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Haay re haay tera ghunghtaa

Posted on: May 19, 2015

This article is written by Pamir Harvey, fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

With this song the film Dhongee (1976) makes its debut on this blog. I know only this song from this film and remember it from my childhood days, when it used to be played on the radio, on Vividh Bharati to be precise. The YT uploader has erroneously mentioned this movie as a release of 1979.

Randhir Kapoor and Pancham were good friends and 17 of his films had music by R. D. Burman. Unfortunately, the former had only few hits in his career and many of these films had songs composed by Pancham. Dhongee (1976) is one of those films. This might also be the reason for the late debut of this film on Atul’s blog. But as I always say, better late than never!

Dabboo, as friends called Randhir Kapoor, plays the title role. He gets lost in a traffic accident in the mountains and a corpse is mistaken for his. He lands somehow in Nepal and takes up different identities. Thus, I presume, he lands in the clutches of Asrani, who, going from his blonde wig, plays the villain. Neetu Singh plays Daboo’s fiancée, whom he sees in the nautch girl, after having consumed too much of the good thing.

So, I hope you like this song too.



Song-Haay re haay teraa ghunghtaa (Dhongee)(1976) Singers- Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-R D Burman


haay re haay teraa ghunghtaa
haay re haay teraa ghunghtaa
neend churaaye teraa ghunghtaa
neend churaaye teraa ghunghtaa
hey chaand ghataa se nikle ae
chaand ghataa se nikle ae
koi uthaaye teraa ghunghtaa
haay re haay teraa ghunghtaa
haay haay haay haay
haay re haay meraa ghunghataa
dil dhadkaaye meraa ghunghataa
o laaj se main mar jaoon re ae
laaj se main mar jaoon re ae ae
jo tu uthaaye meraa ghunghataa
haay re haay meraa ghunghtaa

bas ek ye ghoonghat hai kyaa
aise ho parde hazaar
honaa ho to
ho jaataa hai
hota hai aisa ye pyaar
o rehne bhi do
jaane bhi do
iski zaroorat nahin
dete hain dil
jo pyaar mein
takte wo soorat nahin
kaahe hataaye meraa ghunghtaa
ha aa
kaahe hataaye meraa ghunghtaa
laaj se main mar jaoon re
jo tu hataaye meraa ghunghtaa
haay re haay meraa ghunghtaa

jab bhi zaraa
aanchal meraa
sar se sarakne lagaa aa
teri kasam
seene me dam
meraa atakne lagaa

phir kis tarah
ham tum mile
kaise mulaakaat ho
madhosh main
khaamosh tu
kaise koi baat ho
beech mein aaye teraa ghunghataa
ha aa
beech mein aaye teraa ghunghtaa
he chaand ghataa se nikle
koi uthaaye teraa ghunghtaa
haay re haay teraa ghunghtaa

main kaun hoon
tu kaun hai
sab yaad hai naa mujhe
jab ye nashaa
chhaa jaayegaa
phir kuchh na kehnaa mujhe
hey jab pyaar kaa
jaadoo piyaa
mujhpe bhi chal jaayegaa
ho jaaoongi
bechain main
munh se nikal jaayegaa
mohe na bhaaye moraa ghunghtaa
ha aa
mohe na bhaaye moraa ghunghtaa
ho laaj se main mar jaoon re ae
laaj se main mar jaoon re ae ae
jo tu uthaaye meraa ghunghtaa
haay re haay meraa ghunghtaa

12 Responses to "Haay re haay tera ghunghtaa"

I remember this song from my teen-years. My older brother used to watch every film in those days. I used to be more choosy, hence I missed this one. But there was no escaping this catchy song on the radio.

Good one, Harvey.


Yes, Ava, it was very famous in those days and although it disappeared from the ether later, the catchy tune remained with me all through the years.
Thanks, Ava.

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The nautch girl appears in between with Neetu Singh and Randhir Kapoor is dancer LEENA DAS

One of my favourite Pancham/kishore/Asha dance songs…….


This is Leena Das? I had heard the name before but never knew exactly who she was/is.’Thank you, Prakashji!


You can see Leena Das clearly(as a dancer who lip syncs for this song) in this R.D.Burman/Shakti Samanta Video:

abhi ke abhi sochne par,I can recollect her dance/song sequences in Aitbaar(Romesh Sharma`s-1985)
Kala dhandha gorey log,
Kahani Kismet ki(Dharmendra),
Shandaar(saneev kumar`s),
Agent Vinod(Mahendra Sandhu),
Hum kisise kam nahin(Nasir Hussain`s)
Hum Paanch(mithun`s),
Hotel(Rakesh Roshan),
Charitraheen(Sanjeev kumar),
Ayyash(sanjeev kumar),
Arjun(sunny deol),
Ajanabee(Rajesh Khanna`s 1974)

I remember her mostly in song/dance sequences in
Shakti Samanta produced or directed movies


Yeah in this song one can see her face better than in haaye re haay teraa ghunghataa. Thanks Prakashji!
I will keep an watch out for her and see if I can recognise her.


Production House:Kant Kumar Productions
Star cast:Randhir Kapoor, Neetu Singh,Asrani,Farida Jalal,Sujit Kumar,Premnath,Satyen Kapoo,Sajjan,Raj Mehra, Leena Das,
Rajan Haksar,Ram Mohan,Habib,Randhir, Mulchand,
Umesh Khanna,Friendly appearance by Rakesh Roshan,
Story:Prayag Raj
Playback singers:Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle, Amit Kumar
Records on H.M.V.
Dances by Kiran Kumar
Lyrics by Anand Bakshi
Producer:Kant Kumar
Director:Ashok Roy


Starcast of movie Dhongee also includes the names of Madhu Malhotra and Prem Sagar


Thanks for the info, Prakashji!
Farida Jalal gets to play the sister once again!

As per above site article link
just for trivia sake
6. Famous bollywood cabaret dancer of 80s, Leena Das married singer Mohammed Rafi’s son, Shahid. They have two sons.




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