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Kabhi dhoop kabhi chhaaon

Posted on: February 20, 2015

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#the Decade of Seventies – 1971 – 1980 #
# Bhoole-Bisre Geet # 1 # Kavi Pradeep-1

I missed the Mumbai Gangout as there were some fortunate developments at my workplace which were leading for an uncertain future for me.
So, one would be surprised to read ‘fortunate developments’ and that too leading to ‘an uncertain future.
Fortunate was it because the decision was taken by me to take a break from my current assignment and start a new journey which I would begin after searching and settling for.

No! No! Everything was not that sudden, it was a culmination of the incidents happening with me at the work place and the continuous thought process that I was going through since last 8/9 months.

The only difference this time (during the so far 30 years of my work-life) was that I was breaking without an alternate arrangement done and decided.

As I have already chosen a separate song for more on the above situation with a post too, we shall come back on the today’s song post first.

Many of our regulars wished that I should focus and do more posts and so did wish me.

Due to my inclination and passion for writing I too wish that I should do more posts and time to time there are many topics that I want to write upon or sometimes I would also like to simply share a song with an brief information accompanying it about the film and the film’s details.
And reading Atul ji’s posts and our other senior members’ posts those are having HFGK with them I too was eager to have a look at it and possess it.
As I knew that I would have a break of at least a month or more (starting from 2nd week of Feb), I planned to use this period by going through the HFGK and try to contribute some posts.

Searching on Google I landed on a wrong link ( and the information on this link is having details about the ‘delux’ and ‘super delux’ editions of HFGK. I tried the contact numbers given there butthose numbers were not working. So I requested for information about them by sending SMS to Shri.Deshmukh Sir and Shri.Sudhir Sir. I got the details about them from Shri.Deshmukh Sir. Meanwhile Shri.Harminder Singh ji had responded to my mail. So the matter was clear and after initially thinking of getting the VOL – 3 (1951-60) and VOL-5 (1971-80) I decided to get the volume containing songs of the decade that I grew up with i.e. with the decade of 1971-80(Seventies).

After going through all the communication and formalities on 28th Jan, I eagerly began to look forward to my copy of HFGK. In my over enthusiasm I started checking with the local post office from 3rd February itself, but the parcel had not arrived by that time. So reluctantly I send a mail to Shri.Harminder Singh ji on 3rd Feb asking for the details and I received his reply very promptly. As he was out of station for a few days, so the parcel was not dispatched and he was going to dispatch it on the same day and it was expectedto reachme in 5-6 days time.

I checked with the Post Office again on the morning of 6th february as I was going away from my base station for two days that evening to my favorite place near Narmada-Rajpipla and to bring my elder daughter with me to enable her to enjoy a mini-vacation at home.

I kept asking my wife on phone during those two days to enquire if the parcel had reached. But it had not. We reached our base station on 12th morning which was my birthday!!

I thought of waiting for another day before sending a mail again seeking the details (docket no of parcel) from Shri.Harminder ji. Just as I was relaxing after lunch my phone rang … and this was a call from the local Post Office informing me that my parcel had arrived and I may go there and collect it.

I was more than happy to receive it on my birthday. (I love Books and that is the most favorite ‘gift’ I like to receive and also like to ‘gift’ others on special occasions. Secondly I would also like to mention here that since my childhood I am very much fascinated with the ‘Post-Office’ and have a special bond with it and may sometime do a post on this)

Now, to celebrate my acquisition of HFGK, I needed to discuss a song that had to be a ‘special’ one. I had earlier planned to do a song penned by Sahir Luhdhianvi as my first post to celebrate my first copy of HFGK. But, as I glanced through the first year of the decade i.e. 1971 I find this film mentioned in it and when I checked on the blog, I find that this song is yet to be discussed.

I was again surprised to note this (after ‘aaj ke is insaan ko ye kya ho gaya) because this was also a well known song sung by Kavi Pradeep and was frequently heard on radio and loud speakers during my growing up years. And this song figures in all compilations of cassettes/cds released on Kavi Pradeep.

Today I present this song sung by Kavi Pradeep which is also penned by him and composed by Chitragupt. The film is a 1971 film – ‘Kabhi Dhoop Kabhi Chhaaon’

It was a ‘Joy Films’ presentation and a social drama film Produced and Directed by Chandrakant. Music for this film was composed by Chitragupt and lyrics were by Prem Dhawan and Kavi Pradeep. Its star cast includes Dara Singh, Ameeta, Geetanjali, Jagdeep, Randhawa, Rammohan, Sapru, Renu, Mridula, Tiwari, Mona, Moppet Raja, Tiger Jogendra Singh, Julie, Mustafa, Kashmira, Anand Joshi, Gulab, Pahalawan, Deepak and Sulochana and many others. Qabil Amritsari wrote the story and dialogues for this film.

