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Ik Tu Dooji Main Teeja Chaand Chauthi Thandi Hawaa

Posted on: January 21, 2015

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

The original and the natural ‘chulbuli’ (mischievous) of the Hindi screen.  As a child, she was Keeto (कीतो), and when she passed away, she was playing the role of Rano.

Remembering Geeta Bali, the ‘natkhat’ extraordinaire and the original tom-boy of Hindi films, on the 50th anniversary of her passing away (21st January).

Geeta Bali was born Harkirtan Kaur, in 1930, at Sargodha (now in Pakistan) near Amritsar in Punjab.  Her nickname of affection was ‘Keeto’ (shortened and modified from ‘Harkirtan’).  Her father, Kartar Singh, was a religious scholar and a singer of devotional music.  Her parents encouraged her and her sister to learn classical music and dance, as well as horse riding and ‘gatka’ (a type of sword fencing, part of the traditional martial arts of the Sikhs).  At an early age she was performing at the All India Radio, as well as she appeared as a child artist in some films.  One finds reference to a film titled ‘The Cobbler’ from 1942.  (Note: this film is not listed in HFGK, and I could find no more details about it).  Another film that is referenced is ‘Badnaami’ from 1946.  This is a Shorey Productions film.  It means that she was in Bombay by the time she was sixteen.

With some variations in the description, the episode that begins her known career in Hindi films, is a meeting with producer director Kidar Sharma.  (One account says that she was referred to him by a producer in Punjab; another account says that Kidar Sharma was visiting a friend, and her family was staying for the time being, in that house).  Kidar Sharma was taken in by the young beauty who apparently could not sit still for a minute, and he cast her in his next film ‘Suhaag Raat’ (1948) opposite to another debutant, Bharat Bhushan.  Although the film was not a great success, the industry noticed this effervescent bundle of energy, and by the time 1949 came to a close, a dozen more of her films were released.  She made her mark with her performance in films like ‘Badi Bahen’ and ‘Dulari’, and her career was on the up and up after that.

The defining success came with 1950 production of Kedar Sharma – ‘Baawre Nain’.  Appearing opposite to Raj Kapoor, she stole the limelight with her portrayal of an adolescent village girl who is both very simple, as well as very impish.  Following year saw the release of Guru Dutt Productions’ ‘Baazi’ and Bhagwan Dada’s ‘Albela’.  Her dances in the film ‘Baazi’ – “Tadbeer Se Bigdi Hui Taqdeer Banaa Le”, “Dekh Ke Akeli Mohe Barkha Sataaye”, and “Suno Gajar Kyaa Gaaye”, were one of the main reason that people went to see this film again and again.  And ‘Albela’ – it was a matter of a friendly promise from the heart.  As a perfomer, Bhagwan Dada had made his mark in the films already.  Yet most big name leading ladies avoided to work with him as a heroine (maybe because of his short stature).  Geeta Bali made a promise and then lived it up with an engaging performance, one of the reasons behind the runaway success of the film.  The records show that ‘Albela’ is probably the only film that celebrated a diamond jubilee run, in its repeat run a few years later.

Then came 1952, and she continued to scale newer heights of popularity with outstanding performances in ‘Anand Matth’ and ‘Jaal’.  Consider the actress and consider the songs.  In ‘Anand Matth’, she is performing the traditional ‘Dashavtaaram’ from Jaidev’s epic poem ‘Geet Govind’, as she takes on the refrain “Keshava Dhrit. . . Jai Jagdish Hare” in the song.  And in ‘Jaal’, she creates an utter delight with her performance of “Chori Chori Meri Gali Aana Hai Bura”.  Volumes it speaks of her histrionic depth and her natural ease with each and every role she assayed.

