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Jee ghabraaye dil jal jaaye

Posted on: April 17, 2015

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We have discussed more than 11000 songs by now. I had not thought even in my wildest of dreams that we will one day arrive at such a figure. My view was that we will have about 2500 songs in the blog and then we will not songs left to be discussed. 🙂

Today, we may laugh at it, but I was serious in my view at that time. We have come a long way in the last six years or so. Many of the songs that we take for granted today were not available online six years ago. I do not have figures, but I am quite sure that the number of songs available on youtube six years ago was far less that the number of HFM songs that it boasts of today.

“Baadshah”(1954) was one such movie whose songs were not available online six years ago. Those were the days when I was looking at the list of Binaca geetmala final songs and was seeking to discuss them in this blog. It was then that I became familiar with this movie called “Baadshah” (1954). Its song Gul muskuraa uthaa bulbul ye gaa uthaa had finished 15th in Binaca geetmala final of 1955. When I searched for this song on YT, I drew a blank. Finally I uploaded this song myself.

Now this song, as well as several other songs from this movie are available on YT. But things were not that easy five years ago, as I can vouch for from first hand experience.

Three more songs from “Baadshah” (1954) have been covered in the blog after that. And I did not have to upload those songs because those songs had become available by then.

Here is the fifth song from “Baadshah”(1954). This song is sung by Lata. Hasrat Jaipuri is the lyricist. Music is composed by Shankar Jaikishan.

Only the audio of this song is available. Seeing that this movie had Pradeep Kumar and Usha Kiran in lead roles, my guess is that this song was picturised on Usha Kiran. However, I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of this song.


Song-Jee ghabraaye dil jal jaaye (Baadshah)(1954) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD- Shankar Jaikishan


jee ghabraaye
dil jal jaaye
ab aa jaaa

jee ghabraaye
dil jal jaaye
ab aa ja
saansen ruken
ghut’ta hai dum
aaja re o beraham

aaj tu bhi o jaalim
kisi ka ho gaya
kyun ho gaya
is gagan ka tu ban ke sitaara
kho gaya
kyun kho gaya
is muhabbat ka ab to naseeba
so gaya
haaye so gaya
ji ghabraaye
dil jal jaaye
ab aa ja

jaan ke jaane se pehle tadapta
dekh ja tu dekh ja
dil ki aankhon se aansu nikalta
dekh ja
tu dekh ja
apni duniya se ham ko bichhadta
dek ja tu dekh ja
ji ghabraaye
dil jal jaaye
ab aa ja
saansen ruken
ghut’ta hai dum
aaja re o beraham

4 Responses to "Jee ghabraaye dil jal jaaye"

Welcome back Atul ji !!!
Nice post !!


In my comments on the song आ नील गगनतले I had provided some information about the film. I saw the film in 1954 or 55 when I was about 11. I vaguely remember the following. Mala Sinha was quite new and didn’t have any songs in the film.
I have been collecting old Hindi songs (and information about songs). My collection is mostly from late 40s. About five years ago a film enthusiast from Pune, who is a friend of my sister and her husband, gave me about 3000 mp3 songs (Shankar Jaikishan, C. Ramchandra, S.D. Burman, Madan Mohan,..). I have all 8 songs from Badshah (1954) in that collection.
One very rare song from that film and really a nice one, is sung by Aparesh Lahiri who mostly sang Bengali songs(Bappi Lahiri’s father). Apparently the song was cut from the film. A word of caution. I heard two versions of the song on You Tube this morning. The short one starts in the middle and is incomplete.
One other note. My brother in law (wife’s brother) has a much larger collection of songs than mine and has been converting old rare songs to the digital format. Both of us visited Mr. Arunkumar Deshmukh in his house in January. It was a wonderful visit.


Apresh Lahiri>>>Jaage Mera Dil Soye Zamana Mehfil Door Nahi


Here is the full list of songs from the film बादशाह (1954).
आ नीले गगनतले प्यार हम करे – लता, हेमंत
गुल मुस्कुरा उठा – लता
रुलाकर चल दिये एक दिन – हेमंत
तुम आंखे चुराओ तो क्या – लता
जी घबराये दिल जल जाये – लता
ले गया ले गया दिल – लता
जागे मेरा दिल सोये जमाना मेहेफ़िल दूर नही – अपरेश लाहिरी
जब पलभर चैन ना पाऊ -लता
Songs number 2 and 3 in the list (गुल मुस्कुरा उठा, रुलाकर चल दिये एक दिन) were written by शैलेंद्र and the remaining six by हसरत जयपुरी


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