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Beet gaya din raah takat man haara

Posted on: May 6, 2015

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Today’s song is from film Namumkin-46. It is a duet of Shamshad Begum and K.S.Ragi.

We are accustomed to see only the usual regular well known names, but when some new or unknown name appears, our brows are raised and we wonder who this singer is. Same thoughts came to my mind when I first came across his name few years back. One would immediately think of the singers in a Gurudwara, who are also called Raagis. I tried and tried very hard, but except that he hailed from Andhra pradesh, I could not get any other information on him. Then one fine morning K S Ragi’s daughter appeared on RMIM forum and gave some more information. Though even this was very meagre, still at least something was there.

Kewal Singh Ragi was born and brought up in Hanamkonda, Warangal in erstwhile Andhra Pradesh ( now it comes in Telangana), about 100 kms from Hyderabad. From childhood he was interested in singing. When he was in his teens,he ran away to Bombay ( where else ? In olden days those who ran away used to land in Bombay almost always. Where do people run away to, nowadays 🙂 ). He got entry into All India Radio and started singing there. He was in Bombay for 12 years. He not only got a chance to sing in films,but he composed music too as well as acted in some films,like Daagh-52 and patita-53 etc.

He sang in films from 1940 to 1952 and sang songs with Geeta Roy, Shamshad Begum, Uma Devi, Kishori (supposedly, his own sister), Zebunnisa, Khursheed, Roshan ara Begum, Razia Begum et. These were all songs from B and C grade films. Some of the films he sang in were, Do Bhai-47, Namumkin-46, Hamari qismet-49, Siskiyan-58, Bulbul-51, Humraz-40, Azamaish-52 etc. He gave music to Bulbul-51 and Siskiyan-58 (unreleased).

At this time, he got a Heart problem and leaving everything, he left for Hanamkonda, where he lived till 1974, when he breathed his last there.

Namumkin-46 was a C grade stunt film. The composer was one Ayub Khan. As per HFGK, this is the only film for which his name appears as a composer. May be he was an assistant to some other well known composer. Nothing else is known about him. The Director of this film was Nari Ghadiyali- an expert in stunt and action films. Nari Kaikhushro Ghadiyali was born as a Parsee in Bombay. He joined film industry in 1932 and his first directorial film was Jungle King-1939. Nari wrote his own stories, Screen play and dialogues. He also edited his own films. He established his own production company called N.K.G.Productions, Bombay. He was a favourite of another Parsee producer Wadia Brothers and he directed many of Wadia films, including some Fearless Nadia films too. Some of his directed films were, Namumkin-46, Royal mail-46, Pistolwali-43, Blackout-42, Red Signal-41, Safed Sawar-41, Lehri Cameraman-44, Lehri Badmash-44, Taxi Driver-44, Hamari kismat-49, Jio Raja-49, Jungle Goddess-48, Jungle ka Jaadu-55, Jungle queen-56. His last film was Murad-61…produced by Naqi Jehan, his step daughter. Nari married actress Pramila after her husband actor Kumar migrated to Pakistan. Pramila and Nari Ghadiyali lived together for 40 years.

The Lyricist of this film was A.Kareem.

There were few artistes in the Film Industry who were ‘all- rounders’. These artistes achieved excellence in many departments of film making. A. Kareem was one such artiste. He was an Actor, producer, Director, Composer, Lyricist,writer, screenplay and dialogue writer and a Costume designer ! In my opinion, he can be compared with only Badriprashad, who was Actor, producer, Director, Composer, Singer, Character artiste and a Choreographer too !..In the early era, there were many such artistes who did many things-sometimes out of necessity or compulsion or to sustain jobs. But they were known for ONE main activity. Similarly A. Kareem was known as a Lyricist. He wrote about 65 songs in about 24 films. He started his career with Aaj ki Duniya-40 as an actor he wrote screenplay and dialogues, with P L Santoshi for films Circus ki sundari-41 and Bombay Calling. He composed music for several stunt films like Toofani Teerandaz-47, Atom Bomb-47, Dhoomketu-49 and Maya Mahal-49.

He directed several films like Kalakar-42, Talash-43, Badmash-44, Jeewan swapna-46, Parbat ki Rani-48, Rangeele Musafir-50, Josh-50, Gazab-51, Chaar chand-53, Maharani-57, Mehfil-57, Mehbooba-65 etc.

As a Costume designed he worked for Naya Daur-57, Dil apna aur preet Parayee-60, Mere Mehboob-63, Kaajal-65, Main vohi hoon-66 and Dastak-70. As a Lyricist his most famous song was Talat’s “Hai ye vohi aasman,aur vohi zameen, par meri Taqdeer ka ab vo zamana nahin “. Nowadays, it is impossible to find such All rounders in the film industry.

One very good thing about Shamshad Begum, which all composers liked most was that even when she was on Top, she had no airs. She never refused to sing for B or C grade films, or new/unknown composers or with new singers. It was not because she wanted money, but this was not her nature. Her Father’s advise to her to refrain from extremes and to be a professional was followed by her in toto. In the initial part of her career itself, he had warned her not to participate in any party or grow friendship with anyone. He was also fanatic about not allowing her to be photographed. So, for almost 30 years of her career, no one knew, apart from the film industry, how Shamshad Begum looked like ! It was only when she arranged her first Stage Show in 1969 in Bombay, that her photographs were released to public for the first time.

Here she is singing with Kewal Singh Ragi, a less known singer, for a duet in the film Namumkin-46. It was a stunt film and the composer was another unknown composer Ayub Khan…..

Song-Beet gaya din raah takat man haara(Namumkin)(1946) Singers-Shamshad Begam, K S Ragi, Lyrics-A Kareem, MD-Ayub Khan


beet gaya din
raah takat man haara
saanjh bhayi ee ee
nahin aaya preetam pyaara
beet gaya din
raah takat man haara
saanjh bhayi ee ee
nahin aaya preetam pyaara

madhur suron ka aa aa geet sunaa ??
madhur suron ka aa aa geet suna ??
kaahe mujhe bulaaya
kaahe mujhe bulaaya
chain bhala kaise man paaye ae ae
chain bhala kaise man paaye ae ae
tere prem ka maara aa aa
tere prem ka maara aa aa

beet gaya din
raah takat man haara
saanjh bhayi ee
nahin aaya preetam pyaara
beet gaya din
raah takat man haara
saanjh bhayi ee
nahin aaya preetam pyaara

aankh se aankh milaa kar toone
kaisa jaadoo daaraa aa aa
kaisa jaadoo daaraa aa aa
aankh se aankh milaa kar toone
kaisa jaadoo daaraa aa aa
kaisa jaadoo daaraa aa aa
preet ka rog lagaa kar toone
preet ka rog lagaa kar toone
chheen liya sukh saara aa aa
chheen liya sukh saara aa aa

beet gaya din
raah takat man haara
jeewaan ka ham ban jaayen ujiyaara

beet gaya din
raah takat man haara
saanjh bhayi ee
nahin aaya preetam pyaara
beet gaya din

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