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Jeeta hai ke marta hai koi

Posted on: February 22, 2015

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I had mentioned in my last post that I was journeying by train and I hoped to arrive at my destination in time to watch the world cup match between BCCI (Team India for the uninitiated and the gullible) and South Africa on TV.

So I arrived at my destination early this morning. After arriving at my room at about 8 AM in the morning, the first thing that I did was to switch on the TV in the room and check to find that the TV was working and that it had channels telecasting the match. Normally I am quite tense while watching BCCI playing a tough team, but I was uncharacteristically calm this time and I felt cautiously optimistic about the chances of team BCCI.

The channel I found had Hindi commentary going on. Saurav Ganguly, in his pitch report stated that the pitch had grass in it that would support fast bowling. He also opined that the team winning the toss should bat first.

Saurav Ganguly’s pitch report was a worry but the experts (and even I) disagreed with Ganguly’s reading of the pitch.

The toss was done and Dhoni called correctly. He had no hesitation chosing to bat first.

After quickly going out to have my breakfast, I returned back to my room, dtermined not to miss any deliveries (for the fear that wickets will fall if I did not watch any deliveries). The BCCI openers were negotiating the South African bowlers with confidence, but then a wicket fell in an unexpected manner. Rohit Sharma was sold a dummy by his on strike partner and then sent back midway. By the time Rohit Sharma came back to his crease, direct throw by the fielder had found its mark. I found it sort of like cheating- that if you cannot take wickets with bowling, you take it through your fielding. And Rohit Sharma was out without really getting much opportunity to bat.

Then Virat Kohli came in to bat. So for the second time in two matches, it was upto Dhawan and Kohli to repair the damage and ensure that a good partnership was raised. Just as things were getting stabilised, the signal went off with the message “your set top box is receiving no signal. It is due to bad weather, else check your connection.” The weather was fine, so I suspected bad connection. I went out and found the singnal coming alright on another TV showing the match in the common room. I came back to my room and did channel surfing. I found that channels showing the match were showing this error message whereas other channels were working alright.

After a few anxious minutes, the signal came back. But the damage was done. Second wicket had fallen and it was the vital wicket of Virat Kohli. This wicket too was more a wicket for the fielding rather than for the bowling. And of all the bowlers of South Africa, it was their spinner Imran Tahir, who rather unservingly (to my mind)got credited with this key wicket. BCCI were keeping the highly touted South African pacers at bay but South Africa were getting wickets through the backdoor ! It was sort of like cheating to my mind.

Then Rahane came and he allayed fears of a batting collapse and aun unsatisfactory total by playing a gem of a knock. Dhawan on his part scored a brilliant century and together then took the score to a respectable position.

Just when it appeared that BCCI were going to make the full use of the slog overs, things became going pearshaped for BCCI batting, and people were reminded to the last world cup match played in 2011 at Nagpur. There too the BCCI batsmen had batted superbly for much of the innings to reach 267/1 in 39.3 overs) only to lose their last 9 wickets for twentynine runs and Handing over the advantage back to South Africa. South Africa had gone on to win that match which I had watched at the Nagpur stadium. Fortunately the colapse this time was less alarming and BCCI managed to reach 307/7, 10 runs more than what they did at Nagpur and managing to last their full quota of overs.

I utilised the innings break to take bath and then watched some overs of South African batting. The batting line up consisted of a long list of formidable looking names, but I hoped that BCCI bowlers would be able to defent the total. It was hearteninng to see BCCI pacers bowl with discipline. Just when I began to wonder where the first wicket was going to come, de Kock obliged. He hit a wide Shami delivery towards Kohli who took a file low catch diving in front of him. Pleased to see the first wicket go down early, I went to the dining hall. I watched some portion of the match in the dining hall too, but no further wickets fell there. I came back to my room again, and began to watch the match. As soon as I began to watch that I found Hashim Amla hook a Mohit Sharma delivery towards the boundary. I was nervous that the catch may be spilled bu Shami took a well judged catch at the boundary. It was a vital wicket because Amla was the lynch pin of South African batting. Getting him early was one of the pre requisites if BCCI had to win the match.

But that only brought De Villiers to join du Plessis. Together then took the total to three figures. It began to look like they were going to last long and take the total to within striking distance of the BCCI total. But it was at this moment that BCCI fielders achieved an BCCI like feat. They got a wicket through run out ! The two batsmen ran for the second run, while Mohit Sharma’s throw was fast and accurate to Dhoni and De Villier’s , the fastest ODI centurion in the game’s history was run out.

