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Balma ke kaaran bani hoon joganiya

Posted on: November 12, 2015

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Yesterday (11 november 2015) was the festival of Deepaawali. Most people enter into the Deepaawali festive mood from three to four days in advance and the hangover of the festival lasts for some more days. I, being philosophical in my outlook try to treat all days as the same. But there are people around me who try to disturb my philosophical ways of living. 🙂

For instance, my daughter had to join me for one week during the festival. I thought that she would use this one week for serious studies. So my wife (who had joine me a few days earlier) decided to buy new table and chair where the daughter would study. 🙂

My usual philosophical and Spartan lifestyle begins by waking early (at around 4 AM) when the two dogs wake me up and insist on being taken for their morning walk. When alone, I take them on their morning walk one dog at a time and the dog who is left behind stages noisy protest that could be heard for many blocks. Taking both dogs together is out of question for one person. When my wife joined me a few days ago then I asked her to accompany me in walking the dogs. That way both of us take one dog and the two dogs walk at the same time and the chances of dissatisfaction by one of the dogs is avoided. But in a matter of just a couple of days, my wife found it tough to wake up early every morning. She clearly sees little point and motivation in waking up early unlike me. So it was back to square one and I began to take the dogs one dog at a time, with the left behind dog under the vigil of my wife (who would be still asleep).

With the one week Deepaawali holidays of our daughter approaching, it was decided that my wife would go and bring the daughter home for her holidays. It was anticipated that she would do regular studies during her stay. So a new table was bought. When the daughter arrived, she insisted on getting a chair to go with the table. We went to the furniture shop and she picked not one but two chairs. Both were bought and brought home.

We are given to understand that our daughter wakes up early and goes to her coaching classes in early morning, I have never seen her waking up early when she comes home during holidays. So I, alongwith the dogs, had to cajole her to wake up early so that I alongwith her can give the two dogs their early morning walks.

Like my wife, the daughter too lost the will and resolve to wake up early within a couple of days. I noticed that even the dogs stopped waking up early. So the dogs became lazy in the company of my wife and daughter in a matter of just a few days. 🙂

Today, the day after Deepaawali festival, I found that even I was catching the laziness bug. 🙂 Somehow I woke up late and woke my daughter up late and took our dogs on their morning walk.

After coming home, I began to wonder about the blog post for the day. These days I am posting the songs of “Laal e Yaman”(1933). Eleven songs from the movie have been discussed and two more songs remain to be discussed. So where was the twelfth song from the movie. I searched for the YT link of the twelfth song and braced myself for a long and arduous session of noting down of lyrics.

What do I notice ! I notice that this song had just one and a half sentence in it and the song lasted just 16 seconds ! A perfect song for lazy lyrics noters. 🙂 This song easily becomes the shortest lyrics among all the songs that have been discussed in the blog so far. We know that there were movies in the past that have 45 songs or 71 songs. I am pretty sure that many songs of such mvies were like the song under discussion-songs lasting just a few seconds.

Here is the twelfth and penultimate song from “Laal e Yaman”(1933). Details of this song are not available in HFGK. The uploader mentions Kamla as the singer of this song. The uploader also mentions Munshi Aashaq as the lyricist and Joseph David as the music director. But then this uploader attributes mentions the same lyricist and music director for each and every song in the movie which cannot be correct because the movie had two music directors in it.

Song-Balma ke kaaran bani hoon joganiya (Laal e Yaman)(1933) Singer-Kamla


Balma ke kaaran
Balma ke kaaran bani hoon joganiya

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