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Asha ne khel rachaaya

Posted on: November 10, 2014

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I am discussing Pankaj Mullick songs these days and now I find that I have discussed almost all the movie songs composed by him barring a few rare ones. So now I only have his NFS left to discuss.

Here is an NFS which is sung and composed by Pankaj Mullick. I have no information about the lyricist or about the year when this song was recorded. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on this matter.

Here is this lovely song in this divine voice which I heard for the first time only just now.

Song-Asha ne khel rachaaya (Pankaj Mullick NFS)(1950) Singer-Pankaj Mullick, MD-Pankaj Mullick


aashaa ne khel rachaayaa
ban ban ke hamen banaayaa
tan man mein aag lagaayi ee ee
sukh kaa sansaar jalaayaa
aashaa ne khel rachaayaa

jab ham apnaapan bhoole ae ae
aur prem kaa jhoolaa jhoole
jab ham apnaapan bhoole ae ae
aur prem kaa jhoolaa jhoole
tab pher ke hamse aankhen
tab pher ke hamse aankhen
is dil kaa diyaa bujhaayaa
aashaa ne khel rachaayaa

deenon kaa sahaaraa chhootaa
toofaan jigar par tootaa
seene mein bijli kadkee
aankhon mein
aankhon mein andheraa chhaayaa

dukh dard mein doobaa doobaa aa aa
ik geet hai armaanon kaa
dukh dard mein doobaa doobaa aa aa
ik geet hai armaanon kaa
jal bhun kar dil mein jisko
jal bhun kar dil mein jisko
aahon ?? lagaaya aaa
aashaa ne khel rachaayaa

6 Responses to "Asha ne khel rachaaya"

The details> MD:F Casanova; Lyrics: Faiyaz Hussein;
aaho ke pher lagaaya
I had sent the NFS(file name: NFS mixed-Auto-saved>146 pages)


This person Casanova had created cover versions of this and other Pankaj Mullick songs. That does not make him the music director of these songs.




What a beauty! The lyric, the ethos poured into the song by PankajDa and the flow of the melody makes it an everlasting song! Thank you for making this a beautiful morning for me.


Dear Atul Saaheb. I am 14 years of age and have vast knowledge on K L Saigal as well as Pankaj Mullick. I have this song on a 78RPM record and the lyricist mentions the name of Pandit Bhushan and music direction given by Pankaj Mullick himself. Frankly, I don’t believe that the record has a mistake on it so according to my sources, this seems about correct. The opposite side was Pankaj Mullick’s version of Aye Qaatib E Taqdeer and according to my acquaintances, that song was released in 1948 so presumably Aasha Ne Khel was released during the same year. I hope this helps kind sir. Thank you very much.


This song is written by pandit bhushan the lyricist of the movie my sister. It was scrapped from the movie since Hemchunder the director of the movie was not so convinced by this song. He wanted a ghazal with painful words. And saigal could not convince pankaj mullick during the rehearsals. So this dong was scrapped from the movie & haye kis but ki mohobbat me geraftaar huye was included due to box office reasons.


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