All this while the TV signal of the match began to play hide and seek with a vengeance, much to my exasperation. All Star Sports channels as well as DD channels showing the match were unavailable while other channels were working alright. In frustration, I began to channel surf all channels, hoping to find a news channel that would at least show the scores of the match. While doing this, I came across a channel called Asianet Movies with the word LIVE under the channel name. It was showing ads, and when ads were over, I found that this channel was showing the match, with commentary in Malayalam. I was happy to find a channel for the match, even if its commentary was Greek to me.

I watched the match and was delighted to find the BCCI bowlers able to tight the noose around the opposition. In the end, the pressure became too much for the South Africans and they surrendered rather abjectly, with BCCI emergng winners by 130 runs. Just like Pakistan had never won against BCCI in world cups, BCCI had never won against South Africa in previous world cup matches. I was pleased that BCCI were able to break this jinx in an emphatic manner.

The main reason for this win over South Africa (as well as the previus win against Pakistan) must go to the fact that Ishant Sharma, the alleged spearhead of the BCCI pace bowling attack got injured just in the nick of time and that enabled BCCI to replace him with Mohit Sharma.

South Africa had chased down 296 in Nagpur four years ago, but this tme they were up against a vastly superior pace attack consisting of Yadav, Shami and Mohit Sharma, whereas the Nagpur match had trundlers like Munaf Patel and Ashish Nehra who had gone for plenty in that match. It was so heartening to see all the three BCCI pacers touching and exceeding 140 kmph in this match. Yadav led in pace, bowling at upto 147 kmph, which was as fast as what the South African pacers managed in the match.

Ashwin capitalised on the pressure the South African batsme were under and he claimed three wickets, and that made Ashin the most successful and economical bowler in the match.

It was the second straight occasion in the world cup where BCCI were able to outplay a strong opposition by playing clinical cricket. It was so nice to see BCCI batsmen keep the much fancied South African pace bowlers wicketless till 43 overs and the few wickets that the South Africans finally managed were only when BCCI batsmen were throwing their bats around. In contrast, BCCI pacers, bowlers, and even fielders kept South Africans on a tight leash and they were not able to get away at any moment in the match.

It was a nice match to watch and it was the second sunday in a row that was well spent for Indian cricket followers.

I was obviously not in a mood to blog while the match was on. After the match, I watched the highlights as well (the signal of regular channels came back after the live telecast). It was only when the hightlights were over that I decided to post a song for the day.

This song is a rare song from “Qeemat”(1946). It is sung by Naseem Akhtar. Majrooh Sultanpuri is the lyricist. Music is composed by Naushad.

Only the audio of this song is available. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of this song.

I am unable to get the words right to my satisfaction at several places. I request our readers with keener ears to point out the correct/missing words where applicable.

This is the ninth and final song from the movie. And so with this song, “Qeemat”(1946) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.


Song-Jeeta hai ke marta hai koi (Qeemat)(1946) Singer-Naseem Akhtar, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Naushad


Jeeta hai ke marta aa aa aa hai koi
toone na jaana
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa
toone na aa jaana
ae bhoolne waale
ae bhoolne waale
tujhe hansta hai zamaana
ae bhoolne waale
tujhe hansta hai zamaana
tujhe hansta hai zamaana

ik be-?? majboor ka
jalta hai ae ae makaan bhi
ee ee ee
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa
uthhta hai ae dhuaan bhi
dekhoge to hans doge
dekhoge to hans doge ke manzar hai suhaana
dekhoge to hans doge ke manzar hai suhaana
haan manzar hai suhaana

naadaan hain jo gairon ko o
samajh lete ae hain apna
aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aisa na aa kisi ka
?? wafa jhoothh
?? wafa jhoothh
hai ulfat ka bahaana
?? wafa jhoothh
hai ulfat ka bahaana
haan ulfat hai bahaana
ae bhoolne waale
ae bhoolne waale tujhe hansta hai zamaana
ae bhoolne waale tujhe hansta hai zamaana
tujhe hansta hai zamaana

2 Responses to "Jeeta hai ke marta hai koi"

Dear Atul-ji, your match summary was the icing in the cake!! I had missed the SA innings because I heard the news of the death of friend and colleague of 25+ years in the afternoon and I rushed to see the bereaved family to pay my condolences.


Congratulations on covering all songs of ‘Qeemat – 1946’ Atul ji !!


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