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Aa ja ri nindiya tu aa kyun na jaa

Posted on: July 26, 2015

This article is written by Bharat Upadhyay, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Nightingale Noorjehan – 10
After completing all Noorjehan’s songs from 1946 ‘Dil’, I march forward (In fact backward) to another block-buster musical film of the same year i.e. Anmol Ghadi. All her songs are covered on our blog. Now comes 1945. There were four films of our heroine during that year. There were four songs from 1945 film Bhaijaan, attributed to Noorjehan, but all except ‘chupke se dil mein …’ had Zeenat Begam’s voice on Columbia Records, according to HFGK. So, totally disappointed at not getting any Noorjehan’s song from that film, I look for the remaining three films of 1945.

Noorjehan songs from both the films viz. ‘Badi Maa’ and ‘Gaaun Ki Gori’ are covered on this blog. Then comes ‘Zeenat’. One song remaining from 1945 Zeenat is available on YouTube. The Video version uploaded there has so many jumps and cuts, thus distracting from the fluency and the beauty of the song. (The entire video is dark and Noorjehan in black attire trying to put her daughter to sleep is also monotonous.) So Instead of that, I have uploaded on YT the AUDIO version which gives justice to one of the best ‘Lories’ of Hindi Films.

With such a long argument justifying what I have been doing, let us enjoy the song.

Zeenat was a controversial Muslim social film, much ahead of its times, Where a widow is harassed, her character is doubted for having a baby after her Husband’s death. Veteran Yakub saves her from ‘badnaami’ before the film comes to ‘The End’.

Produced by Eastern Pictures and Directed by Syyad Shaukat Hussain Rizvi. (Real culprit, according to me, who took Noorjehan to Pakistan) The star-cast included in addition to our heroine, Yakub, Karan Diwan, Bibbo, Shanta Rani, Majid, Shah Nawaz and Agha. There were two Music Directors viz., Mir Saheb and Hafiz Khan. This particular song’s music is by Hafiz Khan according to HFGK. There were three Lyricists for the film viz, Naqshab Jarachvi, Mahrul Qadri and Anjum Shevan. We do not know who is the lyricist for our song, as HFGK does not throw any light. (as people say}.



Song–Aa Jaa Ri Nindia Tu Aa Kyun Na Jaa (Zeenat)(1945) Singer-Noorjehaan, MD- Hafiz Khan


hmm hmm hmm hmm
aa jaa ri nindiya tu aa kyun na jaa
nanhi si aankhon mein ghulmil jaa aa
aa jaa ri nindiya
tu aa kyun na jaa
nanhi si aankhon mein ghulmil jaa
aa jaa ri nindiya

aaaa aaaa
baagh mein aen aen koi kali jo chitke ae ae ae ae ae
aankh is ki khul jaaaaati hai ae ae ae
hawaa se keh do
dheere aaaaye
hawaa se keh do
dheere aaye
neend kisi ko aati hai ae ae
neend kisi ko aati hai ae ae ae
neend kisi ko aati hai
aa jaa ri nindiya tu aa kyun na jaa
nanhi si aankhon mein ghulmil jaa aa
aa jaa ri nindiya

suraj ki si dhoop hai duniyaa
subah ko hai aur sham nahin
dil ki ee kahaani kya kahiye
aaghaaz to hai anjaam nahin
hook si dil mein uthhti hai ae ae
hook si dil mein uthhti hai
jab yaad kisi ki aati hai ae ae
yaad kisi ki aati hai ae ae
yaad kisi ki aati hai
aa jaa ri nindiya tu aa kyun na jaa
nanhi si aankhon mein ghulmil jaa
aa jaa reeee nindiya

3 Responses to "Aa ja ri nindiya tu aa kyun na jaa"

Actually there are 4 lyricist. After operating and separating the Siamese twins Anjum Shevan they have become Anjum Pilibhiti, Shewan Rizvi. Thanks Bharatbhai for the lovely lori.


Thanks for the successful operation where both of them are revived. Also thanks for joining the minority club enjoying nightingale songs.


Thank you very much, Bharat Bhai for the rare song.
A very sweet Lori which I do not remember having heard earlier.
Avadh Lal


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