistan and was extremely successful and respected too. He also became the First composer in Pakistan to give music to more than 100 films (158 films, to be precise).

G. A. Chishti’s real name was Ghulam Ahmed Chishti. He was born in 1905 in Gana chor, a small village of Jalandhar. He was fond of music from his childhood and in his early educational days, he was used to sing “Naats”. When he came in Lahore, he met with Agha Hashr Kashmiri, a well-known writer of subcontinent who was a good composer too. He joined Agha Hashr as an employee on a salary of Rs. 50 per month. He got his early music training under the influence of Agha Hashr Kashmiri. After the death of Agha Sahab, G. A. Chishti joined a recording company and composition songs there. He produced some records of Jaddan Bai and Ameer Bai Karnataki.

G. A. Chishti started his career by composing music for the film “Deen o Dunya” in 1936, and in 1938 he had composed music for L R Shori’s film Sohni Manhival. After the success of this film, he moved to Calcutta where he had composed music for several films. Censor board banned one of his compositions “Aik Shehar ki londya nainon ke teer chala geyi…” from the film Shukriya in 1944.

Famous producer/Director R C Talwar had good relations with Chisti and Chisti had composed music for most of his films. After ‘Pardesi Dhola’-41(Punjabi), Talwar’s first hindi film was ” Khamoshi’-42. Then came Talwar’s Manchali-43,Shukriya-44 and Albeli-45.

He also composed music for Kidar Sharma’s ‘Kaliyan’-44. One of the songs of film ‘Shukriya’-44,” Nainon ke teer chala gayi ” sung by Sunder was banned by Government considering its lyrics as vulgar. His other films were Zid, Yeh hai zindagi and jhoothi kasme. Chisti decided to migrate to Pakistan and left in 1949. Films like ‘Do Baaten’-49 (completed by K P Sen),Nai Bhabhi-50 and Jawani ki aag-51 (completed by Harbux Singh) were released after his departure.

In 1949, G.A. Chishti migrated to Pakistan, At that time the Pakistan’s films industry was in primitive stage and its productions were generally unable to compete with the selected (imported) Indian films.

G.A.Chishti, a legendary music composer of Pakistani cinema can be categorized as one of the founders of Pakistani film music. He had already established himself in the pre-independence era. G.A. Chishti was firmly grounded in the Punjabi ang. He was particularly apt at weaving the design of influences around Punjabi music

.G. A. Chishti started to compose the music of three films at a time, that were Sachchai, Mundri and Pherey. Pherey became a blockbuster after the release. It was not only the first successful film of Pakistan but the first silver jubilee hit too. It is said that G.A. Chishti composed all of the tunes of this film only in one day. Pherey had the following hit songs:

Menoo Rabb di sonh tere naal pyar ho geya.. (Munawar Sultana)

Akhian laveen na, ve fer pachhtavin na.. (Munawar Sultana, Inayat Hussain Bhatti)

Ki keeta taqdeere, rol chhadey do heerey.. (Munawar Sultana)

Jai nain si pyar nibhana, sanu dass ja koi thakana.. (Inayat Hussain Bhatti)

G.A. Chishti had a very long and successful career. He had composed almost 5000 tunes. In Pakistan he had scored music for 152 films. He had also a poetic skill and was able to write poetry in Urdu and Punjabi. He had written the lyrics of almost 12 songs for films. G. A. Chishti was a very simple, affable and kind person. Due to his popularity and venerability, He was called “Baba Ji” in film world. He had always composed the tunes to keep in view of the public-demand and this is a fact that his tunes are still very popular in public. He had composed some Urdu films too, but infect he was a specialist of Punjabi film music.

He died at the age of 89 by heart attack, on December 25, 1994, in Lahore.

The song which he composed for the film “Sassi” was so melodious that after going to Pakistan, G A Chishti used the same song-Lyrics and tune- in his film Sassi-1954 which was made in Pakistan with almost the same cast, since most of the cast had also migrated to Pakistan. However, the song was sung in that Pakistani film by Kausar Parveen, sister of Film’s Heroine Asha Posley. Coincidence was that in a film made in 1954 in India-Shart- composer Hemant Kumar also used this tune and Lyrics in a song sung by Geeta Dutt and Himself in 2 parts. The song became Hit in India as well as Pakistan. These two songs are easily available on YT unlike the original song of “Sassi”.

Here is this rare Sassi-40s song sung by Asha Posley and composed by G A Chishti.

The link of the other two songs, viz the Pakistani song (sung by Kausar Parveen) and the song of “Shart” (1954) (sung by Hemant Kumar and Geeta Dutt) is here.
Author’s note:-
Now it is proved that this song by Kausar Perveen is from the Pakistani film “Sassi”(1954).
It is also on record that the music director of “Sassi”(1954), G A Chishti had requested Hemant Kumar for allowing him to use the tune for this song-which happens to be that same as that of the song in the Hindi film “Shart”(1954), sung by Geeta Dutt and Hemant Kumar separately.

Enjoy this Gem from an unreleased movie from the pre independence era.