Today’s song is a title song of the movie. Though the video clip includes full lyrics, it appears to be shorter than the audio version.

Today we listen to this great voice, who left an indelible mark on Indians with his songs that covered important topics like partiotism, social causes, cultural heritage of the coutry etc.

While going through HFGK, I have found a few more songs (today’s song is one of them) that I plan to share in the days to come.

Audio (Full version)


Song-Kabhi dhoop kabhi chhaaon (Kabhi Dhoop Kabhi Chhaaon)(1971) Singer-Pradeep, Lyrics-Pradeep, MD-Chitragupta

Lyrics(as per longer audio version)

Sukh dukh donon rehte jismein
jeewan hai wo gaaon
kabhi dhoop
kabhi chhaaon
kabhi dhoop to
kabhi chhaaon
oopar waala paasaa phenke
neeche chalte daaon
kabhi dhoop
kabhi chhaaon
kabhi dhoop to
kabhi chhaaon

bhale bhi din aate
jagat mein bure bhi din aate
bhale bhi din aate
jagat mein bure bhi din aate
kadwe meethhe phal karam ke
yahaan sabhi paate
kabhi seedhe kabhi ulte padte
ajab samay ke paaon
kabhi dhoop
kabhi chhaaon
kabhi dhoop to
kabhi chhaaon
sukh dukh dono rehte jismein
jeewan hai wo gaaon
kabhi dhoop
kabhi chhaaon
kabhi dhoop to
kabhi chhaaon

kya khushiyaan kya gham
ye sab milte baari baari
kya khushiyaan kya gham
ye sab milte baari baari
maalik ki marzi pe chalti
ye duniya saari
dhyaan se khena
jag nadiyaa mein
bande apni naao
kabhi dhoop
kabhi chhaaon
kabhi dhoop to
kabhi chhaaon
sukh dukh dono rehte jismein
jeewan hai wo gaaon
kabhi dhoop
kabhi chhaaon
kabhi dhoop to
kabhi chhaaon

Devnagari Script Lyrics

सुख दुःख दोनों रहते जिसमे
जीवन हैं वो गाँव
कभी धूप कभी छाँव
कभी धूप तो
कभी छाँव
उपरवाला पासा फेंके
नीचे चलते दांव
कभी धूप कभी छाँव
कभी धूप तो
कभी छाँव

भले भी दिन आते
जगत में बुरे भी दिन आते
भले भी दिन आते
जगत में बुरे भी दिन आते
कड़वे मीठे फल करम के
यहाँ सभी पाते
कभी सीधे कभी उलटे पड़ते
अजब समय के पाँव
कभी धूप कभी छाँव
कभी धूप तो
कभी छाँव
सुख दुःख दोनों रहते जिसमे
जीवन हैं वो गाँव
कभी धूप कभी छाँव
कभी धूप तो
कभी छाँव

क्या खुशियाँ क्या गम
ये सब मिलते बारी बारी
क्या खुशियाँ क्या गम
ये सब मिलते बारी बारी
मालिक की मर्ज़ी पे चलती
ये दुनिया सारी
ध्यान से खेना
जग नदिया में
बंदे अपनी नाव
कभी धूप कभी छाँव
कभी धूप तो
कभी छाँव
सुख दुःख दोनों रहते जिसमे
जीवन हैं वो गाँव
कभी धूप कभी छाँव
कभी धूप तो
कभी छाँव

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Avinash ji

Aapse itnaa jalan ho rahi hai, poochho mat, sachchi mein 😦

Kaash mujhe bhi mil jaathaa HFGK 😦


Prakash ji – aap to khud hi chalte phirte ‘Geet Kosh’ hai, aapko hfgk ki kya jaroorat hai 🙂


Happy Birthday and Best of Luck for your new venture. Thanks


Thank you Shah Saheb for your best wishes !!


Chandrakant Gaur
Born: Chandrakant Gaur in 1929
1984Shravan Kumar
1979Shankar Parvati
1977Jai Bolo Chakradhari
1977Shree Krishna Sharnam Mam
1974Bhagat Dhanna Jatt
1974Har Har Mahadev
1974Kisan Aur Bhagwan
1973Mahasati Savitri
1972Hari Darshan
1971Kabhi Dhoop Kabhi Chhaon
1971Tulsi Vivah
1970Tarzan 303
1968Balram Shri Krishna
1964Roop Sundari
1964Veer Bhimsen
1963Maya Mahal
1962Jadugar Daku
1961Ram Lila
1959Jagga Daku
1958Circus Sundari
1957Aadhi Raat
1957Sant Raghu
1956Delhi Durbar
1955Ganga Maiyya
1951Riding Hero
1973Mahasati Savitri (screenplay)
1967Anita (dialogue)
1966Do Badan (additional dialogue)
1957Dekh Kabira Roya (dialogue/screenplay)
1953Patita (dialogue)
1976Bajrangbali (producer)
1974Har Har Mahadev (producer)
1972Hari Darshan (producer)
1953Foot Path (assistant director)

