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Awaaz Hai Ye Pyaar Ki

Posted on: June 5, 2015

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

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The Voice of Mukesh #67
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The phase of Mukesh’s career in the years from 1954 to 1957 makes a very ineffectual reading.  In these four years, the number of songs sung by him in each year did not even touch the double digit numbers.  After recording 10 film songs in 1953, the numbers for subsequent years are – 6 for 1954, 9 for 1955, 7 for 1956 and 5 for 1957.  It was only in 1958 that these numbers pulled themselves back into double digits – he recorded 13 songs in 1958.  But all said and done, the equations had changed, by the time 1950s came to a close.

This song is from the 1955 film ‘Maano Na Maano’.  The alternative titles for this movie are ‘Believe It Or Not’ and ‘Andhkaar’.  As per records, the producer of the film is Pranlal K Doshi and the director is BK Adarsh.  The production banner is Movie Entertainers, Bombay.  The claim for fame of this movie is indicated in the footnotes that accompany the entry of this film in the Geet Kosh.  As per the Geet Kosh, this is India’s first psychological cine drama.  Not much other information is available for this film.  As per the remarks in the Geet Kosh even the short list of few actors names has been provided by music director Hansraj Behl.  Only four names are listed – Satish, Chitra, Baldev Mehta and Naaz.  I request other readers and friends to please add more information about this film, and its story line.

There are eight songs listed for this film in the Geet Kosh, with the indication that possibly there could be one or two more songs.  All the listed songs are from the pen of Indeewar, except for this song which is written by Kaif Irfani.  Music is by Hansraj Behl.  As per the information in the Geet Kosh, the gramophone records of this film were released under the title of ‘Andhkaar’, although the film was released with the title ‘Maano Na Maano’.

As I hear this song and read the words, I realize that this song can be categorized as a “pleasant” spooky song.  From the words it appears that the singer is hidden from the view of the person to whom these verses are directed.  That person can only hear the words, as the mukhdaa of the songs says – “Awaaz Hai Ye Pyaar Ki”.  And it also makes a promise to reveal the identity.  An interesting song.  As far as I can recall, this could be the only such song that Mukesh has sung.  Again, I request friends and readers to comment on this.

A relatively obscure and unheard song, getting to a level of endearment that only the voice of Mukesh can make happen.  Listen and enjoy.

Song – Awaaz Hai Ye Pyaar Ki (Maano Na Maano) (1955) Singer – Mukesh, Lyrics – Kaif Irfani, MD – Hansraj Behl


chhup kar nazar se dekh lo
tum chhup nahin sakte kahin
behroop mein ik saaye ke
main saath hi lehraaunga

awaaz hai ye pyaar ki
tadpoge to muskaaunga
tadpa hoon main
tadpa hoon main
tadpa hoon main
awaaz hai

chaahe raho jaa kar kahin
jaa kar kahin
paaoge tum mujhko wahin
mujhko wahin
ki band gar aankhen zaraa
main khwaab ban kar aaunga
awaaz hai ye pyaar ki
tadpoge to muskaaunga
awaaz hai

kyon is qadar hairaan ho
hairaan ho
maasoom ho anjaan jo
anjaan jo
tum kaun ho maloom hai
main kaun hoon batlaaunga
awaaz hai ye pyaar ki
tadpoge to muskaaunga
tadpa hoon main
tadpa hoon main
tadpa hoon main
awaaz hai

awa. . .az hai

awaaz hai

awaaz hai

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

छुप कर नज़र से देख लो
तुम छुप नहीं सकते कहीं
बहरूप में इक साये के
मैं साथ ही लहराऊंगा

आवाज़ है ये प्यार की
तड़पोगे तो मुस्काऊंगा
तड़पा हूँ मैं
तड़पा हूँ मैं
तड़पा हूँ मैं
आवाज़ है

चाहे रहो जाकर कहीं
जाकर कहीं
पाओगे तुम मुझको वहीं
मुझको वहीं
की बंद गर आँखें ज़रा
मैं ख्वाब बन कर आऊँगा
आवाज़ है ये प्यार की
तड़पोगे तो मुस्काऊंगा
आवाज़ है

क्यों इस क़दर हैरान हो
हैरान हो
मासूम हो अञ्जान हो
अञ्जान हो
तुम कौन हो मालूम है
मैं कौन हूँ बतलाऊंगा
आवाज़ है ये प्यार की
तड़पोगे तो मुस्काऊंगा
तड़पा हूँ मैं
तड़पा हूँ मैं
तड़पा हूँ मैं
आवाज़ है

आवा॰॰आssज़ है

आवाज़ है

आवाज़ है


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