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Diya apni khudi ko jo hamne mita

Posted on: August 27, 2015

This article is written by Mahesh Mamadapur, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Mukesh and his Composers – 8
It was on 27th August 1976 in faraway Detroit city of US that Mukesh breathed his last after suffering a massive heart attack. He was there with Lata Mangeshkar and his son Nitin Mukesh for live performances in a few US cities. It was the 7th or 8th out of 10 performances to be performed.

A career which started in 1940 with acting-singing soon settled and rightly so for playback only. In a career spanning 36 years, Mukesh sang less than a 1000 songs. However each one of these songs is a gem, in its own right.

In my post last year Mil Na saka dil ko agar pyaar tumhaare on the same date, we had seen the various roles donned by Mukesh before he finally took up play back singing alone seriously. The last entry of the table in the post was about the film titled “Anuraag” released in 1956. In this movie Mukesh was the Actor, Singer, Music Director and Producer.

Continuing this series on “Mukesh and his Composers”, we shall have a look at all the songs that Mukesh sang and composed himself. Anuraag was in fact the first and last film that he composed for. Apart from two solos on himself, he also accommodated Shamshad Begam, Lata Mangeshkar, and Manna Dey etc for playback in this film.

Mukesh is one of the few singers whose NFS are as famous as his film songs. In the NFS category he composed five of his songs himself. Below is the table of the film and NFS he sang and composed himself.

In compiling the table, it goes without saying that I again received prompt help from Shri Harish ji who was also kind enough to share the lyrics in Hindi of today’s song. I was unaware that the last song on Pandit Nehru was also composed by Mukesh.

S.No Song Lyricist Movie
1 Kise yaad rakhoon kise bhool jaaun Kaif Irfani Anuraag(1956)
2 Pal bhar hi ki pehchaan mein Indeewar Anuraag(1956)
3 Gayee yak bayak jo havaa Zafar NFS
4 Jiyenge magar muskura Kaif Irfani NFS
5 Diyaa apni khudi ko Zafar NFS
6 Do zulmi naina humpe Kaif Irfani NFS
7 Chacha Nehru…phool khilega Shailendra NFS

Paying tributes to the legend on the 39th year of his passing away, I present here one of Mukesh’s NFS written by Zafar and well, composed by himself.


Song-Diya apni khudi ko jo hamne mita (Mukesh NFS)(1960) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Zafar, MD-Mukesh


Diya apni khudi ko jo hamne mita
wo jo parda sa beech mein thha na raha
raha parde mein ab wo na parda nasheen
koi doosra uske siwa na raha
raha parde mein ab wo na parda nasheen
koi doosra uske siwa na raha
diya apni khudi ko jo hamne mita

na thhi haal ki jab hamen apne khabar
rahe dekhte auron ke aib o hunar
na thhi haal ki jab hamen apne khabar
rahe dekhte auron ke aib o hunar
padi apni buraaiyon per jo nazar
to nigaah mein koi bura na raha
padi apni buraaiyon per jo nazar
to nigaah mein koi bura na raha
diya apni khudi ko jo hamne mita

zafar aadmi usko na jaaniyega
zafar aadmi usko na jaaniyega
ho wo kaisa hi saahab e paimozkaar
jise aish mein yaad e khuda na rahi
jise taish mein khauf e khuda na raha
jise aish mein yaad e khuda na rahi
jise taish mein khauf e khuda na raha
diya apni khudi ko jo hamne mita

10 Responses to "Diya apni khudi ko jo hamne mita"

Lovely. Hearing for the first time. Who is this Zafar. Has he written any other poems/lyrics


According to me all our playback singers’ NFS are famous for the simple reason that their voices are easily recognizable and identifiable. Even Usha M and Suman have sung some great NFS.


Nitin ji,
Nope. I drew a blank on “Zafar” and in fact got all the more confused when I peeked into the name on the net. What I can say is that he has written two NFS for Mukesh and both have been composed by Mukesh himself.
And, I have never come across Mukesh having written anything with an alias name etc.
Arunkumar sir and Sudhir ji can best explain the situation.


Bahadur Shah ‘Zafar’.


Sadanand ji,
Yes. Also since the name itself appears in the song.
To “educate” myself I obviously went to the song “naa kisi ki aankh ka noor hoon” on the blog. Got more confused there too in the comments section. Incidentally the film is available on youtube and the credit titles show only the name of Bharat Vyas for the movie Lal Quilla.

Nitin ji,
A part of the list I suppose since the two songs sung by Mukesh seem to be missing.


Mahesh-ji and Nitin-ji,

How could you not know about Bahadurshah ‘Zafar’ the last Moghul king exiled in Burma Jail by the robbers British? He is considered one of the freedom fighter too. He during his exile has written many thought provoking gazals and many singers have sung them. I give a listing of few:

Lagata nahin hai jee mera
Na kisi ki aankh ka noor hun — both by Habib Vali Muhammad
Yaar tha gulzar tha
Ya mujhe afsar-e-shahana banaya hota — both by Abida Parween
Baat karni mujhe mushkil kabhi — Mehdi Hassan
Marne ki duaayen kyu maangu



‘Marne ki duaayen kyon maagu’ is written by Prof. Moin Ahsan Jazbi. Kishore Kumar has sung this ghazal in ‘Ziddi’ (1948).


Superb, Mahesh ji.
Thanks & regards,
Bharat bhai, why omit the name of Habib Wali Mohd. from ‘Marne ki dua kyun…’?
Avadh Lal


Mahesh ji,
Here is the link to the full ghazal:

There are 11 she’rs in this ghazal of which only 3 she’rs have been used in this NFS.

Two unusual features of this ghazal are:

(1) There are two ‘matlas’ – first and second she’rs, with the same ‘radif’ that is, ‘na raha’ in both the lines of a she’r.

(2) The ghazal has got the longer ‘beher’ (metre) than usual . Generally more than 10-12 words in a line is regarded as longish though there is no define convention in this regard.


lagta nahi hai jee mera
agar mujhe aap
zafar se mukhateeb karo
mera pura naam leke
mujhpe kuchh qaram to karo


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