Ram Mohan was secretary of Rajendra Kumar
2010 Khuda Kasam as Chief Minister Satyaprakash
2008 Yaar Meri Zindagi as Villager
2006 Sarhad Paar
2005 Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara as Judge
2005 Mumbai Godfather as Ansari
2004 Alibaba Aur 40 Chor as Shangrila Baba – 150 year-old
2004 Love in Nepal as Basra Arif
2003 Basti as Usmaan
2003 Aisaa Kyun as College Principal
2002 Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin as Jhammu
2002 Kitne Door Kitne Paas as Grandfather
2001 Kasam
2001 Because I Don’t Lie as Mr. Pandey
2000 Beti No. 1 as Bhima Shankar
2000 Kaali Topi Lal Rumaal as Major (as Ram-Mohan)
2000 Karobaar as Doctor at Dayanand Hospital
2000 Hey Ram as Old Bannu Refugee
2000 Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai
2000 Bhooth Haveli
2000 Haseeno Ka Mela
2000 Zindagi
1999 Kartoos
1999 International Khiladi as Prosecuting Lawyer
1999 Lal Baadshah
1999 Aaya Toofan as Noor’s dad
1999 Sarfarosh-E-Hind as Bandrekar’s associate
1999 Sautela
1998 Zulm-O-Sitam as Senior Police Officer
1998 Ghar Bazar as Birju
1997 Bhai Bhai as Home Minister
1997 Dil Ke Jharoke Main as College Principal
1997 Gupt: The Hidden Truth
1997 Kaalia as Police Commissioner
1997 Ankhon Mein Tum Ho as Doctor
1997 Daud: Fun on the Run as P.K. Mishra (Home Minister)
1997 Koyla as Oldman
1996 Zordaar
1996 Daanveer as Rahmat – Autorickshaw driver
1995 Ab Insaf Hoga as Bhervi Prasad
1995 Raghuveer as Principal
1995 Hum Sab Chor Hain as Vishwakarma
1995 Rangeela as Make-Up Dada
1995 Sarhad: The Border of Crime
1995 Aatank Hi Aatank as Thakur
1995 Paapi Farishte
1995 Sabse Bada Khiladi as Defense Lawyer
1995 Bewafa Sanam as Rajkumari’s Guardian
1995 Teri Jyot Jale Din Raat
1994 Aatish: Feel the Fire as Police Commissioner
1994 Beta Ho To Aisa as Judge
1994 Krantiveer as Vishnu Narayan Tilak
1994 Amaanat
1994 Vijaypath
1994 Bharat Ke Lal
1993 Phool as Lalaji
1993 Professor Ki Padosan as Rai Bahadur Dinanath Khanna
1993 Izzat Ki Roti as Ram Prasad
1993/I Geetanjali as Principal Ghosh
1993 Dil Ki Baazi
1993 Aaj Kie Aurat as Inquiry Commissioner Chief
1993 Tara (TV Series) as Bade Papa
1992 Insaaf Ki Devi as Public Prosecutor
1992 Saali Adhi Ghar Waali
1992 Dil Aashna Hai as Mr. Mathur
1992 Heer Ranjha as Zaida’s Grandfather
1992 Zakhmi Sipahi as C.M.
1992 Mr. Bond
1992 Sahebzaade as Sukhdev
1992 Vansh as Khare
1992 Vishwatma as Villager
1991 Haque as Jailer
1991 Qurbani Rang Layegi as Thakur
1991 Banjaran
1991 Bhabhi as Ramdas
1991 Dancer as Judge
1991 Farishtay as Raja’s Man who reported Commandos approaching Salimpur
1991 Jigarwala as Jailer
1990 Awwal Number as Selection comittee member
1990 Dushman as Jailor
1990 Veeru Dada as Jumani
1990 Zakhmi Zameen as Radha’s dad
1990 Bahaar Aane Tak as Bansi (Raja’s caretaker)
1990 Doodh Ka Karz as Poojari
1990 Amba as Judge
1990 Lekin…
1989 Mahaadev as Inspector Mishra
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1988 Akhri Muqabla as Intelligence Officer
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1985 Maa Kasam as Manager
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1985 Mehak
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1985 Karishma Kudrat Ka as Robert
1985 Maujaan Dubai Diyan as Madhu’s dad
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1984 Mamla Garbar Hai
1984 Phulwari as Banwarilal Khatri
1984 Dharm Aur Qanoon as Sudhama
