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Ham jaagen jag soye ri aali

Posted on: September 29, 2015

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“Rangeen Raaten”(1956) was produced and directed by Kidar Sharma. The movie had Shammi Kapoor, Geeta Bali, Mala Sinha, Chand Usmani, Rohit Tony, Pesi Patel, Nazira, Tuntun etc. in it.

Seven songs from this movie have been discussed in the past. Here is the eighth and final song from the movie. This song is sung by Lata. Kidar Sharma is the lyricist. Music is composed by Roshan.

The song is lip synced by a melancholic Chaand Usmani (I hope I have identified her correctly), with a cheerful Mala Sinha also visible in the picturisation.

With this song, “Rangeen Raaten”(1956) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.


Song-Ham jaagen jag soye ri aali(Rangeen Raaten)(1956)Singer-Lata, Lyrics- Kidar Sharma, MD-Roshan


hum jaagen
hum jaagen jag soye ri aali
hum jaagen jag soye
hum jaagen jag soye ri aali
hum jaagen jag soye

deep bujhe do ankhiyaan mori
phir bhi baat nihaaroon tori ee
deep bujhe do ankhiyaan mori
phir bhi baat nihaaroon tori
o man-basiya kabahoon miloge
o man-basiya kabahoon miloge
tum milyaa sukh hoye
ho o
tum milya sukh hoye ri aali
ham jaagen jag soye
ek dulhan pi ko liptaaye
sharmaaye koi haath chhudaaye
ek dulhan pi ko liptaaye
sharmaaye koi haath chhudaaye
ek bechaari baithhe jharokhe
ek bechaari baithhe jharokhe
ansuwan haar piroye
ho o o
ansuwan haar piroye ri aali
hum jaagen jag soye

ye birha ki raat saheli
ye apni ee barsaat saheli
ye birha ki raat saheli
ye apni barsaat saheli
jab chhalken birhan ki ankhiyaan
jab chhalken birhan ki ankhiyaan
ye birhan sang royen
ho o
ye birhan sang roye ri aali
hum jaagen jag soye

7 Responses to "Ham jaagen jag soye ri aali"



Kidar Sharma, had delivered another profound yet subtle message, in his finely crafted almost using spiritual type hymns making this song, feel like a devotional (bhajan type) song. Wish only If he had add the words in the end as “Meera kahe prabhu ye birhan sang roye ri aali…” lol…Now let’s celebrate…YiPPee Time To Cool Off!!


Yes she is her.
Trust Roshan to give lilting tunes across all genres. Great Stuff.
BTW, its the first movie of Mala Sinha; already looking versatile.


Congratulations Atul ji on covering of all songs of ‘Rangeen Raaten-1956’ and its joining to the ‘list of movies-all songs covered’ !!!


As per what I know Mala Sinha’s debut film was Baadshah ( by Amiya Chakravarty)
K S Shenoy
PS Sorry for opening the post this late :))


Satish ji,

Mala Sinha came from Calcutta to make a career in Bombay films. In Calcutta she worked in a Bilingual film ‘Chitrangada-54’ in Bangla and Hindi. In 54 again, she did her first film in Bombay, Badshah-54, then came Hamlet-54, Riyasat-55 and Ekadashi-55. In all she did 105 films.
In all her interviews, Mala Sinha always quoted “Rangeen Raten”-56 with Shammi Kapoor as her first film in Bombay. She was ashamed of revealing that in film Riyasat-55, her Hero was Mahipal and in film Ekadashi-55 it was Trilok Kapoor. She always hid this fact.



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