1955 came, and love happened.  The yet-to-be-flamboyant Shammi Kapoor was still finding his feet in the industry.  She was already at the height of her career.  The film they were shooting was ‘Rangeen Raatein’.  And they decided to get married, in the face of the initial opposition from the Kapoor family, who always frowned down upon working actresses in their family.  Things settled down however, and she continued to work in films.  Albeit come the end of 1950s, with Shammi’s career taking on a meteoric trajectory, Geeta Bali started to wind down her preoccupation with the industry, and slowed down her pace of work.  Her average of 6 to 7 films a year, started to slow down and by the time 1960 came around she was down to 1 to 2 films a year.  Her last film released was the 1963 production – ‘Jab Se Tumhen Dekha Hai’.

Then came Rano, a role that she had coveted to do, for some time.  The novel is ‘Ek Chaadar Maili Si’ by Rajinder Singh Bedi, who took this story to make the film, with Geeta Bali in the lead role.  The story is about an old tradition in Punjab, where in a widow would be forced into marriage with the unmarried younger brother of her late husband.  The wedding ceremony is simply and summarily accomplished by covering the lady and her erstwhile younger brother-in-law with a bedsheet, as they sit together.  The story is a very touching and poignant tale of Rano, who came into her matrimonial home when Mangal, her husband’s kid brother is barely into his teens.  And years later, when her husband is no more, her friends and family force her into marrying a person whom she has always considered her child.

Fate had resolved otherwise.  It was 1964-65.  The shooting of the film was in progress.  The location was a village in Punjab.  In the decade and in the age when the World Health Organization had declared the world free of smallpox, Geeta Bali contracted this dreaded disease, and in a matter of 15 days, she was no more.  Still to celebrate her 35th birthday, this vivacious performer was taken away, in the most unexpected manner.  Her family brought her to Bombay, but her infection could not be contained.  Rajinder Singh Bedi was so devastated, that he gave up the project, forever.

Today, I present this song from the 1952 film ‘Neelampari’.  Produced under the banner of Chandrakala Pictures, it is produced and directed by Dhirubhai Desai.  Geeta Bali is cast opposite to Sajjan, with Kuldip Kaur playing the spoiler role of the third angle of the triangle.  Others in the star cast include Sapru, Gope, Samson, Kamal, Parshuram, Niranjan Sharma, Lalit Kapoor, Anwari, Zareena, Sheetal, Talwar, Lathani, Anand Tiwari etc.  The music is composed by the redoubtable Khurshid Anwar, and the nine songs are written by three song writers – Hasrat Jaipuri, Chandrakant and Saraswati Kumar ‘Deepak’.  This song is from the pen of Hasrat Jaipuri.

So much full of life and such energy, her eyes and her fingers say it all, as she performs this song on screen.  Fifteen years, about eighty films, and a set of scintillating on screen performances that are now a permanent memory.  Listen and see, and think of the wiles of fate.



Song – Ik Tu Dooji Main Teeja Chaand Chauthi Thandi Hawaa (Neelampari) (1952) Singer – Geeta Dutt, Lyrics – Hasrat Jaipuri, MD – Khurshid Anwar


ik tu
dooji main
teeja chaand
chauthi thandi hawaa. .aa. .aa
raja chaaron ho jo saath aaye badaa mazaa

hmmmmmm mmmm mmmm
hmmmmmm mmmmmmmm

ik tu
dooji main
teeja chaand
chauthi thandi hawaa. .aa. .aa
raja chaaron ho jo saath aaye badaa mazaa

hmmmmmm mmmm mmmm
hmmmmmm mmmmmmmm

raat sanwar gayi
masti bikhar gayi
taaron ki chamak mere dil mein utar gayi
dil mera doley
chupke se boley
o mere bholey
rut bhi nikhar gayi
is rut ki kahaani
mere dil ki zubaani
sun jaa. .aa. .aa
raja maane dil ki baat aaye badaa mazaa

hmmmmmm mmmm mmmm
hmmmmmm mmmmmmmm
ik tu
dooji main
teeja chaand
chauthi thandi hawaa. .aa. .aa
raja chaaron ho jo saath aaye badaa mazaa
hmmmmmm mmmm mmmm
hmmmmmm mmmmmmmm

