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Saagar mein uthhi do maujen

Posted on: February 4, 2015

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VINTAGE NAUSHAD…Song No. 11….Last song of the series.
We have come to the end of this series on the early music of Naushad from 1940 to 1946. Today’s song is from the film Keemat-46, a Kardar Production which celebrated Silver Jubilee. Naushad gave music to 3 films in 1946 and all 3 got turned out to be Silver Jubilee hits. Films were Keemat, Anmol Ghadi and Shahjehan. I have not discussed any songs from Naushad’s famous successes, namely Rattan-44, Anmol Ghadi-46 and Shahjehan-46, in this series.

Rattan-44 not only achieved a Block Buster status and a name for Naushad, it also elevated Nausad to a higher plane. Rattan made him aware of his capability to give extra ordinary music when he worked as a Free lancer. Naushad was bound by a contract with A R Kardar from 1942 to 1949 and he was Kardar Studio’s paid employee, but he was also allowed to take outside films, if they did not interfere with his works with Kardar films.

In the period from 1942 to 1949 Naushad worked on a monthly salary of Rs. 500, which went upto Rs. 1000 in 1949 end while he received Rs 800/-for just one film Rattan-44( though it was paid to him in installments of Rs.1000 pm, for 8 months,when the producers had made more than Rs. 3 Lakhs just on its music record sales ! ).

Master Ghulam Haider, MD used to visit Bombay from Lahore to do some films here and he used to command his price. After Naushad’s great success with Rattan-44, Ghulam Haider had come to Bombay to do 2 films- Mehboob’s Humayun-45 and K.Asif’s Phool-45. With both, he got his price on his terms.

He met Naushad and chided him for sticking to Rs.500/- pm when he could dictate his terms. Naushad, however,was tied up with ” Service culture “. He had seen how C. Ramchandra was summarily sacked when he asked Jayant Desai for a raise of Rs. 300 in his salary despite giving suuceesful music in a string of movies viz. Bhaktraj, Zaban, Lalkaar and Manorama with Jayant Desai productions. He felt that it was easy for Ghulam Haider to lay down terms in Bombay, keeping his Lahore base intact, but for a person who spent years on Bombay Footpath, a regular income was a guarantee of running a household. As such during the II world war, jobs had become scarce and competition was stiff in film line. A R Kardar, a shrewd businessman, took advantage of Naushad’s mind set and tied him up on his own terms, in spite of Naushad giving 12 Jubilee films out of Kardar’s 14 films that he produced during this period.

Naushad finally decided to take bold steps and demanded his price from Nitin Bose for Deedar-51 ( though the film was released in 1951, it had started in end of 1949 itself.) It was this film for which he dared to ask for Rs. 1 Lakh plus Rs. 10000/- separately for ‘ Orchestra supervision charges’. He was pleasantly surprised when the distributors coolly asked the producers to pay him his price. By that time, Naushad had ended up his contract with Kardar.( Now, who left whom is a big question. Kardar said that he dropped Naushad when Ghulam Mohammed left Naushad and everyone knew Ghulam Mohammed’s contribution in Naushad’s success.)

After Andaz (1949), Babul(1950) and Deedar(1951), there was no looking back for Naushad. He had become the undisputed No. 1 composer in Hindi films. It is true that most music directors of those days (including C Ramchandra) were jealous of Naushad due to his extraordinary string of successful films and his demand in the market.

There were a few points that were explained as the reasons for his success.

Most of his disgruntled competitors attributed his run of success to the following factors:

a. 40 % credit to D N Madhok for supplying Tunes alongwith Lyrics,to Naushad and

b. 60 % credit to the inputs of his assistant Ghulam Mohammed for the finished products.

c. Effective propaganda and support by A R Kardar.

There may be truth to some extent in the above. It should however be noted that Naushad never used Madhok after Rattan(1944). This meant that out of his 32 Jubilee films, 26 were without Madhok. His major successes came only after Rattan (1944). So, this point does not hold water.

Naushad was singularly lucky to have assistants like Ghulam Mohammed, his brother Ibrahim, Mohd. Shafi, Kalyan ji bhai etc. he had tried to rope in Mohan Jr. also, but he declined and settled in Gujarat. Kardar left Naushad as soon as Ghulam Mohd. separated from Naushad. Kardar then brought in S D Burman for Naujawan-51. True that Ghulam Mohd. was a great asset to Naushad, but he had left Naushad in 1949 itself, so his absence did not affect Naushad’s journey to success later.

The third point also does not hold much water considering that Kardar and Naushad had separated after Dillagi-1949 itself.

