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Nain baan se karke ghaayal roopwati kahaan jaaye

Posted on: May 4, 2015

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Today’s song is from film Ratnavali-45. Not a very well known name. Even in those days,it was not a film known by many ! But it had very good songs. This was a costume film made by Amar Pictures.

Amar Pictures was owned by Chimanlal Desai- who had established Sagar movietone in 1930 along with Dr. Ambalal Patel. Both were actually in Distribution business, but they entered film production line with the help of Ardeshir Irani of Imperial Film Company. Dr. Patel left Sagar around 1936 to go back to his Distribution business again and Chimanlal left Sagar in 1939 to form National Studios, joining hands with RCA’s Yusuf Fazalbhoy.

Such a powerful company like Sagar was in deep financial troubles, presumably due to the effects of second world war on the film industry. According to Film Historian Bunny Reuben, the cause of Financial crisis was Chimanbhai’s gambling. One night Chimanlal Desai and Ranjit’s Sardar Chandulal Shah were travelling to Bombay in a train together. Both were gamblers to the core ( after few more years Ranjit came to tatters due to the gambling of Chandulal Shah, when he lost more that a Crore in one day in Cotton trading…and when the news came,Chandulal was playing cards !). They decided to play cards with high stakes. Chimanlal started losing heavily and finally he lost Sagar’s “Alibaba”-a film made by Mehboob, to Chandulal in one game. That was the end of Sagar.

As such, Chimanlal had never owned a studio ( he owned only the Production company) himself. Sagar studio was owned by Imperial film company and National was owned by Fazalbhoy. He wanted his own company, so within 8 months he left National studios and started Amar Pictures. Amar was the name of the son of Chimanlal’s eldest son Surendra Desai.

Ratnavali was directed by Surendra Desai, who had enough directorial experience since 1934 onwards. This costume drama was a resounding flop, but its songs were good. The Music Director was Pt. Gobind Ram. Shamshad Begum was his favourite singer. In all, Gobind Ram gave music to about 30 films and Shamshad Begum was his Lead singer in almost half of these movies. An interesting fact about Pt. Gobind Ram is that when K. Asif first planned his mega film Mughal E Azam, he had taken Gobind Ram as its Music Director. It is another thing that by the time Mughal E Azam finally was made, Pt. Gobind Ram had long back retired from films.. C. Ramchandra was truly impressed by only two composers- Sajjad and Pt. Gobind Ram.

The famous song “inhi logon ne le lina dupatta mera” was first composed by Gobind Ram for his film Himmat-1941 and it was sung by Shamshad Begum. He repeated this song even in film “Aabroo”-43 again. Shamshad Begum sang in the following films of Gobind Ram….. Himmat-41, Pagli-43, Ratnavali-45, Sassi punnu-46, Doosri Shaadi-47, Rangeen Zamana-48, Ghar ki izzat-48, Dil ki duniya-49, Nisbat-49, Maa ka pyar-49, Sarkar-51, Jalpari-52 and Jeewan Nauka-52.

Shamshad Begum was always a loner. She did not mix with anybody nor did she allow any of her photographs to be taken ( her first photograph was published only in 1969). This is what she said about composer Pt. Gobind Ram and her unusual ‘unsocial’ behaviour in the industry…

” Yes, I sang a lot for him. He was a very good and simple hardworking person. Many of our films did well celebrating silver jubilees and he gave me lovely songs. We had a healthy respect for each other and shared a professional relationship. In fact, that was my case with everyone. I just did my work and came back home. Maine kabhi chaache, maame, puttar nahi banaye. Studio jaati thi, sabko adab arz hai bola, sab theek thaak hai poochha. Phir kaha chalo gaana shuru karte hain, gaana kiya aur seedhe ghar (I never tried to make personal relationships with anyone and concentrated on the work). I was always cordial however. My father used to say, Itne Meethe bhi mat bano ki koi kha jaaye aur itne kadwe bhi mat bano ki thook de(One shouldn’t be so sweet that others take advantage of you and shouldn’t be so sour that people start ignoring). I followed that. I never used to laugh or gossip with people. I was a bit introvert and knew that being a woman I should behave appropriately at all times. Some people thought me to be a proud person but that was not true. I was just a humble person in reality.
Like Kabir said, Na Kahoo Sang Dosti Na Kahu Sang Bair (I didn’t have friendship or enmity with anyone). That was the case with me. I never went to anyone’s house. I only made an exception in case of some struggling artists like C Ramchandra who didn’t have any proper rehearsal rooms available. C Ramchandra used to live in a one-room accommodation and I sometimes went for rehearsals there due to this reason. My only professional friend probably was Zohrabai Ambalewali who used to come to my house sometimes. She was the one to visit usually however and I rarely visited her. My daughter Usha and her daughter Roshan Kumari were friends.”

