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Yahaan To Katey Mauj Se Zindagi

Posted on: January 21, 2015

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

One of the key threads of genres that runs through the films of 1960s is an array of action films that were centered around the he-man actor Dara Singh.  This was the period when Dara Singh constituted an entire segment of the film industry all by himself.  Stories and screenplays were written keeping him as the center of the universe.  His larger than life physical presence, his standing as a real life body builder and wrestler of international repute, and his reputation as an upright person with very clean habits and a very honest, very humane person – all these characteristics made him a very popular figure with the masses.  Here was a screen hero who would be easily idolized by the common man, for the simple reason that his screen roles were a very close reflection of his real life persona.

From his debut as the leading man in 1962 with the film ‘King Kong’, for the next ten years up until 1971, he averaged 6 to 7 films a year.  There is even a film from 1964 which is titled by his name – ‘Dara Singh, The Iron Man’.  Practically all his films were considered to be B class action dramas, but nonetheless, he was the sustaining anchor of this industry segment.  And of course, producers put their money into these films because there was a definite demand.

‘Fualad’ is one his films from 1963.  He played the role of Amar, a commoner who falls in love with a princess, Rajkumari Padma, role played by Mumtaz.  This pair of Dara Singh and Mumtaz was the attraction of many a films in the first half of 1960s.  In some ways, the two of them complemented each other in building their individual careers.  The rest of the star cast includes Minu Mumtaz, Kamran, Randhir, Kamal Mehra, Shaam Kumar, Uma Dutt, Ratnamala, Praveen Pal, Vishwas Kunthe, Balram, Nazeer Kashmiri, Anwari Bai, Kathana, and Moolchand etc.  The songs of this film – goodness it is a collection of gems, almost all sung by Asha Bhosle.  There is one customary song by Rafi Sb that is filmed on Dara Sing – “Dil Hai Hamaara Phool Se Naazuk, Baazu Hain Faulaad”.  The remaining list of songs includes such fantastic gems like “O Matwaare Saajna Chhalak Gaya Mera Pyaa”, “Jaane Jaana Yoon Na Dekho Aaj Nafrat Se Hamein”, “Yaad Tori Aayee Main To Chham Chham Roi Re” and “Paaon Mein Jhaanjhar Jhaanjhar Mein Ghunghroo” – need I say more?

The six songs of this film are written by Farooque Kaiser and Anjaan, and the scintillating music is by GS Kohli.  What a fabulous set of songs these artists have created.  Five of the six songs of this film are already showcased here.  The sixth and final song comes on board today, with a nudging reminder from Khyati Ben, who has also sent in the lyrics for it.  The lyrics of this song are from the pen of Farooque Kaiser.  Another wonderful gem, albeit less heard in comparison.  Listen and enjoy.

Song – Yahaan To Katey Mauj Se Zindagi (Faulaad) (1963) Singer – Asha BhosleLyrics – Farooque Kaiser, MD – GS Kohli

Lyrics (Contributed by Khyati Bhatt)

la la la la aa aa
la la la la la
aa haa aaaa o o o

ho o o
yahaan to katey mauj se zindagi
khabar hai kise maut ke baad ki
ho o
yahaan to katey mauj se zindagi
khabar hai kise maut ke baad ki
ho o
yahaan to katey mauj se zindagi

mila kya mohabbat mein deewaana ban ke
jale teri mehfil mein parwaana ban ke
tujhe kya khabar hai
tadpaane waale
chhalkta hai dil aur
paimaana ban ke
mohabbat teri hai meri zindagi
khabar hai kise maut ke baad ki
ho o
yahaan to katey mauj se zindagi

hamen berukhi se na dekho yoon dilbar
na samjhoge tum jo guzarti hai hum par
abhi tak hai aankhon mein
taaseer itni
tadap ke jo dekhoon
pighal jaaye patthar
adaayen meri hai ye bijli bhari
khabar hai kise maut ke baad ki
ho o
yahaan to katey mauj se zindagi
khabar hai kise maut ke baad ki
ho yahaan to katey

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

ला ला ला ला आ आ
ला ला ला ला ला
आ हा आss ओ ओ

यहाँ तो कटे मौज से ज़िंदगी
खबर है किसे मौत के बाद की
यहाँ तो कटे मौज से ज़िंदगी
खबर है किसे मौत के बाद की
यहाँ तो कटे मौज से ज़िंदगी

मिला क्या मोहब्बत में दीवाना बन के
जले तेरी महफिल में परवाना बन के
तुझे क्या खबर है
तड़पाने वाले
छलकता है दिल और
पैमाना बन के
मोहब्बत तेरी है मेरी ज़िंदगी
खबर है किसे मौत के बाद की
यहाँ तो कटे मौज से ज़िंदगी

हमें बेरुखी से ना देखो यूं दिलबर
ना समझोगे तुम जो गुज़रती है हम पर
अभी तक है आंखिन में
तासीर इतनी
तड़प के जो देखूँ
पिघल जाये पत्थर
अदाएं मेरी हैं ये बिजली भरी
खबर है किसे मौत के बाद की
यहाँ तो कटे मौज से ज़िंदगी
खबर है किसे मौत के बाद की
हो यहाँ तो कटे॰ ॰ ॰

4 Responses to "Yahaan To Katey Mauj Se Zindagi"

Congratulations Atul ji – Sudhir ji – Khyati ji on covering all songs of ‘Faulaad-1963’ and its joining to the ‘ list of movies – all songs covered’ 🙂
One request – ek din mein ek hi Yippee aaye to achchha. Kyunki mera home work already pending hai … Otherwise also we can save a one for a ‘rainy day’ …:)


Thanks Sudhirbhai for the post. This number truly deserved it. I was just going through my list of movies with only one song remaining from 1961-70 (HFGK Vol 4) and found this gem which I had never heard before. I was just amazed by the music, voice and the dance by talented Minu Mumtaz.
Thanks again.


Congrats Atul ji on the yippee of the movie.
I second Avinash ji, we are sprinting to keep abreast but failing. Can we have 1 movie yippeed in 2 days?


Aparna ji … no problem in One Yippee per day. We will match with it. We do not want our Captain to step back from his resolution. Let it be One movie yippeed per day so far as possible 🙂
‘Yippee Guru’ ‘Pongal’ ke baad bhi ‘prakat’ nahin huye hain. Hope everything is Ok at him.


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