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Sau saal pehle ki baat hai

Posted on: January 21, 2015

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“Saraswati Chandra”(1968) was directed by Govind Saraiyya for Sarvoday Pictures. The movie had Nutan, Manish, Vijaya Choudhry, Sulochana, Seema, B. M. Vyas, Sulochana Chatterji, Shivraj, Jeevankala, Ramesh Deo, Ratanmala, Surendra, Nayampally etc in it.

Seven songs from this movie have been discussed in the past. The last song from the movie was discussed four years ago, viz in 2011.

Seeing that I am on a year long mission to cover all songs of movies that have a few songs left in them, our regulars are coming to my help in their own way. Some of them in fact are looking for movies with just one song left and are sending the balance song to me. And that is what is coming to my rescue on a daily basis as I look to disuss at least one song that would be the final song from that movie.

I was not aware for all these four years that only one song was left to be covered from “Saraswati Chandra”(1968). Avinash Scrapwala has pointed this fact to me and he sent me the lyrics of this balance song as well.

Here is this eighth and final song from “Saraswati Chandra”(1968). This song is sung by Mahendra Kapoor. Indeewar is the lyricist. Music is composed by Kalyanji Anandji.

In can be seen from the picturisation that this song is a movie opening song as well as a story song which plays in the background and give movie watchers a brief overview of the story of the movie.

It is noticed that this song plays in two parts in the movie. The second part which is quite brief, gets played towards the end of the movie.

The uploader of the video link has managed an interesting feat. He has somehow managed to upload the mirror image of the video with the result that the names appear on the screen as mirror images. 🙂

With this song, “Saraswati Chandra”(1968) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.

Audio – Part I

Audio – Part II

Video – (Full)

Song-Song-Sau saal pehle ki baat hai (Saraswati Chandra)(1968) Singer-Mahendra Kapoor, Lyrics-Indeewar, MD-Kalyanji Anandji

Lyrics(Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

Hey ae ae ae hey
Hey ae
Sau saal pehle ki baat hai
Ae ae ae ae
Sau saal pehle ki baat hai
bharat ke ik pariwaar mein
ek tyaag moorti baalak ka
avtaar hua sansaar mein
Sau saal pehle ki baat hai

tyaag murti baalak par dekho
honee ne anyaay kiya
maasoom abhi palne mein thha
mamta ka aanchal chheen liya
sauteli maata se usko
maata ka pyaar na mil paaya
maali thha bagiya thhi phir bhi
man ka to phool na khil paaya
aa aa aa aa
hey us kali se komal baalak ko
patjhad hi mila bahaar mein
ek tyaag moorti baalak ka
avtaar hua sansaar mein
Sau saal pehle ki baat hai

bhola bhaala thha aur ke dukh se
dil ko dukhi kar leta thha
auron ki aankh ke aansoo
apne daaman mein bhar leta thha
thhi chaar deewaari mein naari
aur thha agyaan ka andhiyaara
har taraf thhi maut mahaamaari
aur bhookhaa thha bharat sara
aa aa aa aa
hey use man hi man vairaagya hua
jab dukh dekhe sansaar mein
ek tyaag moorti baalak ka
avtaar hua sansaar mein
sau saal pehle ki baat hai

ek roz nikal jaaye na kahin
beta ban mein ban sanyaasi
ye soch pita ne mangni kar di
dhoond ke ladki chandaa si
aagyaa to pita ki maani par
dulhan ke ghar ye khat bheja
hai raah meri kaanton waali
aadarsh mera hai jan sewa
aa aa aa aa
hai mujhe pyaar dhaalna hain apnaa
saari duniya ke pyaar mein
ek tyaag moorti baalak ka
avtaar hua sansaar mein
sau saal pehle baat hai

(part – II)
chaaha na bahaaron ne usko
har gulshan ne dutkaar diya
bas ek kali hi aisi thhi
jisne use apnaa pyaar diya
kismat to dekho wo bhi chali
ab hoke paraayee door chali
jaise koi pinjre ka panchhi
yoon hoke wo majboor chali
ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee
aur ye tanhaa tinke ki tarah
bhatka hi kiya manjhdhaar mein
ik tyaag moorti baalak ka
avtaar hua sansaar mein
sau saal pehle ki baat hai

9 Responses to "Sau saal pehle ki baat hai"

Congratulations Atul ji on covering all songs of ‘ Saraswatichandra – 1968’ and its joining to the ‘ list of movies – all songs covered’ 🙂

Also, thanks for the post !!


Avinash ji
Iss baar aap aagey nikal gaye, main kal iss gaane ka lyrics likhnaa pooraa karke, aaj bhejnewaalaa thaa, 🙂

also 😦


Thank you Prakash ji !!
Waise ye gaana mera aaj kal ka bheja hua nahin hain, bahot pehle ka hai.
Waise bhi mere contribution badi mushkil se jagah paate hain. 🙂
Aur jaise maine pehle kahaa tha … Aage to aap hi rahenge … Hamne to bas ab kuchh khaas karne ki thhaan li hai !!


Avinash ji

Mere saath bhi aissaa bahut baar ho chukaa hai aur hotaa rahaa hai, 🙂
Maine aisse hi likhaa,
Hope you don`t mind me writing to you,

Regards and love


Its all right Prakash ji. Nothing to mind about it. Ye sab kehne ke baad we get to back to our next target 🙂 am I right 🙂
Main to aaj ye soch raha tha ke kyon na main 1969 tak ke gaane pehle Nitin ji ko bhejoon aur isi tarah 1970 ke baad ke gaane aapke paas hote huye jaayen. Isse Atul ji ka samay bach jaayega. Nitin ji aur Aap pehle check kar ke bata sakte hai ki ye bheja hua hai ya nahin 🙂


Nitinbhai, Prakashbhai aur aapke baad is bachhi 😉 ke liye kya bachega pata nahin….. 😦 is dar se I may not follow the path of yours. Meri “itti si khushi” ke liye Atulji aur Sudhirbhai ko “ittasa pareshan” karne mein mujhe koyi pareshani nahi hoti/hogi/honi chaahiye. (sab apne hai to apne ko pareshan karne mein pareshani kyun?) 😆

Love & Regards


Here’s wishing Godspeed and winds behind the sails of you all – Atul ji, Prakash ji, Avinash bhai & Khyati Ben.
कोई भी पोस्ट करे, हर हाल में हम सब बाकी ‘Atulites’ का ही फायदा है. 🙂
Thanks & regards to all.
Avadh Lal


good quality audio link:(for those anyone who are interested)


Thank you Prakash ji 🙂 we are very much interested 🙂
thanks for providing this link !!


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