1984 Aaj Ka M.L.A. Ram Avtar
1984 Inquilaab as Finance Minister Kamleshwar Rao
1984 Laal Choodaas Pratap Singh
1983 Kaise Kaise Log as Gangaprasad
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1982 Angoor as Taxi driver
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1982 Sun Sajna as Dayal chacha
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1982 Gopichand Jasoos as Guest Appearance
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1981 Laparwah
1981 Shakka as Inmate #302
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1981 Kranti as Mohan
1981 Yaarana as Inspector Kapoor
1981 Jiyo To Aise Jiyo as Ramprasad Sharma
1980 Bambai Ka Maharaja
1980 Jatti as Sewak Ram
1980 Choron Ki Baaraat as Manu
1980 Lootmaar as Police Inspector
1980 Tu Meri Main Tera
1979 Jaandaar
1979 Jatt Punjabi as Mangal Shah
1979 Saanch Ko Aanch Nahin as Manikchand
1979 Ranjha Ikk Tey Heeran Do
1979 Dhongi as John’s Accomplice
1979 Atmaram
1978 Amar Shakt as Shakti’s friend
1978 Phaansi as Bhairon Singh
1978 Rahu Ketu as Ranjit
1978 Swarg Narak
1978 Sone Ka Dil Lohe Ke Haath as Ramu Ustad
1977 Alibaba Marjina as Taimur Baig
1977 Chakkar Pe Chakkar as Daku
1977 Jagriti
1977 Jallian Wala Bagh
1977 Kalabaaz
1977 Kitaab as Ustad
1977 Mama Bhanja
1977 Pandit Aur Pathan as Ramzan
1977 Guru Manio Granth
1977 Do Chehere
1977 Sher Puttar
1976 Aap Beeti as Duggal
1976 Do Khiladi
1976 Lagaaam
1976 Bajrangbali as Dhobi
1976 Dus Numbri as Police Inspector
1976 Khalifa as Braganza
1976 Ladki Bholi Bhali
1975 Do Jasoos
1975 Himalay Se Ooncha as Ram Singh
1975 Lafange as Tiger
1975 Umar Qaid as Actor
1975 Pratiggya as Bhiku
1974 Chowkidar as Vilaitiram
1974 Jeevan Sangram
1974 Haath Ki Safai as Ram Singh
1974 Patthar Aur Payal as Mahavir Singh
1974 Amir Garib as Cruel zamindar
1974 Chor Machaye Shor as Daku Ranjit Singh
1973 Gaddaar as John
1973 Rocky Mera Naam
1973 Bandhe Haath as Insp. Bedi
1973 Zanjeer as Kabir
1973 Naag Mere Saathi
1973 Tere Rang Nyare
1972 Aan Baan as Shankar
1972 Do Yaar
1972 Gora Aur Kala as Hariya
1972 Jai Jwala
1972 Shor as George
1972 Lalkar
1972 Amar Prem as Shankar
1972 Putlibai
1971 Dost Aur Dushman
1971 Hulchul as Mohan
1971 Kabhi Dhoop Kabhi Chhaon
1971 Mela as Thakur
1971 Parwana
1971 Patanga as Chaman
1970 Ganwaar as Hariya
1970 Nanak Dukhiya Sub Sansar as Peter
1970 Purab Aur Pachhim
1970 Heer Raanjha
1970 Prem Pujari as Indian Army Officer
1969 Beti as Banke
1969 Jeene Ki Raah as Ranjan – Kamalrai’s employee
1969 Talash as Hotel Clerk
1969 Nai Zindagi
1969 Sati Sulochana as Indradev
1969 Shatranj
1968 CID Agent 302
1968 Mere Huzoor as Nabban Miyan
1968 Saathi as Dr. Kumar
1968 Sunghursh as Mr. Ishwar Lal – Munni’s foster father
1968 Tarzan in Fairyland
1967 Aag
1967 C.I.D. 909 as X-113
1967 Upkar
1967 Mohabbat Aur Jung
1966 Phool Aur Patthar as Kalicharan
1964 Sharabi as Mukadam
1964 Pahadi Nagin
1963 Dil Ek Mandir as Dr. Shankar
1963 Gehra Daag as Ram
1962 Anpadh as Jeevan
1961 Jai Bhawani
1960 Angulimaal as Dhanpal
1960 Kala Aadmi
1960 Bahadur Lutera
1960 Choron Ki Barat
1960 Return of Mr. Superman as Inspector Dilip Desai
1959 Do Behnen as Anokhey
1958 Miss 58
1958 Night Club
1954 Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
1952 Jaggu


@ Shah Saheb – thanks for this information please.


Avinash-ji, best of luck in your next job


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