The cast of film Ratnavali was Surendra, Ratnamala, Maya Banerjee, Usha Mantri, Ansari, S. Nazir etc etc. The Lyrics were by Vrajendra Gaud, Ram murthy Chaturvedi and I.C.Kapoor. I have not seen this film but what Baburao Patel said in Film India about this film was not very favourable. “A waste of time and Money. Amar presents poor entertainment”, he had said.

The central theme of the film was that Ratnavali (Ratnamala) was a very very beautiful princes of Ceylon. It was predicted that whoever marries her,would become the king of the world, so all kings wanted to marry her. King Udtan (Surendra) of Kaushal kingdom falls in her love, but his first wife Vasavdatta (Usha Mantri) objects. His chief minister (K N Singh) helps him and the two get married etc etc. Except a few good songs there was really nothing else in the film.

Here is a duet of Surendra and Shamshad Begum from this film…..

(My thanks to ‘Sagar Movietone’ by Biren Kothari ji and Gajendra khanna ji for some material.)

Song-Nain baan se karke ghaayal roopwati kahaan jaaye (Ratnawali)(1945) Singers-Surendranath, Shamshad Begam, Lyrics-Vrajendra Gaur, MD-Pt Govind Ram


nain baan se kar ke ghaayal
nain baan se kar ke ghaayal
roopvati kahaan jaaye
nain baan se kar ke ghaayal
roopvati kahaan jaaye
chhodo chhodo
koi dekh na paaye
chhodo chhodo
koi dekh na paaye

kaahe ko sharmaaye
mohe laaj aaye
nain baan se karke ghaayal
nain baan se karke ghaayal
roopvati kahaan jaaye

kaliyon pe aayi bahaar aar aar
dekho bhanwra phool se kare pyaar
kaliyon pe aayi bahaar aar aar
dekho bhanwra phool se kare pyaar
kali bechaari bholi bhaali
bhanwre se sharmaaye
kali bechaari bholi bhaali
bhanwre se sharmaaye

bhanwre ka hai kya bharosa
ras choose ud jaaye
bhanwre ka hai kya bharosa
ras choose ud jaaye

karo bhanwre ka tum aitbaar aar aar
bhanwra tan man se hai balihaar
karo bhanwre ka tum aitbaar aar aar
bhanwra tan man se hai balihaar
bilkul sach
chhodo chhodo aise bahaane
man mora na maane
chhodo chhodo aise bahaane
man mora na maane

prem ki aag lagaai tumne
prem ki aag lagaai tumne
isko kaun bujhaaye
preet ka jaal bichhaaya tumne
preet ka jal bichhaaya tumne
khud se kaun chhudaaye
chhodo chhodo
koi dekh na paaye

nain baan se kar ke ghaayal
nain baan se kar ke ghaayal
roopvati kahaan jaaye

1 Response to "Nain baan se karke ghaayal roopwati kahaan jaaye"

In Himmat the song was written by Aziz Kashmiri and by Majrooh in Pakeezah; mukhda being the same; though the antras sound similar.
In Abroo lyricist is unknown.was picturised on Yakub and sung by Naseer Ahmed(I think)
The song appeared thrice with different singers> 2 female and one male

Brajendra Gaud>>>
Leharo Se Puchh Lo, Ya Kinaro Se Puchh Lo
Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar Husnlal Bhagatram Kaafila (1952)
Wo Meri Taraf Yun Chale Aa Rahe Hain
Kishore Kumar Husnlal Bhagatram Kaafila (1952)
Aansu Abb Tum Kabhi Na Bahana
Lata Mangeshkar Husnlal Bhagatram Kaafila (1952)
Ulfat Ke Jaadu Ka Dil Me Asar Hai
Lata Mangeshkar, Chitalkar Ra C Ramchandra Sangram (1950)
Kas Ke Kamar Ho Ja Taiyaar
Lata Mangeshkar Chitalkar Ramchandra Sangram (1950)
Wo Unka Muskurana Sharmana Chale Jaana
Arun Kumar Chitalkar Ramchandra Sangram (1950)
Dekho Dekho Ye Gadbad Ghotala
Chitalkar Ramchandra Sangram (1950)
Meri Duniya Me Bahare Hai
Shamshad Begum Khemchand Prakash, Bhola Shreshtha, James Singh Muqaddar (1950)
Ye Mere Hai Mai Inki Hu
Surendra, Naseem Govind Ram Ratnavali (1945)


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