Song-Na ye chaand hoga na taare rahenge(Sassi)(1940)(UR) Singer-Asha Posle, Lyrics-Aziz Merathi, MD-G A Chishti


na ye chaand hoga
na ye chaand hoga
na taare rahenge
magar ham hamesha
tumhaare rahenge
na ye chaand hoga

na tum ne suna
mere gham ka fasaana
na tum ne suna
mere gham ka fasaana
sulagta raha
pyaar ka aashiyaana
kahaan ab
tere gham ke maare rahenge
na ye chaand hoga

na ye chaand hoga
na ye chaand hoga
na taare rahenge
magar ham hamesha
tumhaare rahenge
na ye chaand hoga

tumhe hamne dekhe bina dil diya hai
tumhe hamne dekhe bina dil diya hai
tumhe pyaar khwaabon mein
hamne kiya hai
tumhaare liye hain
tunhaare rahenge
na ye chaand hoga

tumhen choomna chaahti hain nigaahen
tumhen choomna chaahti hain nigaahen
na chhodengi daaman tumhaara ye baahen
hamaare ho tum
hum tumhaare rahenge
na ye chaand hoga
na ye chaand hoga
na taare rahenge
magar ham hamesha
tumhaare rahenge
na ye chaand hoga

20 Responses to "Na ye chaand hoga na taare rahenge"

Thanks a lot for this wonderful research and rare find.



AK ji,
Thanks for your appreciation. This will encourage me to continue with my work.


WOW and (Huff huff for the HMV Logo even he his wagging his tail in approval) What a song. It sounded so strange and effect was quite eerie and super natural. As if Asha Bhosle is singing a Geeta Dutt number. Thanks for digging up the imperious pearl from the ocean-bed.
Quiz: What is the gender of the HMV animal dog and why
Thanks Atulji for uploading the song.
I dare say it could be the first Pakistani song
GA Chishti offered music in Albeli-45, Do Baate-49, Jhuthi Qasme, Kaliya-44, Khamoshi-42, Manchali-43, Nayi Bhabhi-50, Shukriya-44, Zid-45, -Yeh hai Zindagi-47,
Asha Posle acted in Aai Bahar-46, Ek Rox-47, Pagli-43, Papiha Re-48, Paraye Bas Me-46;
NFS by Posle>>>tum jaavo tum jaavo re baalam


Nitin ji,
Thanks for your comments.
The song presented here is from an INDIAN unreleased film-Sassi-40s.
The Dog in the HMV Logo was called NIPPER. It was a Male animal which lived only for 1 year from 1884 to 1885. It was supposed to be a Terrier.


Thanks for the info. I just wanted to highlight that His Master’s Voice means it has to be male otherwise it would been Her Master’s Voice.


Surjitji mentions below that the song was from Sassi-54; that makes it eminently Paki movie. If it was in 40’s movie Hemantda would have taken the permission to use the song and not vice versa


Nitin ji,
I will repeat. The same film was made again in Pakistan. By the time it was ready,probably,Hemant kumar had already used this tune in Shart-54. That is why,G A Chisti asked for his permission.
There were 2 more songs (of S D Burman) also which he used elsewhere’ in Pakistani films.


Arun ji,
This song is a revelation to me. Heard here for the first time.
Indeed a rare gem rendered by the singer with her pathos filled voice.
Thanks a lot for making this song known to a wider audience of this Blog.


Sadanand ji,


Arun ji

Superb post,so much of information Thank you very much for that.

and about Yaar meri zindagi full movie is available at youtube and here is the video clip of a song featuring Urvashi Sharada(starred in other hindi movies like Samaj ko badal daalo, Agnirekha(1973-with sanjeev kumar)

I guess result of video piracy or any other reason for not releasing officially. They have included one actress Sudha chandaran for the old starcast.


I don`t know how much to believe this news, may be just a news for publicity


Prakash ji,
The news item says,” it is to be released at the end of the month”,but it was not released at all. What is available on Internet may be clandestine,illegal or may be pirated version. this is my information.
And even if it is released 37 years is too long a time to make the film intersting !


Thank you Arun ji for the updation.



In a book on film music published in Pakistan, there is an interview in which Chishti said that he asked Hemant Kumar’s permission to use the song Na ye Chang Hoga in Sassi 1954.


Dr.Surjit Singh ji,

Thanks for your information.
I have also seen all the E Mails between Abhay jain ji,Sudhir ji and you,about this song.
All the points made in the above post are correct,except probably that the song posted here is sung by Kausar parveen and NOT Asha Posley. As I am not very sure,I went by what information I got first.
I know that for any song from an old and Unreleased film,many points have to be questioned and discussed,because the people concerned are mostly not available for confirmation. No answer can satisfy all the parties.
Thanks once again.


Correct words in final stanza :

” tumhen choomna chaahti ” hain nigaahen
” na chhodengi daaman tumhaara ” ye baahen

Thanks you to all concerned on this rare offering.


We cannot thank you enough for all your effort.
phir bhi THANK YOU


Here is the combined song having 3 version i.e. song by Kausar Perveen, Geeta Dutt and Hemant kumar.
This confirms that there was a Pakistani movie with independent song with same tune as that of film Shart.


It seems someone has mistakenly backdated the 1954 Sassi film songs to late 1940. Is t not a big coincidence that same cast and crew would migrate together to Pak? the songs supposedly available online from the 40s are from the 1954 film. the one linked here is from 1954 film only.. Chishti is said to have credited Hemant in his interview in Pak which negates that ‘Sassi 1947’ info. The existence of that 40s Sassi does seem doubtful to me.


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