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Aandhiyaan gham ki chalti hain chalne bhi de

Posted on: July 31, 2015

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Today (31 july 2015) is the last day of the week as well as the month. But that is not how this date is remembered by music lovers. Most music lovers, whether casual music lovers or serious ones know this date like the back of their hands. It was on this day in 1980 that Rafi passed away. He was just 56 years of age at that time and his stars were on the ascendancy again when fate willed otherwise on that day 35 years ago.

Lots and lots of things have been discussed about Rafi the gifted singer and Rafi the humble individual. He is one person who gets remembered by music lovers almost every day of the year. We in this blog have been discussing one Rafi song daily on an average right from the time this blog was started over seven years ago. The very first post in this blog on 19 july 2008 discussed a Rafi song ! The 100th and 200th post of this blog discussed Rafi songs as did the 4000th, 7000th and 9000th posts of this blog. In all, this blog has so far covered 2430 Rafi songs and we are around the halfway mark as far as discussing all Rafi songs are concerned. Hopefully we will reach a stage when we will have discussed all avaailable Rafi songs in the blog. Even today, this blog is perhaps the biggest online collection of Rafi songs in one place.

Lots of music lovers, groups, forums, tv channels etc discuss Rafi songs on this occasion. Most media discuss well known songs that most people are already familiar and they keep getting discussed many times throughout the year during various music related occasions. We in this blog do not repeat a song that has been discussed in the past. So every new discussion in this blog is a song that have not been covered before. So there are no short cuts, and no recycling of the same usual songs for us in the blog. Most Rafi songs that we will discuss today are songs that are rather less heard and known among music lovers. Less heard they may be, but they are all gems.

Here is a song from “Kangan”(1959) on this occasion. This song is sung by Rafi. Rajinder Krishan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Chitragupta.

HFGK has this remark for this song-“it appears that this song was later on deleted from the movie. Going by the video of this song, it is seen that the song was very much there in the movie. We can see from the picturisation that the song is picturised as a background song as Nirupa Roy is shown wandering outdoors in bad weather conditions.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Nitin Shah.

With this song, the eighth song from this movie to appear in the blog, “Kangan”(1959) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.



Song-Aandhiyaan gham ki chalti hain chalne bhi de (Kangan)(1959) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Chitragupta

Lyrics(Provided by Nitin Shah)

zindagi jisne tujhe di hai ae
mitaayega wohi ee
ye diya jisne jalaaya hai
bujhaayega wohi

andhiyaan gham ki chalti hain chalne bhi de
jal sake jab talak shamma jalne bhi de
andhiyan gham ki

degi khushiyon ki barkha ye kaali ghata
apne haathon na apna diya tu bujha
degi khushiyon ki barkha ye kaali ghata
apne haatho na apna diya tu bujha
sabr kar ye ghadi gham ki talne bhi de
jal sake jab talak shamma jalne bhi de
aandhiyaan gham ki

dhoop mein chhaanv hai chaanv mein dhoop hai
har niraasha mein asha ka ik roop hai
dhoop mein chhaanv hai chaanv mein dhoop hai
har niraasha mein asha ka ik roop hai
dard palta hai dil mein to palne bhi de
jal sake jab talak shamma jalne bhi de
aandhiyaan gham ki

zindagi de rahi hai tujhe ye sada
o o o o
zindagi de rahi tujhe ye sada
jaanewaale na ja aaaa
meri mehfil mein aaaa
jaanewaale na ja
meri mehfil mein aaa
kaafila zindagi ka yeh chalne bhi de
jal sake jab talak shamma jalne bhi de
aandhiyaan gham ki chalti hain chalne bhi de
jal sake jab talak shamma jalne bhi de
aandhiyaan gham ki

4 Responses to "Aandhiyaan gham ki chalti hain chalne bhi de"

I’ve seen this film long ago but I don’t remember the song. Nice one. But then, it is Rafisaab, so… 🙂


@Atul ji – Congratulations on covering of all songs of ‘Kangan-1959’ and its joining to the ‘list of movies-all songs covered’ !!!




working video link:


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