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Kitne hain dil mein daag

Posted on: November 13, 2014

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog.This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Aaye Bahaar Ban Ke
Lubha Kar Chale Gaye. . .

The history of film industry is abundant with tales of stars that appeared on the horizon, briskly ascended the popularity curve, and then either rapidly descended the other side, or simply faded away, with equal haste. Some of these tales have very poignant and depressing endings. And the sad part is that many such artists and performers have simply dissolved into the oblivion of time. For many of them, very little biographical information is available. It is as if the history itself is bent upon erasing all memories of such luckless stars.

I can imagine in my mind’s eye – the time of their glory, large faces on huge posters, photos and articles in papers and magazines of that time, popular following, and all other trappings of success. But when the lady luck decides to look away, then so does the rest of the world too. No one writes about them. Their memories fade away quickly without any refresh. Only the bigger stars and the bigger lights remain, and are written about. The rest are bundled into the category of ‘ah yes, also ran’, and then relegated to the vacuum of history.

Actor Suresh is one such star, who was one of the leading lights of the industry in late 1940s and the first half of 1950s. And then. . .

Remembering Suresh on the anniversary of his birth (13th November).

The real name of this persona was Nazim Amad. Born in Gurdaspur (Punjab) in 1928, his destinies brought him to Bombay, and he started his career as a child artist with Bombay Talkies. He played small roles in films like ‘Anjaan’ (1941), ‘Naya Sansaar’ (1941) and ‘Basant’ (1942). A strapping and handsome young man, he was all of eighteen years of age when he appeared in his first role as a leading man in the 1946 film ‘Sona Chandi’. The subsequent about ten years were halcyon days for his career. At the height of his glory, he appeared as the leading man opposite to the likes of Suraiya (‘Rang Mahal’, 1948; ‘Deewaana’, 1952; ‘Goonj’, 1952), Madhubala (‘Dulari’, 1949), Nalini Jaywant (‘Jaadu’, 1951), Vijayntimala (‘Yaasmin’, 1954), Nirupa Roy (‘Bade Bhaiyya’, 1951), Mumtaz Shanti (‘Zamaane Ki Hawaa’, 1952), Shyama (‘Bahadur’, 1953; ‘Chaar Chaand’, 1953; ‘Haar Jeet’, 1954), Usha Kiran (‘Dost’, 1954), Nigar Sultana (‘Rishta’, 1954).

And then, as if the fortune flow had been turned off. His presence as a leading man moved down into B/C grade films, and subsequent to that he got sidelined into stray appearances in character roles. I recall a memory from 1968. As a small child, I had accompanied the family to see the film ‘Duniya’. In this film, Suresh has a supporting role as Vijayntimala’s brother (he had played hero opposite to her 14 years earlier). When he first appears on screen, he is dressed as a chauffeur. In the film, he is the driver of Prem Chopra. I do not remember many things of the film from that first viewing, but I do remember a very audible gasp from some folks sitting in the theatre, saying “Oy, Suresh”. Later I could relate to that reaction. People in the audience who had seen him as a hero, were shocked to see him in a side role as a driver.

In 1970, in an effort for who knows what, he decided to produce a film. The film is ‘Ganga Aur Suraj’. After may delays, including replacing an ailing Anwar Hussain with Kader Khan after considerable shooting had been completed, the film was finally released in 1980. It did not make any impression on the box office. Suresh’s fortunes never recovered after this disaster and he died a penniless and unhappy man.

This song is from the 1961 film ‘Vazir e Azam’. A period costume drama, it is produced by Amar Roopkala Productions Bombay, and is directed by RS Raahi. The star cast includes Suresh, Nadira, Sherry Mohan, Indira, Amrit Rana, Heera Sawant, Kumari Nazar, Murli, Ruby, Sham, Bhagwan amongst others. The eight songs in this film are written by Hairat Sitapuri and music is by Robin Bannerji. The name of the singer is not identified in the Geet Kosh. I am speculating when I say that this voice could be of the music director Robin Bannerji himself. But that is just a guess. I request other friends and readers to help identify this voice.

A song that he performed in 1961, is the same song that he may have ruminated on in 1980. No details are available about his life and times after the disaster release of ‘Ganga Aur Suraj’. A wave that is really lost in the ocean, a name that is now completely hidden under the sands of time. Only oblivion, nothing else.