maat na khaayega
apna banaayega
sabko haraa ke mere nainon ka jaadu
hmmmmmm mmmm mmmm
hmmmmmm mmmmmmmm
aankh milaa le
saamne aa ke
daaon lagaa le badh ke zaraa tu
is shaam ki baazi
main ne aaj lagaa di
rasiyaa. .aa. .aa
ab jo de doo tujhko maat aaye badaa mazaa

hmmmmmm mmmm mmmm
hmmmmmm mmmmmmmm
ik tu
dooji main
teeja chaand
chauthi thandi hawaa. .aa. .aa
raja chaaron ho jo saath aaye badaa mazaa
hmmmmmm mmmm mmmm
hmmmmmm mmmmmmmm

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

इक तू
दूजी मैं
तीजा चाँद
चौथी ठंडी हवा॰ ॰आ॰ ॰आ
राजा चारों हों जो साथ आए बड़ा मज़ा

हम्ममममम मम्मम मम्मम
हम्ममममम मम्मममममम

इक तू
दूजी मैं
तीजा चाँद
चौथी ठंडी हवा॰ ॰आ॰ ॰आ
राजा चारों हों जो साथ आए बड़ा मज़ा

हम्ममममम मम्मम मम्मम
हम्ममममम मम्मममममम

रात संवर गई
मस्ती बिखर गई
तारों की चमक मेरे दिल में उतर गई
दिल मेरा डोले
चुपके से बोले
ओ मेरे भोले
रुत भी निखार गई
इस रुत की कहानी
मेरे दिल की जुबानी
सुन जा॰ ॰आ॰ ॰आ
राजा माने दिल की बात आए बड़ा मज़ा

हम्ममममम मम्मम मम्मम
हम्ममममम मम्मममममम
इक तू
दूजी मैं
तीजा चाँद
चौथी ठंडी हवा॰ ॰आ॰ ॰आ
राजा चारों हों जो साथ आए बड़ा मज़ा
हम्ममममम मम्मम मम्मम
हम्ममममम मम्मममममम

मात ना खाएगा
अपना बनाएगा
सबको हरा के नैनों का जादू
हम्ममममम मम्मम मम्मम
हम्ममममम मम्मममममम
आंख मिला ले
सामने आके
दाँव लगा ले बढ़ के ज़रा तू
इस शाम की बाज़ी
मैंने आज लगा दी
रसिया॰ ॰आ॰ ॰आ
अब जो दें दूँ तुझको मात आए बड़ा मज़ा
हम्ममममम मम्मम मम्मम
हम्ममममम मम्मममममम
इक तू
दूजी मैं
तीजा चाँद
चौथी ठंडी हवा॰ ॰आ॰ ॰आ
राजा चारों हों जो साथ आए बड़ा मज़ा
हम्ममममम मम्मम मम्मम
हम्ममममम मम्मममममम

6 Responses to "Ik Tu Dooji Main Teeja Chaand Chauthi Thandi Hawaa"

Sudhir ji,
An excellent post on an outstanding actress.
Many Thanks.


Thanks Sudhirbhai for remembering this “chulbuli” actress on screen and in real life too. I enjoy every movie of her let it be Suhaagraat-48, Anand Math-52, Albela-51. I love and admire these kind of people who truly live their life and leave a big impression on others.
Here is a link of an article by her son, Aditya Raj Kapoor –


Khurshid Anwar>>>Iahara-43, Parakh-44, Yateem-45, Aaj Aur Kal-47, Parwana-47, Pagdandi-47, Singaar-49, Nishana-50, Koel-59, Jhoomar-59
Geeta Bali (1930–1965)
*Sister of Digvijay whose film Raag Rang (1952) she produced and starred in and Haridarshan Kaur.
*Aunt of Yogeeta Bali.
*Mother of Aditya Raj Kapoor.

