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Na hui gar mere marne se tasalli na sahi

Posted on: August 6, 2015

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Mukesh and his Composers – 5a

In my last post on Mukesh’s birth anniversary(sab thhaath pada rah jaavega), we saw his association with Khaiyyam in terms of his “film songs”. I had said that I would come back with his NFS for the composer sometime later. Though I was cognizant about most of the NFS, I was not very sure of the complete list and hence restricted myself to the film songs. When I wrote that post, I too was not aware that “sometime later” would mean the very next post, that’s this one.

Harish Raghuvanshi ji the compiler of “Mukesh Geetkosh” (1985) sent a mail to Arunkumar sir, to be forwarded to self, with the details of the NFS of Mukesh for Khaiyyam. Details received from such an eminent and authoritative personality ought to be included and presented before I proceed with other composers. Harish ji’s mail was sent on 22nd July itself, but because of my preoccupations (honestly, it includes lethargy) this post got delayed for two weeks.

I thank both Harish ji and Arunkumar Sir for the details and the help extended.

As enlisted below in the table, Mukesh also sang eight (8) NFS and two (2) songs in an incomplete film “Hum ek hain” under Khaiyyam.

S. No Name of the NFS Co singer if any Remarks
1 Ashaar mere yun toh
2 Zara si baat pe
3 Thar thara udhti hai khamosh
4 Na hui gar mere marane se tasalli Lyrics by Ghalib
5 Rahi hai daad talab
6 Hum rashq ko apne bhi Lyrics by Ghalib
7 Humse bhaagaa na karo
8 Hare ek husna tera
9 Kiski hai rachna saari From an unreleased film “Hum ek hain”
10 Wo hai allah…..raam kaho ya rahim kaho Jagjit Kaur From an unreleased film “Hum ek hain”

In the above table, song no 4 and 6 are attributed to Ghalib, while all the remaining songs have been written by Jaan Nisaar Akhtar. A very interesting thing to be noted in the table is the last song which Mukesh has sung with Jagjit Kaur. To the best of my knowledge, it’s the only duet sung by the duo. I was not very successful in tracing these two songs. I vaguely remember hearing the duet sometime back and it seems it has not been sung together as a duet. However I am not at all sure of this. Hope these two unreleased songs surface somewhere in the near future.

Another interesting point to be noted is that none of the above 10 NFS are featured on the blog. So I had ample scope and all the liberty to choose any song for this post. In view of most songs of Mukesh already being posted on the blog, this opportunity and occurrence is quite a rarity.

I have selected the 4th NFS in the table above, a Ghalib ghazal which flows fluently with the clear dictation in the voice of Mukesh. I also happened to stumble upon a very good website (here it is). It has the lyrics in Hindi, English and Urdu. Some noble soul has taken all the trouble to explaining each and every word of the ghazal, which can be found by just clicking on the word on the web page.

So here is the first NFS of the combo of Mukesh and Khaiyyam on the blog.

In the next post, we shall go through the association of Mukesh with composer Jaidev.

Song-Na hui gar mere marne se tasalli na sahi (Mukesh NFS)(1960) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Ghalib, MD-Khaiyyam


Na hui gar mere marne se tasalli na sahi
Imtihaan aur bhi baaqi ho to ye bhi na sahi
Imtihaan aur bhi baaqi ho to ye bhi na sahi

Khaar-khaar-e alam-e hasrat-e deedaar to hai ae ae ae ae
Shouq gul-cheen-e gulistaan-e-tasalli na sahi
Shouq gul-cheen-e gulistaan-e-tasalli na sahi

Ek hangaame pe moukoof hai ghar ki raunaq a a a
Nauha-e-gham hi sahi,
naghma-e shaadi na sahi
Nauha-e-gham hi sahi
naghma-e shaadi na sahi

Na sataaish ki tamanna aa aa
na sile ki parvaah aaa aaa aaa
Gar nahin hain mere ashaar mein maani na sahi
Gar nahin hain mere ashaar mein maani na sahi
Na hui gar mere marne se tasalli na sahi

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