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Ham bhi to tere deewaane hain

Posted on: July 22, 2015

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If we in this blog pride ourselves in the fact that we “dig” (literally and figuratively) old and obscure songs and share our findings, there have been other HFM lovers who have dug out information about lesser known artists from the past and brought them to limelight. Greta (Memsaab) has done a yeoman’s service in helping bring lesser known faces of Hindi movies to limelight. It is because of her amazing researches on lesser known artists that we now remember the names of artists like Nazir Kashmiri, Laxmi Chhaayaa, Bela Bose, Ted Lyons etc. In fact, I became aware of lead artists like Shakila, Shyama etc mainly because of her articles in her blog. This was in addition to her love for artists like Shammi Kapoor, Dara Singh, Ranjeet etc, of course.

The artist who has received a great deal of attention and love from Memsaab in her blog is undoubtedly Edwina (or Edu, as we affectionately call her). Memsaab traced her down, befriended her and invited her to her home, and hosted her. It is thanks to Memsaab’s articles on Edu that by now we know a lot about Edwina, including her filmy career and the lesser known background stories about her and her colleagues. Here is the article by memsaab that introduced Edwina to the world.

The above article mentions some of the songs that Edwina appeared in. For people who may not have been aware, she was the “haseena zulfon waali” in the “Teesri Manzil”(1966) song of this title. She has appeared in lots of songs of 1960s.

Memsaab, with help from other likeminded friends had started a project where old and forgotten movies were cleaned up, properly subtitled and uploaded for the benefit of movie lovers, including non Hindi speakers. She has named this project as “Edu Productions” in honour of Edwina.

Taking cue from Memsaab, now other music lovers too have joined in recognising her contributions and honouring her. Another big HFM enthusiast is doing research on all the HFM songs where Edwina appeared, and he invited suggestions from other music lovers to add to the list of songs that he may have missed.

Edwina had left HFM scene in 1967 and she had emigrated to UK in 1967. She is leading a contented retired life there ever since. As a result of Memsaab’s work on her, she has become a well known name again. She is on facebook and she has many friends and admirers there. Though I have never met her, people whom I know (including some contributors of this blog) have met her, so it appears to me that I too have met her by one or two degrees of separation.

Today (22 july 2015) happens to be Edwina’s birth anniversary. Her birth anniversary comes three days after the birth anniversary of this blog. 🙂 That is how I remember her birthday nowadays. 🙂

On this occasion, here is a song featuring Edwina. This song is from “Kaala Aadmi”(1960). The song is sung by Rafi and it is picturised as a party/ get together song on Mehmood, Shyama, Edwina and many others. Shamim Jaipuri is the lyricist. Music is composed by Dattaram.

Here is wishing her a very happy, healthy and fulfilling birth anniversary. May her tribe of fans and admirers keep on increasing with every passing day.



Song-Ham bhi to tere deewaane hain (Kaala Aadmi)(1960) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Shamim Jaipuri, MD-Dattaram


hum bhi to tere deewaane hain
hum bhi to tere deewaane hain
dil tod ke na ja
munh pher ke na ja
dil tod ke na ja
munh pher ke na ja
hum bhi to tere deewaane hain
hum bhi to tere deewaane hain
dil tod ke na ja
munh pher ke na ja
dil tod ke na ja
munh pher ke na ja
hum bhi to tere deewaane hain

bekal hai jo tere liye ae
tu hi bata kaise jiyen aen
teri kasam
phirte hain hum
dil ki umang dil me liye
hum bhi to tere deewaane hain
hum bhi to tere deewawne hain
dil tod ke na ja
munh pher ke na ja
hum bhi to tere deewaane hain

aaya hoon main
ye dil lekar
ek nazar
dekh idhar
is dil ki keemat kya
ek ada
ek nazar
hum bhi to tere deewaane hain
hum bhi to tere deewaane hain
dil tod ke na ja
munh pher ke na ja
hum bhi to tere deewaane hain

paas to aa
chhoone na de
baat na kar
dekh to le ae
hum bhi koi gair nahin
ae dilruba
tere liye
hum bhi to tere deewaane hain
hum bhi to tere deewaane hain
dil tod ke na ja
munh pher ke na ja
dil tod ke na ja
munh pher ke na ja
hum bhi to tere deewaane hain
hum bhi to tere deewaane hain

7 Responses to "Ham bhi to tere deewaane hain"

Happy Birthday to Edwina ji …!!!


Atul ji,

Thanks for mentioning about Edwina ji.
Dr. Surjit singh ji has also published 4 articles on her and the 5th was published in memsaab’s Blog, in addition her introduction by Memsaab.

The latest news is that Dr. Surjit Singh ji has written a book ‘EDWINA….An unsung Bollywood Dancer of the Golden Era’ recently.
This book is available on for only Rs . 199/-. It is also published by them.

I already have ordered this book and am waiting for its delivery.

Through this Blog, I wish Edwina ji ” A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ”



Elegant Enticing Equisite Edwina
dekhe kya koi dance tumhare bina
aap hamare dil me base hai
chaahe to chir ke dekha de seena
Happy birthday to you
Hope you are as beautiful as ever

Some site attribute the song to Hasrat


That site (and others copying from it) have no authenticity.


Edwina ji

“Happy Birthday”


Liked by 1 person


Happy birthday, Edu. 🙂
Very nice that we have a write-up today on her. Very thoughtful of you, Atul. 🙂

Liked by 1 person

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