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Mere liye jahaan mein

Posted on: August 14, 2015

This article is written by Bharat Upadhyay, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Nightingale Noorjehan – 16

This is one of the songs, which gives you surprise that it was not already covered in this blog. The song was very popular during her time as well as even now, when ‘Rasiks’ often remembers it whenever they talk about Noorjehan. I had seen the film in a traveling tent theater, which had come to our town. After seeing it once, we used to seat in the open space outside the theater daily at night to listen to the dialogs and especially the songs. If we were lucky, sometime on balmy nights, the door flaps of the tent were opened for some breeze to creep inside, we could also watch the film from outside. In the absence of Radio, TV, that is how I used to memorize the words and tunes of those songs. For months after that, it was almost a routine for me to oblige anybody asking me to sing those songs.

According to HFGK, eight songs are attributed to Noorjehan. Listening very carefully to all the songs, the benefit of doubt can be given to all the chorus songs, as like ‘aahen na bhari’’ from ‘Zeenat’, she may have a line or two to her credit in those chorus.

Following solos and a Duet, (according to me) are in young childish voice, and are really Noorjehan’s songs:
1. 1. Ud Jaa Panchhi

2. 2. Ham Khelenge Aankh-Michauli

3. 3. Tu Kaun Si Badli Mein

4. 4. Mere Liye Jahaan Mein

The other two solos:
1. 1. Meri Ammi Ka Raaj Bhala

2. 2. Aa Gaya Mere Baag Ka Mali

They are definitely in a very different voice, and I presume it is the voice of Shamshad Begum’.

If someone, like Vidur-ji has the original full film video, this dilemma can be solved.

So, from ’Khandan’ (again according to me) the song under discussion is the last remaining song for this Blog.

Luckily Ajay Ryan has posted a video of the song and the young lisping childish voice is like a QED to my above theory.

With this song, I wind-up this melodious series. (Unless, some song from the missing list pops up or surfaces.)

I followed Noorjehan’s songs from across the border. She did sing in few films there also, just as melodious like our Indian film songs. (Naturally, the MDs were also from the same lot, who had migrated) Later on, she started singing Punjabi songs and her Urdu songs had lot of influence of that typical Punjabi style. So, I had done ‘al-vida’ to her even before she left this world.

Being an ardent solid forever-fan of Noorjehan, when she migrated to Pakistan, actually ‘I’ had no ‘chain’ and ‘qaraar’ for quite a long time. Later on, it was her ‘Shishya’ (in some way) that revived my ‘chain’ and ‘qaraar’, and I became ardent solid forever-fan of Swar-Samragni Lata-ji.



Song–Mere Liye Jahaan Mein (Khandan)(1942) Singer-Noorjehaan, Lyrics-(Not mentioned in HFGK), MD-Ghulam Hyder


Mere liye jahaan mein
mere liye jahaan mein
chain na qaraar hai
mere liye jahaan mein
chain na qaraar hai
dil mein hai be-qaraariyaan
dil mein hai be-qaraariyaan
aankhon mein intezaar hai

dil pe zara si thhes dee
dil pe zara si thhes dee
yaas ka rang bhar diya
dil pe zara si thhes dee
yaas ka rang bhar diya
dheere se muskaraa diye
dheere se muskaraa diye
kehne lage yeh pyaar hai
mere liye jahaan mein
chain na qaraar hai

aankhon mein dil utar gaya
aankhon mein dil utar gaya
duniya ka dard bhar gaya
aankhon mein dil utar gaya
duniya ka dard bhar gaya
thhaame jigar sune koi
thhaame jigar sune koi
gaana nahin pukaar hai
mere liye jahaan mein
chain na qaraar hai
dil mein hai be-qaraariyaan
dil mein hai be-qaraariyaan
aankhon mein intezaar hai


1 Response to "Mere liye jahaan mein"

Thanks Bharatbhai for journeying us to the Noorjehan odyssey. It was the most musical and liting journey ever.


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