Song-Kitne hain dil mein daag (Vazir e Azam)(1961) Lyrics-Hairat Sitapuri, MD-Robin Bannerji


kitne. . . hain
dil mein daagh
ye aahon se pooch lo o
rota hoon kisliye
ye nigaahon se pooch lo o
kitne hain dil mein daagh
ye aahon se pooch lo
rota hoon kisliye
ye nigaahon se pooch lo o
kitne hain dil mein daagh

haathon mein gham ke saunp mujhe
jo chale gaye ae ae
mujhe intezaar un ka hai
raahon se pooch lo
kitna hoon diljala main
ye aahon se pooch lo o o
rota hoon kisliye
ye nigaahon se pooch lo o o
kitne hain dil mein daagh

(?) ke reh gayi meri ee ee
Buniyaad e zindagi
kya zulm kar gaye wo o o o o o
kya zulm kar gaye wo
gunaahon se pooch lo
kitne hain dil mein daagh
ye aahon se pooch lo o
rota hoon kisliye
ye nigaahon se pooch lo o o
kitne hain dil mein daagh

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

कितने॰ ए ए हैं
दिल में दाग़
ये आहों से पूछ लो
रोता हूँ किसलिए
ये निगाहों से पूछ लो
कितने हैं दिल में दाग़
ये आहों से पूछ लो
रोता हूँ किसलिए
ये निगाहों से पूछ लो
कितने हैं दिल में दाग़

हाथो में ग़म के सौंप मुझे
जो चले गए
मुझे इंतज़ार उनका है
राहों से पूछ लो
कितना हूँ दिलजला मैं
ये आहों से पूछ लो
रोता हूँ किसलिए
ये निगाहों से पूछ लो
कितने हैं दिल में दाग़

(?) के रह गयी मेरी
बुनियाद ए ज़िंदगी
क्या ज़ुल्म कर गए वो॰॰ ओ
गुनाहों से पूछ लो
कितने हैं दिल में दाग़
ये आहों से पूछ लो
रोता हूँ किसलिए
ये निगाहों से पूछ लो
कितने हैं दिल में दाग़

6 Responses to "Kitne hain dil mein daag"

Lovely post.
Do you all remember in movie Do Aur Do Paanch there was an imaginary character by name Suresh. Shashi and Amitabh would start >>Suresh maalum hai..Kaun Suresh..arrey Suresh ko nahi jaante ho…achha wooo…
Hairat Sitapur>>Hukum Ka Ekka-64, Insaaf Kaha Hai-58, Private Detective-62, Yahudi Ki Ladki-57,
Robin Chatterjee>>Aandhi Aur Toofan-64, Chimni Ka Dhua-73, Dhaake Ki Malmal-56, Flying Circus-65, Firdaus-53, Husna Ka Ghulam-68, Insaaf Kaha Hai-58, Junglee Raja-63, Majboori-54, Maasum-60, Marvel Man-64, Phir aaya Toofan-73, Pehli Shadi-53, Rustom Kaun-66, Rocket Tarzan-63, Ratan Deep-52, Sakhi Robin-62, Sobhna-54, Spy in Goa-66, Sabyasachi-48, Tum Aur Main-47, Tarzan and Delilah-64, Tarzan and KingKong-65, Yahudi Ki Ladki-57,


Thanks Nitin ji,

And btw, a small correction. Name of music director is Robin Bannerji (not Chatterji). And the list of films that you have provided is actually a mix of the films of both Robin Bannerji and Robin Chatterji. The break up is as follows,

Films of Robin Bannerji
– Insaaf Kahaan Hai – 58
– Maasoom – 60
– Sakhi Robin – 62
– Junglee Raja – 63
– Rocket Tarzan – 63
– Aandhi Aur Toofan – 64
– Marvel Man – 64
– Tarzan and Delilah – 64
– Flying Circus – 65
– Tarzan and KingKong – 65
– Rustom Kaun – 66
– Spy in Goa – 66
– Husna Ka Ghulam – 68
– Phir aaya Toofan – 73
Besides the above, Robin Bannerji also is the music director for the following,
– Raaz Ki Baat – 62 (unreleased)
– Hukam Ka Ekka – 64
– London Express – 68
– Ye Khoon Rang Laayega – 70

Films of Robin Chatterji
– Tum Aur Main – 47
– Sabyasachi – 48
– Ratan Deep – 52
– Firdaus – 53
– Pehli Shaadi – 53
– Majboori – 54
– Sobha – 54
– Dhaake Ki Malmal – 56
– Chimni Ka Dhua – 73
Besides the above, Robin Chatterji also is the music director for the following,
– Raaj Lakshmi – 45 (Talat Mehmood’s first song in Hindi films)
– Woh Dono – 47
– Sainyaan Se Bhaile Milanva – 64



And further,
Yahudi Ki Ladki from 1957 has music by Hemant Kumar only.

And the list of films for Robin Bannerji should also include ‘Vazir e Azam’.



Thanks for pointing the great mix-up. Unwittingly I added the list of Robin Chatterjee along with Banejee. Every word/sentence of yours is correct. Next time I shall be more careful. Thanks again


Thanks Sudhir ji
for this informative post about Suresh and and the rare song.



working video


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