1963 Jab Se Tumhe Dekha Hai as Mohini
1961 Mr. India as Bembi
1961 Sapne Suhane
1960 Bade Ghar Ki Bahu as Lata
1959 C.I.D. Girl
1959 Mohar
1959 Nai Raahen
1958 Aji Bas Shukriya as Geeta Kumar
1958 Jailor as Chhaya
1958 Mujrim as Hotel Dancer in “Chanda Chandni Mein jab Chamke”
1958 Ten O’Clock
1957 Coffee House
1956 Inspector
1956 Pocket Maar as Shukal
1956 Rangeen Raaten
1956 Zindagi
1956 Hotel
1956 Lalten
1956 Sailaab
1955 Albeli
1955 Baradari as Gauri
1955 Dev Anand in Goa (Farar) as Kitty
1955 Jalti Nishani
1955 Milap as Asha Dayal
1955 Miss Coca Cola
1955 Sau Ka Note
1955 Jawab as Geeta
1955 Vachan as Kamla – Dinanath’s daughter
1954 Ferry as Juhi
1954 Ameer
1954 Chora-Chori
1954 Daku Ki Ladki
1954 Kavi as Basanti
1954 Suhagan
1953 Baaz as Nisha N. Das
1953 Bahu Beti
1953 Firdaus
1953 Gunah
1953 Jhamela
1953 Naina
1953 Naya Ghar
1952 Betaab
1952 Jaal as Maria
1952 Jalpari
1952 Neelam Pari
1952 Raag Rang
1952 Zalzala
1952 Anand Math as Shanti Dev Sharma
1952 Nazaria
1951 Albela as Asha
1951 Baazi Leena
1951 Bedardi
1951 Ghayal
1951 Johari
1951 Nakhare
1950 Badi Bahen
1950 Bawre Nain as Tara
1950 Bhai Bahen
1950 Nishana
1950 Shadi Ki Raat
1949 Bansaria
1949 Bari Behen as Kiran
1949 Bholi
1949 Dil Ki Duniya
1949 Dulari as Kasturi
1949 Garibi
1949 Girls’ School as Meena
1949 Neki Aur Badi
1948 Nai Reet as Heroine
1948 Suhag Raat as Kamini (Kammo) (Jaggu’s daughter)
1948J alsa
1953 Baaz (Producer as Miss Haridarshan)
2005 No Entry (dedicated to the memory of – as Late Smt. Geeta Bali)
2004 Run (dedicated to the memory of – as Late Smt. Geeta Bali)
2000 Pukar (dedicated to the memory of – as Late Smt. Geeta Bali)
1999 Sirf Tum (dedicated to the memory of – as Late Smt. Geeta Bali)
1997 Judaai (dedicatee – as late Geeta Bali)
1996 Loafer (dedicated to the memory of – as Late Smt. Geeta Bali)
1995 Prem (film dedicated to the memory of – as Late Smt. Geeta Bali)
1993 Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja (dedicated to the memory of – as Late Smt. Geeta Bali)
1987 Mr India (dedicatee – as late Geeta Bali)
1983 Woh 7 Din (film dedicated to – as Late Geeta Bali)
1980 Hum Paanch (dedicated to the memory of)
1975 Ponga Pandit (dedicated to the memory of)
1969 Ek Shriman Ek Shrimati (dedicatee – as Smti Geeta Bali)


I guess Anil kapoor/Boney Kapoor`s father Surinder Kapoor worked as an assistant to Geeta Bali, And She helped a lot Surinder Kapoor,
That`s why Surinder Kapoor`s home production movies are dedicated to the memory of Geeta Bali)
In fact, Boney Kapoor`s 2nd wife Sridevi(to impress her father in law and husband) copied many of Geeta Bali`s acting skills(to some extennt she suceeded in that regard) on screen in some of her movies(during the last stage of her career)


Oh sorry from 1969 onwards above mentioned all dedicated movies are produced by Surinder Kapoor and his sons Boney kapoor & co.


@ Sudhir ji – thanks for this post. Our tributes to this great actress. Always feel very sad to know that she left this world at such younger age… ‘ wiles of fate’ … Oh !!


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