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Sapne Huye Saanche

Posted on: October 9, 2015

This article is written by Srinivas Ganti, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a new contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Journey Through Lata’s Melodies – 02
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Even though this is my first post, I don’t feel like a new comer on this forum, since I have already met several of you in person. Thanks to Sudhir ji for making this possible by inviting me to Mumbai Gangout last year.

Atul ji, Arun ji and Aparna among ATULites and several other music lovers have been very generous in appreciating my recent article published online here.

The article chronicles a sampling of my overall experiences, and I  thought of sharing them here as well.  I will also post other songs left out in the article in due course of time.

During my university days, I befriended a gentleman named Dr. Khawar Sohail Siddiqui. It was the pre-YouTube era and rare songs were hard to get by and he was extremely gracious. Almost every morning I used to get up, login and find a mail from him with a collector’s item as an attachment.

Khawar Sahab had several favorite composers but he was crazy for the man whom connoisseurs revere as the father of Hindi film music; Rai Chand Boral. RC Boral’s body of work with Lata is limited to just 2 movies and a huge chunk of that is from Shri Chaintanya Mahaprabhu. Khawar Saheb was desperately looking for songs of this movie. He had heard those songs on Radio Ceylon and exclaimed “Lata ke saare gaane ek taraf aur Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu ke gaane ek taraf”. I never heard about the movie at that time but Khawar Saheb’s taste was like a gold standard for me. I used to call Khawar Saheb every other week and he used to inevitably say “Shri Chaintanya mahaprabhu ke gaane talash karo yaar”.

So the search began, went on for a few years, and finally Shri SN Chari based in Chennai kindly sent us the tape. Given this huge buildup, I had very high expectations about the music. RC Boral, Lata and Bharat Vyas did not dissapoint.

The opening aalaap ‘baaje muraliya baaje’ followed by a wonderful interlude and the use of khol in the background shows the influence of the Bangla Baul Keertan form of music.

It was literally ‘sapne hue saanche’ for me, as I finally landed upon a goldmine at the end of a long journey.

Song – Sapne Huye Saanche (Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu) (1953) Singers – Lata Mangeshkar, Lyrics – Bharat Vyas, MD – RC Boral


ba.aa.aje. .ey. .ey
muraliyaa. .aa ba. . .aje

sapne hue saanche
sapne hue saa..nche
aaj mere sapne hue saanche
bole koyaliyaa. . .
aaa aaa aaa
bole koyaliyaa kuhuu kuhuu
mann meraa naache
sapne hue saanche

neele neele..ey..ey
gagan taley
aaa aa
aaa aa aa
aaa aaaa aaaa aaaaaaa
neele neele gagan taley
madhur madhur preet phaley
gagan taley preet phaley
meri paayaliyaa. . .aaaa
aa aa aa
meri paayaliyaa
aaj magan
jhanan jhanan baaje baaje
sapne hue saanche

nainan ke phool khile
nainan ke phool khile..ey
raadha ko shyaam miley
baaje muraliyaa. . .aa
aa aa aa
baaje muraliyaa
meethi meethi
bhaag mere jaage jaage
sapne hue saanche

sheetal pavan ke hindoley
doley hriday mera doley
hriday mera doley
aaj haule haule
aaj haule haule
mann mein koi piya piya boley
koi piya piya boley
mere saanwariya. . .aa
aa aa aa
mere saanwariya
aaj mere nainan mein raache raache
sapne hue saanche

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

मुरलीया॰॰आ बा॰॰जे

सपने हुए साँचे
सपने हुए साँ॰॰चे
आज मेरे सपने हुए साँचे
बोले कोयलिया॰॰
आs आs आs
बोले कोयलिया कुहू कुहू
मन मेरा नाचे
सपने हुए साँचे

नीले नीले॰॰ए॰॰ए
गगन तले
आs आ
आs आ आ
आs आss आss आsssss
नीले नीले गगन तले
मधुर मधुर प्रीत फले
गगन तले प्रीत फले
मेरी पायलिया॰॰आss
आ आ आ
मेरी पायलिया
आज मगन
झनन झनन बाजे बाजे
सपने हुए साँचे

नैनन के फूल खिले
नैनन के फूल खिले॰॰ए
राधा को श्याम मिले
बाजे मुरलीया॰॰आ
आ आ आ
बाजे मुरलीया
मीठी मीठी
भाग मेरे जागे जागे
सपने हुए साँचे

शीतल पवन के हिंडोले
डोले हृदय मेरा डोले
हृदय मेरा डोले
आज हौले हौले
आज हौले हौले
मन में कोई पिया पिया बोले
कोई पिया पिया बोले
मेरे साँवरिया॰॰आ
आ आ आ
मेरे साँवरिया
आज मेरे नैनन में राचे राचे
सपने हुए साँचे

12 Responses to "Sapne Huye Saanche"

Heartiest welcome to Shri Srinivas Ganti,
What a sweet song.
Truly an admirable understatement in your words,”… my high expectations… not disappointed”. No truer words were ever uttered.
Thank you very much, and, also to Dr. Khawar Sohail Siddiqi.
Looking forward to more such posts from you.
Warm regards,
Avadh Lal




Welcome, Srinivas ji.
The group of contributors is stronger now with your entry.


Excellent song. Heard for the first time.


Heartiest Welcome Srinivas ji !!!


Dhanyawaad. Welcome to our Blog.
‘C M Prabhu’ ke char panch gaane bahut hi madhur hai. aapne shuruaat kee hai to baaki ke gaane apne Blog pe aa hi jayenge.
Lataji ke baaki do solo itne hi karnapriya aur madhur hai.


Heartiest welcome Srinivas (as agreed, I am dropping the formal ji).
Excellent choice for the first post. Looking forward to the remaining part of the journey 😊


Thanks all for the warm welcome. I am glad all of you liked the song. Looking forward to having a good time with ATULites..


Shri Srinivasaji Mahaguru
Welcome aboard. Aapka rightful sthaan grahan kare!!!
R C Boral
Sapera (1939)
Vidyapati (1937)
Dhoop Chhaon (1935)
Puran Bhagat (1933)
Chandi Das (1934)
Street Singer (1938)
President (1937)
Lagan (1941)
Haar Jeet (1940)
Saugandh (1942)
Wapas (1943)
Humrahi (1945)
Wasiatnama (1945)
Pehla Aadmi (1950)
Dard – E – Dil (1953)
Swami Vivekanand (1955)


धन्यवाद भरत जी,
सचमुच बहुत कर्णप्रिय और मधुर.
अवध लाल


Really grateful to Dr. Khawar Sohail Siddiqi, who was instrumental in goading Shri Ganti to unearth these pearls from the vast depths of HFM ocean.
Avadh Lal


Srinivas Ji,
great post/contribution to this blog .Thanks
K S Shenoy,Bangalore


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