It is true that those who aim for high success in life have to take objective and sometimes bitter, painful decisions to leave some people who can not continue with them anymore, when better alternatives are available. Naushad too did this-

1. After Rattan-44, he left Madhok

2. After Babul-50, he left Talat Mehmood

3. After Lata’s arrival, he left Shamshad Begum and

4. After Rafi’s rise, he left Mukesh and others.

With this, we come to the end of this series on Naushad’e early musical journey. Raju Bharatan’s book ‘Naushadnama’ was a great help to me in this series. My thanks to him. Also Shri Harish ji Raghuvanshi ji helped me by providing several details about various artistes. My thanks to him too.

Today’s song is sung by Amirbai karnataki and Amar. Amar was also the lead actor of this film-Keemat-1946. During this period, there were many Amars…there was Director Amarnath, there was composer Amarnath and there was this actor/singer Amar too. Now,who was this Amar ?

The real name of Amar was Nasir. He was from Punjab. He was born in 1920. After doing bit roles in some films, he got a major break in film Sanyasi-45,in which he sang 5 duets and 1 solo. His solo songTooti huyi kashti ka baney kaun sahaara became very popular. In 1946, he was Hero of the film Bindiya,where Ragini ( who later migrated to Pakistan) was his Heroine. MD was Kamal Dasgupta, who gave him 3 songs. Then he was Hero of Suraiya in Natak-47. he sang one duet with her and two solos. Later he did films like Maang, Lalaji, Vijay,Shukriya, Keemat etc. After 1950 he was doing character roles till 1970. he died in 1980.

Let us now enjoy this duet of Amirbai and Amar from film Keemat-46 and close this series here. May be we will meet again with some other interesting series..may be…


Song-Saagar mein uthhi do maujen (Keemat)(1946) Singers- Amirbai Karnataki, Amar, Lyricist- Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD- Naushad


Saagar mein uthhi do maujen
maujon pe chali kalaiyyaa(?)
saagar mein uthhi do maujen
maujon pe chali kalaiyyaa(?)
Saagar mein uthhi do maujen

do khoye huye dil baithhe
matwaala hai naav khewaiyya
do khoye huye dil baithhe
matwaala hai naav khewaiyya aa aa
Saagar mein uthhi do maujen
maujon pe chali kalaiyyaa(?)
Saagar mein uthhi do maujen

baadal se chaand nikal aaya aa aa
ik geet sitaaron ne gaaya
baadal se chaand nikal aaya aa
ik geet sitaaron ne gaaya
do pagle man hai (??) saath liye ae
deewaana hai prem kanhaiyya
do pagle man hai (??)saath liye ae
deewaana hai prem kanhaiyya aa aa
Saagar mein uthhi do maujen
maujon pe chali kalaiyyaa (?)
Saagar mein uthhi do maujen

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Nazir Ajmeri (–1970) or Nazeer Ajmai
Died: January 9, 1970 in Lahore
1960 Izzat
1957 Noor-E-Islam
1957 Shohrat
1950 Beqarar
1948 Majboor
1946 Keemat
1960 Salma (written by)
1950 Beqarar (written by)
1960 Izzat (producer)
1957 Shohrat (producer)
Nawab as Actor>
1989 Dana Paani
1985 Ulta Seedha
1982 Teri Maang Sitaron Se Bhar Doon
1981 Dhuan
1980 Do Premee as Shri. M.L. Nawab (Marriage Registrar)
1978 Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki
1976 Deewaangi
1976 Kabeela
1975 Prem Kahani
1973 Yaadon Ki Baaraat
1973 Kuchhe Dhaage
1971 Sharmeelee
1970 Abhinetri
1967 Shagird
1961 Gunga Jumna
1955 Uran Khatola
1955 Yasmin
1953 Dard-E-Dil
1950 Nishana
1950 Sangram as Kunwar’s father
1949 Dulari
1948 Anokhi Ada
1948 Ziddi
1947 Naatak
1946 Arabian Nights
1946 Keemat
1945 Ghar
1944 Meri Bahen as Sethji
1943 Wapas as Shyam’s Father
1941 Lagan as Deendayal
1940 Deepak Mahal
1940 Haar Jeet
1939 Badi Didi
1939 Sapera as Jawahar
1938 Dharti Mata
1937 Anath Ashram
1937 Badi Bahen as Dinanath
1937/II Mukti as Pahari
1936 Pujarin
1935 Dhoop Chhaon as Manager
1935 Inquilab
1935 Karwane Hayat
1934 Chandidas as Gopinath
1933 Yahudi Ki Ladki
1932 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
1932 Bilwamangal
1931 Satyawadi Raja Harishchandra
1931/I Shakuntala
1946 Bindiya
1945 Dhamki
1945 Shirin Farhad
1943 Poonji
1941 Himmat


Thank you Arunji for the wonderful series on Naushad saab. Enjoyed every post of it. 🙂


Thank you Arun-ji for this wonderful seeies


OOPs! That shd be series!!


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